Begin Again

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Scene 8

"Bayley, get over here!"

It was early morning, Bay was already up and busy in Skylar's cottage back at the coven. Everyday since Skylar's departure, Bay would do a few touch ups to the home for when the day came that Skylar would return. She knew it might possibly never happen, but she held on to hope.

The coven was located in a small secluded land about five miles from Avery Falls Palace. The Palace had been the home of the royal Werewolves for centuries. The Alpha King had no idea that the Witches and Spirits were conspiring to take over the throne, eventually the world. The last time a creature tried that was the Vampire King, long ago. It ended with all Vampires being hexed by the Spirits. Who was going to aid the Werewolves now against those very Spirits?

"Coming!" Bay shouted, worriedly. Bay rushed out the front door and headed straight to where the voice came from that called upon her presence.

While all the homes in the land were cottages, the home that Bay rushed over to was a white mansion. The five bedroom mansion was built with a symmetrical façade of two stories, three small pedimented gables through the grey roof, roof balustrade, and modillioned cornice. The entrance had a short walkway that led towards the front door. Bay grabbed the handle and pushed the door open as it was unlocked. She stepped in and was standing in the Centre Hall.

"Finally," said Willow as she stood at the top of the stairs. A sweet smile was plastered on her face, but Bay knew she was everything else but sweet.

"Apologies, Willow." Bay slightly bowed to her as Willow made her way down the stairs.

"Come closer, Bay." Willow stood on the bottom step. Bay walked closer and lifted her head to look at Willow. The next second, Willow's hand swung across Bay's face.

"You will remember to call me by my proper name." Willow spat as Bay held her cheek from the impact.

"Forgive me, Queen Willow," Bay whimpered.

"My sweet, Bay. How could I ever stay angry with you." Willow said in the fakest sweet voice as she held a piece of Bay's hair and moved it behind her ear.

"Now, for the reason I summoned you." Willow started walking towards the sitting room and Bay followed without having to be told. Willow sat on the ivory parlor chair and Bay sat on the white loveseat sofa.

"I know you have been keeping a watchful eye on Skylar." Bay's eye widened in fear and flashed a sickly smile. "It's alright darling, I'm not upset. In fact, I am ecstatic."

At that moment, Willow nodded and two Spirits stood behind Bay. One wrapped an enchanted rope around around her neck that prevented a Spirit from using their powers. The other placed their hands against Bay's temples and quickly recited a chant that would keep Bay in human form and not in her true form. Bay did not sense them in time and stood paralyzed in her seat. Willow continued speaking to Bay's unmoving body, knowing full well that Bay could no longer hear her in the state she was in.

"I know Skylar is planning something against me and you will be my eyes." Willow stood up from her chair and placed her hand on top of Bay's head.

Willow didn't need to recite any chant to see Bay's memories, she was the Queen on the Spirits after all. Willow saw when Skylar told Bay about the Lycan territory and made the plan to get inside the enchanted fortress that even the Spirits couldn't break through. Willow saw when Bay cast the spell to make it look like Skylar was injured. Willow saw as Bay watched Kieran bring Skylar inside the Lycan fortress. Willow zoomed in on Kieran's face and noticed when his pupils flicked for a split second, displaying the beast within. She was shocked to see a Lycan outside the fortress walls. She didn't know how Skylar stumbled upon him, but knew she needed to get Skylar away from him, even more so when she saw the visions Bay had of Skylar's two different futures. She couldn't let one of the visions come true, at all cost.

Willow finally recited a spell that would allow her to see through Bay's eyes and hear through her ears from that moment on. Bay finally blinked and held a confused look.

"Do you understand, Bay?" Willow spoke as she was sat back on her parlor chair.

"Huh?" Bay felt strange and wrapped her arms around herself as she looked at her surroundings. The two Spirits were no longer there, it was just Willow and her.

"Do I need to repeat myself again? For goodness Bay, why do I even keep you around?" Willow said with annoyance in her voice.

"Apologies, Queen Willow." Bay whimpered.

"Just go, the Faes are expecting you at noon." Willow stood up and shooed Bay out of her house, literally. Bay was forcefully transformed into her smoke form and blown out the door.

Bay landed smack on the ground on her side as she was back to her human form. She pulled herself up by her elbows and stared back at the front door of the mansion. Bay questioned on how she blacked out during her talk with Willow. She thought that being away from Skylar had started to effect her powers. She needed to convince Skylar to return to the coven, for both their sakes. She pulled herself off the floor and made her way back to the cottage to prepare to meet with the Faes. Somehow she knew where and when to meet them even though she doesn't recollect her conversation with Willow.

That same afternoon, Bay travelled to the Fae territory called Faerie Land. She was to meet with Bessie, the Queen Faerie. Bay stood at the border of Faerie Land as she waited for someone to escort her inside. The land entrance was invisible to every creature not granted access. It was much like the land of the Witches, where the Witches are laid to rest after their deaths. At last, a tiny Fae appeared in front of Bay.

"Bayley of Spiridion?" The little flying, male Fae asked as he flew closer to her.

"Yes, I am Bayley of Spiridion. I've come as the representative for the Spiridion Queen known as Willow. Will you grant me passage into your land?" Bay spoke with confidence and determination. This greeting was a formality that Faes expected from those that wanted to enter their land.

"You may," the Fae slightly bowed his head as a sign of peace between them, which Bay reciprocated the act.

The male Fae waved his hand in the air, the trees parted, and a full length mirror appeared between. The mirror was a convex, circular looking glass with a pierced zinc frame that could reflect an entire room. The Fae lightly flew towards the mirror and went into it. Bay followed his lead and walked into the mirror as well.

It was still daylight in the real world, while Faerie Land was night. The only lights came from the beautiful glowing flowers. Bay continued to follow the male Fae through the forest. The forest was creepy as it felt like the trees were watching and getting closer together as if to suffocate.

Finally, from a distance, Bay saw a wooden gazebo and a silhouette of someone sitting in it. As she got closer, she could not mistake this Fae for none other than Bessie. Bessie appeared lithe and delicate looking, with blood red eyes, fire red hair, and dark ash skin tone. Anyone would be fooled by her sweet appearance, especially with being barefoot and leaves covering her body in a form of a dress. Bessie loved chaos and loved much more to be the one causing it.

"Hello sweet Bayley," Bessie said in her usual singsong voice. "Willow afraid to show herself?" Bessie smiled smugly.

"I believe so," Bay responded, knowing how to feed her ego.

"Good, that's what I like to hear." Bessie grabbed the small box that was sitting on the bench next to Bessie which Bay hadn't noticed. "After this, I no longer owe her any favors. Don't show any of your faces in my territory again."

"Of course, thank you." Bay takes the box from Bessie and the male fairy leads her back out of Faerie Land and into the real world.

What Bay didn't know, was that enclosed in the small box was a Lycan skinned pelt. The pelt was created through a ritual and later made into a ring by Bessie. Faes are known to be able to speak many languages of other creatures. One of those languages was the Lycan language. The pelt was the skin of an old lover of Bessie's that tried to leave her when he fell in love with someone else. She skinned him alive the very next day.

Due to the ritual, the wearer of the ring could transform into a Lycan beast. They would wield all internal and external characteristics as well as abilities. If Willow were to ever get inside the Lycan fortress while wearing the ring, she would be able to manipulate and control each and every Lycan beast. Willow already had her eyes set on Kieran. She knew he was special if he was able to come and go as he pleased from the fortress. She just needed to wait for the perfect opportunity to make her move, however long that took.
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