Lust For Submission

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*BOOK 2* "Don't worry Star, I'll give you time." He said his face only a few inches away from mine, his deep addicting and it did things to my body. He was close way to close. I could smell his addicting cologne coming off his shirt. He looked me in the eye and smirked. I bet he could just read the lust and desire that I tried to hide but I know showed clear as day on my face. Then he began to stroke my cunt and I couldn't help but moan. He rubbed slow circles around my clit, then moved back to stroking my pussy lips. Soon he did the most evil thing and pulled away, then showed me my juices that coated his fingers. "Your mind may not remember, but your body sure does." Then he sucked my juices off his fingers. He reached forward and his thumb ran over my bottom lip. ---------------- Luca thought he had the perfect plan to make the sleeping beauty Nova His. But what he didn't know was that there was someone working in secret who was making his own plans. Eli ruins Luca's plan by planting himself in Nova's life as her brother. But this lustful brother wants to play house, with him as Daddy and her as his baby Star. Eli tells her they were intimate but Nova isn't so sure because she doesn't remember. But as time goes by it becomes harder to resist his daily assaults on her body. Is she going to submit to his desires? Or will she resist his lustful touch?

Erotica / Drama
4.5 8 reviews
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1- A Weird Ass Dream

A/N: For those that are confused... Nova is Kairi and Krystal is Jessica Harrison as I mentioned There were a few changes to the story.

It was dark, and I couldn’t see anything and I couldn’t move. I could only hear his voice, feel his touch as he ran his hands all over my body. I moaned as he kissed my body, licking and tasting every inch of me. I closed my eyes, squeezing them shut loving the pleasure he was giving me.
“Open your eyes, Star.” His voice was deep, sexy, and wrapped around my body. Slowly but surely, I opened my eyes.
A beautiful pair of crystal blue eyes were staring back at me. I couldn’t see his face, only his beautiful eyes, and I couldn’t help but stare.
Then I felt his hands on my body again. Gripping my breast tightly and pulling on my already hardened nipples.

“Your mine, Star.” He said as his hand moved down between my legs. He started rubbing my clit, slowly and I moaned. Then I heard the sexiest noise in the world, the sound the beautiful blue eyed man groaning.

Him groaning made me wetter and he started to pick up speed, rubbing circles around my clit and rubbing between my folds. It was truly heaven.

I squeezed my eyes shut when he stuck two of his fingers inside my cunt. Moaning loudly as his fingers worked in and out.

“Open your eyes Star.” His voice was husky and more demanding. So again I opened my eyes. My eyes widen as I saw the beautiful face of the man who was assaulting my cunt. A face I knew all to well.

His fingers moved faster and rougher.
“Your Mine Star.” He said. Then he pressed his lips roughly against mine and added another finger, and I moaned against his lips.

He took advantage of my moan and stuck his tongue in my mouth. I didn’t reject him and let his glorious tongue search my mouth.

I felt my walls tighten around his fingers as he went faster and harder. I was about to cum, and he knew it. Breaking the kiss, he looked down at me with a sexy smirk on his beautiful face.

Then said the words that sent me over the edge.
“Cum Star baby, cum for daddy.” And I did. I moaned loudly as I came hard around his fingers.

Then when I was done, he pulled his fingers out of me and stuck them in his greedy mouth. He sucked on them hungrily until they were clean of my juices.

“Your mine, Star baby, and don’t forget it.”

“I won’t,” I responded. He smirked at me and then disappeared.

How can I forget that I belonged to my brother?

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