Begin Again

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Scene 4

Skylar couldn't wrap her head around what the mysterious stranger had done. No one in the club had done anything to interfere because they minded their own business when it came to conflicts in the underground.

She left the bar area without a word. This was very unlike her because she always fought for what was rightfully hers. But she had a plan on how to get her chatelaine back, this Werewolf was not going to get away with what he did. Skylar was positive this mysterious stranger was none other than a Werewolf.

"Hey Calypso, I'm going to head out early. Not feeling well."

Calypso was sitting on Lila's lap on a small couch. They were making out and Calypso pulled away just enough to respond.

"Feel better, bye." She went back to kissing Lila.

Skylar left the underground, but not before looking back to see the stranger still sitting down drinking ale.

Once she made it outside, Skylar hid herself from anyone seeing her as they came out of the cave. She sat and waited atop a tree for hours. She watched as different creatures came from underground, but she was only waiting for a specific one to show. Finally, after she felt she was going to fall asleep, she heard him come out of the cave from the sound of the coins jiggling inside her chatelaine that hung to his belt. She quickly straightened herself and watched as he made his way through the woods. He was so quiet and somber as he walked. She had used an incantation so he wouldn't see or hear her as she followed him.

He ended up in front of a beautiful black horse and got on it. Skylar was confused as to why he had a horse and didn't just shift into his wolf form. As the horse started moving, she mumbled the incantation to grant her speed.

Finally after two hours, the horse stopped and he climbed off. When Skylar finally realized where they were, she let out a low gasp. She was shocked to see she was in the territory no one got near.

The Lycan territory.

Skylar stood rooted to her spot and watched as the man walked with the horse in front of the tall silver gated walls that protected the outside world from the Lycans getting out. Not only was this place protected by walls, it also had a spell cast upon it that only a Pixie could bring down. He took out something from his pocket and went near the gate's entrance. In the next second her eyes widened again as he had unlocked it. Skylar couldn't believe he had a way inside this highly secured place. What shocked her even more was that he walked through the entrance with the horse and locked himself inside. She thought that this man was crazy. She was itching to find out what he was up to and how he even got access to this fortress of a place.

Skylar knew she wasn't going to find out anything that night. So as she walked back towards the woods, she started to think of a plan on how she was going to get close to that man and find out how he was able to get inside. He was the answer she was looking for in stopping Willow and taking over the throne. She always thought that maybe if she could control one of the Lycans, she could use them for her plan. She had been in this territory many night with Calypso, but there was never a way to get inside nor had she ever seen anyone else around these parts.

Kieran had no idea the someone had followed him. He thought he was careful in not bringing attention to himself. He also felt he was alert and aware of his surroundings. He thought about what had happened in the underground club and knew that it was not going to be the last time he saw that Witch. He had no need for her money, he just wanted to teach her a lesson. But a small part of him hoped he saw her again as those fierce brown eyes of hers showed the passion and fire within. Never had a woman confronted him like she did, even the women of his species have submitted by just hearing his name being spoken.

Kieran walked silently and confidently through the courtyard of the territory. It was deserted and quiet as he led the horse into the stable where there were also two other horses, another black one and a white one. He securely locked them in until someone tended to them.

He walked back to the courtyard and what awaited him there were many of the Lycans, in beast form. All the Lycans had their fur in the color black. Their muzzles wide open, baring their teeth, and they all stared at Kieran as if waiting for him to move. Kieran stared back at them intensely and then someone came running through the crowd of Lycans.

"Brother!" The small voice of the fifteen year old girl shouted. She held a striking resemblance to her brother. She had long black hair, blue eyes that held specks of gold in them, and fair skinned.

Then others started appearing between the Lycans as well, but in their human form just like Kieran's sister. Many were children and only a few adults. The Lycans currently in their beast form, mostly consisted of adults. Children were lucky in that they didn't shift uncontrollably as much as the adults did.

"You're back... how was it out there?"

Everyone started gathering around Kieran, intrigued by what he had to say. No Lycan had been out into the world for a hundred years. The Lycans that were currently locked in the territory have never seen the outside world and would only know about it through stories told from their great grandparents.

"Well Kate... and everyone, I found a place with dozens of creatures and weirdly enough, none of them tried to kill each other like in the stories we've heard." Kieran's deep and husky voice went down an octave and sounded nicer than how he sounded to Skylar in the club.

"That's so exciting, I wish I could've seen. Did you speak with anyone?" Kate rushed her words out in one breath.

"Yes, I had a rather strange encounter with a Witch." Kieran replied with a short chuckle.

Everyone listening started getting excited. "Oh my, that's incredible, a Witch!"

Kate rose her voice, "Were you nice to her?"

Kieran let out another short chuckle, "Why wasn't your question, Was she nice to me?"

Kate rose her eyebrows, "You don't have to answer that, I already know your answer." Kate then spotted the chatelaine. "Whoa,whats that?" She went to reach for it. "It's so pretty."

Kieran stepped back before she could grab it. "It's the Witch's." He smirked remembering that he had taught Skylar a lesson.

Kate gasped. "You stole it from her? You better give it back!" Everyone let out a gasp at Kate's words, even though she was Kieran's sister, everyone was still shocked she would talk to him like that as no one else dared to do.

"Fine, I'll return it." He ruffled Kate's hair as he started walking away. "Okay everyone, get back to what you were doing. Sun will be up in about an hour."

Kieran walked inside a temple. The temple was the only type of building structure in this territory. Once inside, it was empty with only a huge metal door that was enchanted with magic and only opened when it sensed a Lycan. The door opened once Kieran stepped in front of it and made his way down the stairs. When he finally reach the end of the steps, he was in an underground castle. This is where the Lycans slept during the day because at night they would shift uncontrollably, not letting them get an ounce of sleep.

Kieran made it to his room which was the biggest of all the bedrooms in the castle. He started undressing as he needed to shift so that his body could be relaxed for when he needed to sleep. Kieran closed his eyes and at once he felt his bones cracking and instantly he was in his beast form. Kieran was a unique Lycan. While all the others had black fur, Kieran had white, almost golden fur. But that wasn't the only thing unique about Kieran.
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