Begin Again

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Scene 3

Traveling through the cave was always a beautiful experience for anyone walking through to get to the underground club. No human dared walk through, but if they were brave enough to reach even halfway into the cave, they would find an enchanting underground river.

The water was clean of any garbage or filth and glowed a vibrant blue color. The water was so clear that you were able to see beneath it, at the rocks and many colorful plant life. The walls of the cave over the water had gold embedded into it and had a kind of melted effect to it.

"Hi Ky!"

Skylar jumped a little at the sudden loud pitched voice in the very silent cave.

Placing her hand against her heart, she glared at the Nymph who had her head popped out of the water.

"Calypso! What the hell!" Calypso giggled as she had done this many times to Skylar and it never got old for her. Calypso was a five foot Nymph with green hair and fair skin. She wore a purplish pink dress with sequin gloves that passed her elbows and was barefoot.

"You're just too easy, Love Muffin." Calypso stepped out of the water and waved her hands around her body as every drop of water removed from her and back into the river. Being a Water Nymph, Calypso had the power to control and manipulate water. Her face was flawless as her makeup didn't smudge not even a little.

"I hope all Nymphs aren't like you." Skylar playfully said.

"Oh you love me, even if you won't admit it," Calypso said as she smiled brightly.

"Yeah, Yeah. Let's go Shortcake." Skylar placed her arm around Calypso's shoulders and pulled her to keep walking.

"So... we doing it tonight?" Calypso asked with hopeful eyes.

Skylar half smirked, "You bet."

Every night after they would get a few drinks in them, Skylar and Calypso became little daredevils. They teleported to a territory that no supernatural being would want to end up at. The Lycan territory.

It had been many many years since someone has seen a Lycan up close. Before the Lycan territory was built by the Werewolves, with the help of the Giants and Pixies, Lycans were able to control themselves in their beast form with the help of a Moonstone. One night the stone disappeared from their sacred and guarded shrine, but no one knew how it disappeared. Since then the Lycans stayed hidden in their land because they knew they were now a danger to humans due to not being able to control themselves in their beastly form.

Skylar and Calypso made it to the entrance of the underground club. The entrance was just a wall, but Skylar whispered the words that granted them entrance.

"Perfide." Latin for rogue.

The wall dissipated and they both walked in. The wall appeared again behind them as soon as they entered. Skylar looked around the club and watched all the different creatures together as one. It was a miracle how much a bunch of rogues could be together in one room and out in the world their respective species couldn't even be caught dead together in the same room. The music was blasting and everyone was drinking, having a good time. Some were having an even better time as they were openly having sex in their cages.

Skylar looked up at all the silver cages hanging from the ceiling with creatures dancing in them, male and female alike, it didn't matter. One specific creature stared directly at Skylar and Calypso, a Fae. The Fae spread open her small wings and flew down to them, her stoic face breaking into a big smile.

"Lila!" Calypso squealed and Lila wrapped her arms around Calypso, pulling her into a passionate kiss.

Skylar gave them a disgusted look, but she was just teasing. "Get a cage, you two."

Skylar kept walking to the bar alone as the other two ignored her comment and continued with their make out session. Making it to the bar area, it was crowded and there was only one small space where Skylar could catch the bartender. She made her way there and caught the bartender in time to order ale. That was really the only drink the creators of this club were able to serve as wine was too expensive to obtain.

The creators of this club were a Vampire couple. Vampires really didn't care about anyone but themselves, so when an opportunity came for them to make money off of rogue creatures, they jumped at it. All of the ale in the club were most likely stolen cargo. There was no such thing as a rogue Vampire because they have always been outlawed. Most supernatural creatures try to keep peace with the Werewolves, but not Vampires.

While Skylar waited for her drink, she looked at the man sitting on the stool beside her. Skylar was standing, but she was almost eye level to the sitting man. She couldn't see his face clearly in the dim light, but from his profile she could see that he was handsome. This stranger was fair skinned, had short black hair, thick dark eyebrows, a pointed nose, a light stubble beard on his sharp jawline and round cheeks. Skylar wished she could see his eyes because if his other facial features were this attractive, she would bet on her life that his eyes would blow her away. So she decided to try small talk to get his attention and look at her.

"Never seen you 'round here." Skylar started off with. "How you liking it so far?"

The stranger didn't answer, he didn't even acknowledge that he heard her. He took a big swig of his ale.

"When a Lady speaks, it's rude for a man to ignore."

"You're no Lady, Wench." He finally answered without looking at Skylar and took another swig of his drink.

"How dare you?" Skylar was taken aback by his comment and without thinking, at the flick of her hand she made the contents of his drink spray all over his face and top.

Skylar gasped because she realized she shouldn't have done that. The stranger was quiet, too quiet. He reached for the napkins near by and padded them against his face. Skylar decided to slowly take a step back and get out of there as quickly as she could. The second she lifted her foot to take her first step back, that husky voice froze her in place.

"Don't you dare run." The stranger calmly warned Skylar without even turning to look at her. At that moment someone took the opportunity to bump into Skylar and snatched her chatelaine from her. A chatelaine is a decorative clasp used to store money which is worn at the waist. Skylar didn't even notice that it was taken from her, but the stranger noticed.

From his sitting position on the stool, the stranger extended his arm and grabbed the male Fae by the throat as the Fae was about to run passed him.

The stranger stared deep into the Fae's eyes. "Return what you stole," his husky voice was calm but deadly.

The male Fae began to tremble and placed the chatelaine on the bar counter. Once the stranger let go, he started running as fast as he could while using his wings to speed him up even faster.

That encounter happened so quickly that Skylar wasn't able to watch as she was still recovering and adjusting from being bumped, but she did hear it. She finally looked up after patting down her skirt and the stranger was still sitting on the stool, drinking a new bottle of ale while staring straight ahead.

She saw her chatelaine on the counter and reached for it. "Thank y—"

She was cut off by the stranger griping her hand that was on the chatelaine. He turned to look deep into her eyes and spoke calmly but deadly.

"You try anything like that again... I'll be keeping more than just your money."

Skylar felt like she couldn't breathe as she stared into his eyes. It wasn't fear that made her feel this way, it was the beauty in his eyes. He had blue eyes with specks of yellow which made them look like the ocean with the golden sun reflecting against it.

He removed his hand from hers and took her chatelaine. "Move along now, Witch!"

Who was this man?
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