Begin Again

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Scene 7

It had been a couple of hours since Kieran brought Skylar food and no one else had entered the room since. Skylar didn't know if it was night or day as there were no windows in this place. She was becoming restless as more time passed by and decided to finally get out of the room. The door was locked from the outside, but she would use her magic to unlock it.

Skylar removed the sheet from herself and swung her legs over to the side of the bed. She would have to walk with a limp to continue with her ruse if someone were to spot her. Skylar wasn't worried about being attacked by a Lycan as she could protect herself. Lycans were locked away in this place mostly for the safety of the humans as well for their own safety. The Alpha King did not want to eliminate them as it was not their fault they couldn't control their beasts.

Skylar walked towards the door, chanted her spell, and after a couple of seconds the lock clicked open. Skylar pushed open the door slightly and peeked her head out. Her eyes widened at what she saw. She felt like she was in an ancient temple with massive pillars all around holding the place up. The walls looked as if they were made of gold and had many different symbols and figures carved into them. The figures were mostly of the Lycans and it told a story. Skylar opened the door wider and noticed that their were five steps in front of the bedroom entrance. Skylar slowly took the steps down and begun walking through the hall. She saw many doors on her way through the halls and noticed that none of them had steps like the room she came out of. She felt as if she were walking forever as she studied the symbols along the walls. The halls remained silent and empty, not a soul in sight.

Finally, she came upon a door that also had five steps she would have to walk up. She noticed that the door did not have a handle to open and wondered how she was suppose to get through it. She walked towards the door and placed one hand to try and push it open. To her surprise, once she placed her hand on it, the door clicked and began to open on its own down the middle. There was a bright light coming through and she covered her eyes with her arm to block the light as she walked through the door. Once she stepped to the other side, the door closed behind her and clicked shut. Skylar walked towards the light and then she felt a breeze. She was outside. The bright light was the sun beaming through the entrance and her vision was adjusting to being inside the temple which was dimmed.

Skylar was standing in the courtyard and again, there was no one in sight. Looking around she saw a wooden structure that looked like an makeshift kitchen. There were chopped wood beside in and a pit where fire could be created. There were a few wooden tables and chairs around the area. She turned her head slightly and saw a field full of crops that was surround by wooden fences and wires. She kept looking around and saw a open hut also made of wood that had different types of fabrics hung all over the place as well as some male waistcoats that had wide buttonholes. This was where the Lycans had their clothes made. A couple of the Lycan women knew how to sew.

Skylar limped her way over to the hut as she spotted several dress inside. As she looked at the dresses, she was itching to try one on. They were beautiful and she wondered how someone who has been locked away for years can design dresses that were even more beautiful that what she saw at the market in town. One dress caught Skylar's eye and she gently grabbed it, holding it in front of her as she admired it. The gown was made in a beautiful blue and gold silk *brocade with matching plain blue silks and satins, and adornments of silk taffeta ribbon. The shift sleeves were made of silk and lace was used for the cuffs.

"Beautiful isn't it?" Skylar screeched as she almost jumped out of her skin when she heard someone's voice.

"Why does everyone like to do that to me?" Skylar mumbled and Kate slightly tilted her head to the side in confusion.

"You frightened me," Skylar said after she let out a let out a deep breath.

"Sorry," Kate said with a guilty smile on her face. "You like the dress?"

"I love it," Skylar said as she looked back at the dress. "I'd like to meet the person who made this."

"You've already met her," Kate said with a coy smile as Skylar quickly looked up at her.

"You made this? It's beautiful, you are gifted." Skylar smiled at her in awe.

"It's yours if you want it, I can make others." Kate offered.

"No, I couldn't. You must have worked hard to make this for someone else." Skylar held the dress out for Kate to take it back. Skylar didn't want to take anything from the Lycans, she didn't want to get attached to any of them due to their kindness.

"I insist, it's yours." Kate pushed the dress back to Skylar and stared at her with hopeful puppy eyes. "It will look most beautiful on you than anyone else."

"Thank you, Kate." Skylar finally accepted the dress as she couldn't say no to Kate's puppy eyes look. Skylar hugged the dress close to her body and then she remembered something.

"My name's Ky by the way."

"You are very welcome for the dress, Ky." Kate smiled as she was happy someone would wear her dress without ripping it due to shifting.

"Question, Kate. Where is everyone?" Skylar finally asked not seeing anyone but Kate around.

"They're all asleep. We sleep during the day, it's easier on us," Kate shrugged.

"What do you mean?" Skylar was curious at this revelation.

"You really do not know where you are?" Kate raised an eyebrow as she knew Skylar had seen the carvings on the wall inside the temple.

"You're a Lycan, but what I don't understand is what you meant by its easier for you to sleep by day."

"We shift uncontrollably more often in the night than we do in the day. Quite difficult to get any sleep while that happening."

"Oh. And who is that *dalcop that saved me?" Skylar was trying to get some information out of Kate.

"That's Kieran," Kate said with a chuckle, finding Skylar's comment funny. "Speaking of him, we better get back inside before he notices we're missing. My brother has a sixth sense when it comes to people not being in their place." Kate said with her voice lower than before.

"Brother?" Skylar was shocked and in the next second her shock dissipated when a voice roared out.


Kate slowly turned around as Kieran was standing a couple of feet away. Skylar could see him as she looked over Kate's shoulder. Kieran was furious as he glared at both girls and started walking towards them. He noticed Kate trembling and it was not out of fear. She was trying to stop from shifting into her beast, but it was futile. Kate shifted in a blink of an eye and Skylar's eyes widened at seeing a Lycan for the first time, not expecting a skinny thing like Kate to be huge. Like a blur, Kieran went running towards Skylar to protect her as Kate had her claw out, ready to attack. Kieran knew Kate would never forgive herself if she were ever to hurt another. Skylar was already chanting the spell to create a force field to protect herself. The defensive shield appeared the second after Kieran reached Skylar. They both fell to the ground, Skylar on her back while Kieran was on top of her. Their faces were inches from each other, breathing deeply from their collision as they stared into each other's eyes.

*Brocade - a rich silk fabric with raised patterns.

*Dalcop - a particularly stupid person.
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