Begin Again

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Scene 5


A female's voice tried shouting, but her voice came out as only a whisper. Yet, it was loud enough for Kieran to hear from where he stood. Kieran had just stepped out through the gate's entrance when he heard her. For a second, he brushed off her cry for help as he thought it was all in his mind until he heard her again.

"Help... please!"

Kieran quickly yanked the horse's reins to follow him. He tied the horse's strap to the first tree before he entered through the trees. He found her only a few seconds after running inside the woods. His eyes slightly widened as he saw her lying on the ground, flat on her stomach with a chunk of skin ripped from her left ankle. He was instantly on his knees, checking if she was still alive. Once he turned her over, he stared at a beautiful woman, dark hair, tanned skin, and plumped nude lips. It was Skylar. She had her eyes closed and Kieran faintly heard her beating heart.

"How did you get here?" He said aloud to himself.

He looked at her shoulder, then her ankle and took off his shirt. He ripped his shirt in half and wrapped one half of it around Skylar's ankle to stop the bleeding, the other he tied around her shoulder and underarm. Kieran didn't know what else to do, either leave her in this spot to die or take the chance of bringing her inside to try to save her knowing how the Lycans would get if they sensed someone that wasn't one of their own. He was hesitant in choosing to try and save her because of the fears ingrained in him since childhood, but Kieran wasn't a heartless man. So he shook her gently by the shoulders to try to wake her.

"Hey, wake up. You have to wake up."

Kieran placed one hand on her cheek and Skylar's eyes slowly fluttered open. Kieran held in a breath for just a moment at seeing her deep brown eyes. He didn't know why, but he felt like if he knew her even though he knew he had never seen her a day of his life.

"That's it, stay with me."

"Help!" Skylar whispered again as she stared into his eyes for only a second before she closed them again.

"I got you." Kieran said as he put one arm under her knees and his other on her back, lifting her off the ground.

He held her against his chest and quickly made his way back to the horse. He placed her on her stomach, atop the horse, untied it from the tree, and pulled him towards the gates. Once he was through the gates, he looked at the courtyard and was relieved when everyone was still in human form. He quickly and quietly led the horse to the stable house and placed Skylar over his shoulder. Once the horses were securely locked, he stepped out of the stable and came face to face with Kate.

"I thought you left?" Kate instinctively sniffed the air and gasped at the smell of blood. "Kieran, what did you do?"

"I found her out in the woods like this." Kieran placed his hand on Kate's shoulder to get her to focus. "I need to get her into the temple before she dies. So I need you to move everyone away from the entrance."

Kate nodded and went running to the courtyard. "Everyone, Kieran needs you all to clear the courtyard. This is an emergency, we all need to move into the forest. Lets go, lets go!"

Everyone starts scattering into the trees as Kate clapped her hands to hurry them up. Once Kieran saw everyone gone, he ran through the courtyard at almost lightening speed and into the temple. He brought Skylar into his room and placed her on his bed. He began to quickly rummage through his small storage chest where he stored his herbs and liquid vials made from plants used for treating sickness or wounds. He placed the items next to Skylar's legs and grabbed a vial with liquid made from wintergreen plants. He gently grabbed Skylar by the back of her neck and lifted her up so she could drink it.

He shook her lightly and spoke. "Hey, you have to wake up again."

Skylar groaned. "Come on, you need to drink this."

She groaned again and slightly opened her mouth when Kieran placed the vial against her lips. "That's it, drink."

Kieran placed her back against the pillow when she drinks it all and got to work on cleaning her ankle. After a few minutes, he was done wrapping up her wound and a soft knock came from his bedroom door. Kieran walked to the door and opened it to a worried Kate.

"How is she doing?" Kate asked as she stood standing at the door.

"She'll make it." Kieran said as he stepped aside and opened the door slightly wider for Kate to see.

"She's very pretty." Kate smiled as she looked back at her brother. Kieran was staring at Skylar on the bed and quickly looked at his sister once she said that.

He grunted at his sister, "Get going, I'll be out to notify everyone of what's happened."

Kate nodded at him and left to the courtyard with the rest of the Lycans. Kieran closed the door and went to grab a shirt from his closet. He walked back to his bedroom door and looked back at Skylar for a second and exited from his room. As soon as the door closed, a smile slowly grew on Skylar's lips. Her eyes opened immediately following her growing smile. The fire and mischief could been seen in her eyes... her plan worked.

One Hour Earlier...

"Bay, come on, you're the only one who can help me with this." Skylar said as she sat on the oak chair in her kitchen.

"Skylar, it's too dangerous, you might not survive the spell."

"I know I can survive it. How many times did you and I achieve the impossible? Many."

Bay huffed in defeat because she knew Skylar would not stop until she got what she wanted.

"Fine... but remember, you might be killing us both." Bay furrowed her brow in sadness. Skylar jumped up in excitement, not caring of the look on Bay's face.

"Cheer up Bay, everything will go to plan."

A small but hesitant smile appeared on Bay's face as Skylar beamed with a big smile and hugged her. Bay was always different from the rest of the Familiars, she wanted her Witch to be happy more than anything. Unlike the others, they manipulated their Witch into thinking that power was everything in this world. It had gone so bad that even the male Witches were disposed of a few years back. The Witches began to believe that their husbands were weakness. The male Witches did not have Familiars of their own, so they left Avery Falls with their sons in search of a new home. Even if Bay were to manipulate Skylar like the others, it wouldn't have any effect because Skylar was already a power hungry Witch and it seemed the world was trying to balance itself by assigning Skylar a Spirit that was the opposite.

"Skylar?" Bay spoke softly. When Skylar pulled away sightly to look at Bay, Bay continued. "Will you promise me something?"

Skylar pressed her lips together as if thinking whether or not to really promise something, but this time she spoke true words. "Okay."

"If this plan works and you get to meet the Lycans, please try your hardest to allow your heart to feel and not let your hunger for power win. There's much more to you than what you think."

Skylar nodded at Bay's words and this time gave her a genuine hug. "Why did I end up with such a sappy Spirit?" Skylar said and both of them softly laughed.

In an instant, Bay used her powers to create a portal that pulled her and Skylar in. The next second they fell to the ground with a thud.

"Baaaay," Skylar whined as Bay giggled.

"What? It's always fun catching you by surprise."

Skylar grunted and stood up as she took in her surroundings. They were in the Lycan territory.

"Okay, lets start." Bay announced.

They began to put Skylar's plan into action. Bay gave Skylar a small vial to drink. The potion would allow her body to not feel the pain of the spell Bay was about to cast. Skylar gave the empty vial back to Bay and lied flat on her back on the ground. Skylar didn't disguise her appearance like she did the night before, knowing the plan wouldn't work if Kieran recognized her. Skylar closed her eyes as Bay began chanting.

Skylar's body began trembling as her skin all over moved as if their were some sort of worms crawling under it. When she stopped trembling and her skin went back to normal, the skin from her ankle began to split. Usually this would be extremely painful, but because of the potion Bay provided her before, Skylar didn't feel a thing. As Bay continued chanting, Skylar's ankle had an open wound like if an animal bit and ripped her skin off. Then the skin between her neck and left shoulder started to split, creating another wound similar to the ankle. Skylar lied still as Bay reached the end of the chant. Once the final word left Bay's lips, Skylar back arched and black smoke blew out of her skin, disappearing in the air. Skylar fell flat on her back again and passed out as her heart began to slowly descend its beat.

"Please be careful." Bay said to herself and then floated up to the top of a tree.

From atop of the tree, Bay had a view of the silver gated structure of the Lycan fortress. She waited and watched as Kieran came out through the gates and saving Skylar.

"I hope she chooses right." Bay whispered right before she formed into black smoke, heading back home.
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