Specific Taste

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Chapter Three

Ada returned her mobile to her pocket without removing her eyes from the man who was purposefully making his way to them with his woman. Leslie already averted her eyes from them and focused on drinking her chai latte, but Ada and Colton watched him like hawks.

“Stop looking at him,” Leslie admonished them, but they did nothing.

“I am still beating him in my mind,” Colton uttered nonchalantly, drinking his macchiato.

“I am mentally killing him right now,” Ada said quietly, her left eye twitching slightly. Leslie tensed, the hold she had with her cup stiffened.

“My goodness, get hold of yourselves,” Leslie reprimanded, and then she noticed how their grips on their cups tightened.

Before she could fully realize what was happening, a man scoffed — a very familiar sound to her. She looked up and was met with a smug face and a woman clinging to his side, hand on his chest, caressing, and was looking equally arrogant.

“Trying to look tough after a breakup? I bet your friends needed to drag you out here. You should cry for your significant loss…” he paused with a growing smile, “me.”

Leslie gritted her teeth and she can see that her friends had comebacks in the tip of their tongues but were holding back for her to handle this.

“Please, you are not as great as you say you are, Adriel,” Leslie answered back with an arched brow and sipped her latte without batting an eyelash at the pair in front of her. Adriel clenched his fists, but he gave a hollow laugh that maybe he hoped was prideful. But Ada was sure it was not. She was watching his movements, just like Colton was doing.

“Only I stomached you when you looked like that. Ugly and boring!” he exclaimed, making the people in the café turn all their attention to their table.

Sure, I am ugly and boring but I am not a cheater.” Leslie paused and turned her attention to the woman. “He’s not who you think he is. He’s jobless, gambler—definitely broke. He even borrowed money from me and I am certain he cannot pay. He is nothing.”

Adriel’s hand swung and was ready to slap Leslie when Colton caught his wrist. Ada was already standing from her seat and was gauging the situation. Adriel tried to pull his hand from Colton, but Colton gripped him firmly in place.

“You should never hit a woman,” Colton stated, dropping his hand away. Colton stood straight, taking advantage of the small height difference they had as he looked down at Adriel, who started seething with anger.

“I suggest you leave,” Ada said with a warning tone, but both men did not look at her.

“We’re not yet done,” Adriel hissed at Leslie, but she looked at him stoically.

“No, you’re done, Adriel. Leave,” Ada countered, and Adriel turned to her with a sneer.

“You don’t own this place. I can stay here if I want to,” he said as he walked closer to Ada, leaving the woman he brought behind. She narrowed her eyes at him as he approached, and she walked out behind the table. Colton and Leslie now watch him. Leslie stood up. Chai latte and macchiato long abandoned on the table.

Adriel stood like a tower against her, but Ada lifted her chin, looking straight at him in defiance, “I believe a low-life, cheater like you is not welcomed here.”

He growled and before Colton can even take a step towards them, Adriel already hit Ada straight to her jaw. Ada staggered backwards, head down with a throbbing jaw. Adriel was about to hit her again when Colton caught him and punched him in the face. The woman who was with him squeaked and dashed to Colton, grabbing his hair that made him yelp. Leslie rushed to grab the woman’s hair, too. That made her cry with pain.

Adriel stood straight and was coming for Colton when Ada grabbed him and gutted him. He grunted while Ada felt her fist hurt with the impact. Adriel doubled over. But that did not stop her from grasping his collar with one hand, white-knuckled, while the other connected to his face continuously. Her fist getting numb and clammy with the blood from Adriel and the cuts on her knuckles. Adriel grabbed the wrist of the hand, gripping his collar while the other grabbed her throat and pushing her away from him as he stood up. Her feet dangled.

Ada pulled two of his fingers away from her throat and he cried out when she exerted all her efforts to pull his fingers enough to break them. His hold on both of her throat and her wrist loosened. She dropped, almost hitting her head to the floor. Adriel cradled his hand. He glared at her and was about to rush towards her when mall security came in and held him in place.

They were all asked to go with the mall security and Ada realized how her heart was pumping so hard, her fists totally numbed, quite drenched with blood and her skin hot—the adrenaline was still rushing in her blood. She stood up carefully and refused kindly the offered hand of a security man. Ada looked around and saw that Leslie’s, Colton’s and the other woman’s hairs were a mess. As they walked out of the café, the woman immediately trailed after Adriel while Ada and her friends walked side by side. Colton fixed his hair with his fingers, and his hair was as good as earlier, but Leslie was failing and getting frustrated. Ada bit her lower lip to stifle a smile.


Ada was on the mobile with Gia as she and her friends left the security office after the report was created and their injuries treated. Adriel stayed in the mall clinic with the woman he was with. Apparently, Ada broke his nose and two of his fingers, then left a few cuts on his face.

“You didn’t have to call me. I just wanted you to know in case the news comes out.”

She nodded and smirked. “Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.”

“Alright. Bye, Gia,” Ada uttered, and ended the call. She returned her mobile to her pocket before she turned to her friends. Leslie’s shoulders were dropped, and she was staring far away and her face with two small patches of strip bandages while Colton was leaning on the wall, hands stuffed in his pockets, staring down the floor and his face also had scratches and few small patches of strip bandages.

“What now?” Ada asked, and Colton shrugged.

“I want to go home. I am tired,” Leslie replied with a glum tone.

This was not what they wanted. They don’t want to end her day sad and hurt again. However, there’s nothing she or Colton could do. The pain demanded to be felt. She knew that—she just tried to push it away. She was mad at Adriel for hurting her and even for showing up when Leslie almost forgot him.

“Sure, I’ll take you home,” Ada agreed with a smile that did not, and eyed Colton, who was now observing Leslie. He looked away and found Ada’s eyes, then nodded.

“Let’s go,” he said, looping his arm with Leslie’s. She smiled a little, and Colton had a smug smirk.

Ada was smiling as she led them back to the parking lot, but her smile faltered and slightly flinched when she felt a pang of pain in her jaw. She caressed the bruised jaw for a moment and reached for her keys in her pocket.

“I’ll let you sit in the front if you want,” Colton said as Ada looked for her car.

“Hmph! I don’t want to win that way,” Leslie argued. Defiance was clear in her voice, but not that strong.

“Fine by me, but might I remind you, that you will never win against me,” Colton boasted, and when Ada turned to them, Leslie took her arm away from Colton and smacked his upper arm. Her lips were curled up in a smile—a little forced, but it was there.

“Quit fooling around, get in,” Ada commanded as she unlocked the door and with that, they both ran for the front seat. Colton won again and Leslie grumbled as she pulled the back seat door open.

“You should’ve taken my offer,” Colton said with a one-shoulder, nonchalant shrug.

“I will soon beat you,” Leslie answered back, but Colton just chuckled.

“You want me to drop you off at your flat, Colton?” Ada inquired as she started the car and Colton hummed, tapping an index finger on his chin.

“Just drop me off at Twin Ice. I think I need a few drinks.”

“Copy that, let’s leave.”

Ada drove off the parking lot and into the traffic, flinching whenever she strained her right hand as she held the steering wheel. Colton did not connect his mobile to the speaker. The drive was quiet until Leslie broke it.

“Adriel will go after you for breaking his nose and fingers… and beating him.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll take care of that,” Ada said, without taking her eyes out of the road.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Should I remind you about that?” Colton asked teasingly, and Ada chuckled.

“Maybe. Message me, please,” Ada answered with a smile.

“No offence, Les, but I felt good that I landed a punch to that guy’s face and pull that woman’s hair,” Colton blabbered, and Ada smirked because she felt the same.

“None taken. I felt better when I pulled that woman’s hair, too,” Leslie said with a huff. A smile ghosted on her lips.

Then there was a pause among them.

“Thank you for being there for me,” Leslie mumbled that if it weren’t quiet, they might have not heard her.

“As the famous line goes, that’s what friends are for,” Colton replied with a grin, and Ada chuckled.

“Therefore, you owe me one. If I told you I need to hide a body, then you have to help me,” Ada said, and they laughed. The sound of Leslie’s laughter made Ada feel like the dark clouds looming over her were clearing away.

They reached the Twin Ice, and Ada parked in front of the pub. Colton turned to her and pinched Ada’s cheeks as he said goodbye. She instinctively slapped his hand and caressed her cheek. Colton laughed as he turned to Leslie.

“You. You are beautiful and you deserve the best not named Adriel,” he said seriously and Leslie smiled, then bobbed her head once.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“You should,” he said and detached the seatbelt then added, “I’ll go now, take care you two. Bye.”

“Bye,” they chorused, and Colton exited the car, then slammed the door close.

He waved goodbye to them as Ada drove back to the traffic. Leslie was quiet as Ada drove, and she did not mind until she sighed.

“What’s bothering you?”

“You were right about him.”

“Leslie, we already talked about that.”

“Why didn’t I listen to you? I should….”

Ada cut her in. “Stop. You made your choice because that’s what you think was right. All we have to do is learn the lesson and move on.”

“You talked so maturely. How old are you again?”

“Jeez, I am already thirty-one and you’re just thirty. Have fun and make mistakes.”

“Are you speaking from experience?” Leslie joshed and Ada barked a laugh that made Leslie chuckled.

Please. That’s an old story.”

“I still cannot believe you slept with him—for five years.”

“Four if you count the times that we did not do it.”


“I am just stating a fact.”

“It still boggles me why him.”

“Probably, he’s the only one who made a move? I am not sure though. It’s like a spur of a moment kind of thing.”

Was it really? Or was it because it was the only escape you knew? Another distraction from all the things you wanted to forget?

Ada slightly shook her head. Whatever was the reason, she doesn’t want them to know. She already passed that time of her life, it’s too old to discuss.

“An opportunity presented itself…” Leslie said, and she was reminded of the present again.

“… And I grabbed it.”

They laughed, then Leslie sobered and asked, “If another opportunity like that comes, will you grab it like before?”

“No, I don’t think so. Things are different now.”

“Yes, they are.”

“But I didn’t say I won’t grab it,” Ada uttered, that made Leslie chuckle.

“Of course, you opportunist.”

“I won’t deny it.”

“Are you over him?”

Ada snorted. “It’s been five years. I was over him before the split hit the second year.”

“I wish I can do the same.”

“Hey, what we had was superficial—just sex. But you loved, and it’s difficult to move on, especially from the way you love.”

“But you loved him, right? And, he said he loved you.”

Ada chuckled, “I loved him, I guess that’s what I call it before, but now that I thought about it—it was too shallow to be love. And, speaking of his feelings, he only said it when I ended things, so I hardly believed that.”

Leslie hummed her agreement, and they became silent, but it was short-lived.

“What will you do if you see him again?”

“Acknowledge his presence, maybe. It depends on the situation.”

“I heard he just broke up with his long-time girlfriend. What if he asks you to be his girlfriend?”

“I’d have to say no. The years we’ve been together told me we won’t work at all.”

“People change…”

“Yes, but it’s best for us not to go back together.”

“You answered well. I hope that’s the same answers you’ll have in mind if you see him again.”

Ada laughed, “Where are all these coming from?”

“He is coming back this summer. I am just prepping you.”

Ada amusingly scoffed, “If that’s the case, thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

They reached Leslie’s house at that exact moment, and when she parked in front of her house, Mrs Evans walked out of the house. She was already smiling at them.

Leslie slid out of the car and Ada rolled the windows down to smile back at Mrs Evans.

“Hello, Ada.”

“Hi, Mrs Evans. It’s been a while.”

“It is. Why don’t you eat dinner here, dear?”

“Thanks, Mrs Evans, but I had to be somewhere. Maybe, next time.”

“Thanks for today, Ada,” Leslie cut in.

“You’re welcome.”

Leslie smiled and turned to walk up to the porch. Then Ada returned her attention to Mrs Evans. “I’ll go ahead, Mrs Evans.”

“Bye, dear. Take care.”

Ada gave her a curt nod before she put the windows up again and headed out to the road. She had to freshen up and change for her dinner with Cassy. It was weird for her to receive a message from Cassy than with Fred, since she never expected Cassy to respond.


“You’re back early,” Luciana said as soon as she saw Ada walked into the house while she stepped down the stairs wearing a knee-length, sleeveless, pastel yellow shift dress paired with her nude-coloured step-in sandals.

“And you have injuries, what happened?” she added with a calm voice when Ada got nearer. Her jaw was still throbbing, but it didn’t feel heavy from swelling anymore.

“Adriel happened.”

“Have you called Violeta?”

Ada stopped in front of her mother and kissed her on the cheek, something she rarely remembered to do as she grew older.

“Not yet, but I will. Anyway, I won’t be having dinner here. Cassy replied to my message, she wanted to meet me.”

“Be careful,” Luciana warned, and Ada bobbed her head once.

“I have to freshen up.”

She side-stepped and went upstairs. But halted midway and turned before adding, “Don’t wait up for me. I might go home late.”

“Hmm-mmm,” Luciana replied with a knowing look, then Ada continued climbing the stairs.

As soon as she reached her room, she pulled out her phone from her pocket and dialled a number that she rarely contacted. Only when needed.

It rang twice, and then there’s this thick Russian accent from a woman. “You have something for me, Adalyn?”

“Yes, his name is Adriel Brewer. If you haven’t read the news, I kind of broke his nose and fingers. He’s a whiny, conceited boy and I want him silenced.”


“No, not that kind of ’silenced’, Violeta. My type of silence.”

“Ah, the boring one!”

Ada chuckled, “Yes, the boring one.”

“Consider it done.”

“How much should I pay?”

“You know that you never had to pay. I am just repaying, remember? Besides, you give me a boring job.”

“Thanks, Violeta,” she replied with a smile, and she knew Violeta was smiling on the other line.

“Don’t change, Adalyn. Goodbye.”


The line died, and she put her phone on her bedside table. It’s been so long since that day that Violeta felt indebted to her and she still believed that she hadn’t repaid her enough, but to Adalyn, she had done enough to help her. Ada helped Violeta as much as Violeta helped her that day.

Ada pulled herself out of reverie and focused on the matter on hand for tonight, meeting Cassy for a dinner. She needed to prepare so she wouldn’t be late.

She removed her contact lenses, then stripped her clothes and entered the bathroom, putting the clothes in the laundry basket. She took a quick shower and pulled on a white fitted halter top and tucked it in her high-waisted, wide-legged, coral-coloured trousers. She took a matching black blazer that she let hung on her shoulders. Last, she put on her eyeglasses and white ankle strap heels, then fixed her hair in a high ponytail. As she suspected, the swelling already subsided. She did not bother covering the bruise on her jaw and just replaced the strip of bandages on her knuckles. People must have already read about it online if she was correct besides, she doesn’t have time to cover up any of it.

Ada left her room with a white purse and went downstairs. She looked for her mother and found her on the back porch, reading.

“I’m leaving,” Ada announced, and Luciana tilted her head up. Ada leaned down and kissed her cheek, then left.

She drove the same car she brought out earlier that day and headed to a local restaurant named Lavender Boulevard. She hadn’t heard from Fred yet, but she did message him before driving off that she was meeting Cassy.

Ada stopped in front of the restaurant, and a valet approached and greeted her as he opened her car door. She stepped out of the car with ease and gave the valet her car keys. They opened the doors for her and she stopped by the maître d’, who was a tall white woman with black hair that was coiffed neatly, her lipstick redder than beets, and was wearing the restaurant’s uniform.

“Adalyn Blewitt, I’m here for a reservation under the name of Cassandra Wilson.”

“Miss Wilson is waiting for you inside. Cecil will escort you to your private room,” the maître d’ said, gesturing to the woman beside her who was a petite lady with dusty blonde hair fixed in a tight bun, lipstick as red as the maître d’s and was wearing a white button-down, three-fourths sleeve shirt and black pencil cut skirt.

“Please follow me,” she said, and Ada waited for her to walk ahead. The place was made of white with hints of lavender and few abstract paintings. Cecil stopped in front of the third to the last room on the right. She knocked twice before announcing Ada’s arrival to the occupant inside.

Cecil opened the door for her and as soon as she stepped inside, she froze on her spot and she did not even notice the door being shut behind her. Her mouth dropped. Sitting in front of her were Fred and Cassy. Fred had short straight black hair, white skin and blue eyes who was wearing a white button-down shirt, navy-blue blazer with black trousers and black leather shoes while Cassy had long wavy black hair, brown skin and black eyes and was stunning in her azure sweetheart neckline tube mid-thigh length dress paired with black d’Orsay heels.

“Let’s wait for her to recover,” Fred said to Cassy conspiratorially, and Ada shut her mouth as she narrowed her eyes at him.

She walked further inside the room and took the seat in front of them. “Explain to me what is happening because I am genuinely confused.”

“Can’t we have at least wine first?” Fred asked whimsically, but Ada gave him a stern look that made him curl his lips in and bit them.

“I already ordered wine, Ada. I hope you don’t mind. We can talk while waiting,” Cassy uttered, taking Ada’s attention, and her face softened.

“I don’t mind at all, but how are you?”

“I am fine, Ada. I am sorry we could not respond to you earlier.”

“Forget about it. I am glad that you’re doing fine.”

“Why are you not asking how I was?” Fred butt in and Ada rolled her eyes at him.

“Because you welcomed me with, let’s wait for her to recover. From that tone of yours, I can say that you’re okay and don’t reason. I know you.”

Fred sighed defeatedly, throwing his hands up in mock surrender, “Alright, you got me.”

“Now, why did you two just decide to reach out to me today?”

“Well, that’s what I am supposed to say,” Fred spoke, and Ada looked at him expectantly. The couple looked at each other and smiled before looking back at her.

“What is it? I am not confident what that look you made meant.”

“Ada, can you stay a little longer because we want you to be our witness,” Cassy said, and slowly she realized.

She grinned and bobbed her head once. “Yes, of course.”

“Great! We just need to wait for Litzy and Pastor Gibson. I think they should be here within thirty minutes,” Fred stated, glancing down at his wristwatch, but Cassy’s brows furrowed, which did not go unnoticed by Ada.

“Why do you have a bruise on your jaw?” she asked, and started scrutinizing her until she found the strip of bandages on her right knuckles. “What happened to you?”

“Oh, um… got into a little trouble earlier today. Isn’t it in the news already?”

“Let me check,” Fred stated as he reached for his mobile, but Cassy immediately smacked his arm and glared at her. Fred scratched the back of his head sheepishly and mumbled a ‘sorry’ and did not get his mobile anymore.

Ada smiled. “It’s fine, Cassy. Let’s not spoil your night.”

Cassy was about to protest, but a knock interrupted her. Cecil announced the arrival of a certain Ms Litzy Merrill and Pastor Isaac Chambers. And they all watched the door open. A woman walked in wearing a grey body-hugging halter sheath dress that fell just above her knee that complimented her porcelain skin. She coiffed her black hair in a French braid bun, her bangs perfectly in place, and she had black eyes behind a pair of rimless eyeglasses that hung on the bridge of her nose. She was definitely pretty and caught Ada’s attention. That was reciprocated when she smiled at her.

The man had very short black hair with a receding hairline and was wearing a grey suit complete with a black necktie. Cecil left after closing the door. They all stood up and Ada observed Frederick greet the Pastor while Cassy greeted Litzy. Cassy brought her friend closer to Ada while Frederick was busy talking to the Pastor.

“This is Fred’s closest friend, Ada Blewitt,” Cassy introduced her with a smile and Ada gave her most charming smile, “And, Ada, this is my best friend, Litzy Merrill. She’s visiting for the weekend. It was perfect timing.”

Cassy side-hugged her, squeezing her hard. That made Litzy chuckle, looking at her friend. She turned back to Ada. “It’s nice to meet you, Miss Blewitt. I’d shake your hand, but I am currently caged.”

Ada snickered, “You don’t have to. And it is nice to meet you too.”

“Alright, let’s do this!” Fred announced, and they all turned to him. Pastor Isaac was already standing at the far end of the room.

Cassy let go of Litzy and took Fred’s proffered hand. Fred led her in front of Pastor Isaac. Ada and Litzy moved forward and stood not too far from them. Fred took Cassy’s other hand before the Pastor started. They were smiling at each other—in love.

As much as she wanted to watch them the entire time, Ada cannot help but look at Litzy, who sometimes she’d catch staring at her. She’d smile, and both of them would stare back at the couple in front of them.

The ceremony was brief compared to the elaborate weddings but there was no shortness in the bride and groom’s happiness — correction, now husband and wife. After signing the marriage papers, everyone took a sit in the circular table. Fred and Cassy sat side by side. Beside Fred was Pastor Isaac, then Ada, and last, Litzy.

Now that Ada observed, the table was covered in white cloth with a small arrangement of blue hydrangeas and white roses as a centrepiece. Then the utensils were all silver to coordinate with the colour theme.

Cassy and Fred already set up what’s on the menu for their dinner. Haddock goujons with tartare sauce and a glass of Burgundy Chardonnay followed by Coq au Vin, Creamed Potatoes and Lemon Sorbet for dessert that they made sure was served without a wine pairing. It was sad for Ada, but she was driving, so she accepted her fate on this. The conversation at the table was not continuous, but comfortable.

The night dragged on, and they only decided to go home when Cecil advised them that the restaurant’s closing in ten minutes.

Pastor Isaac left first as soon as the valet brought his car in front of the restaurant while Litzy tried to book a taxi for herself but was failing.

She sighed on the fourth attempt. “How on earth would I go home at this rate?”

“Why can’t you book a taxi? Is there something wrong with the app?” Cassy asked, looking worried at her friend.

Litzy shook her head. “It is either unavailable or they are not taking any customers.”

“Where do you stay, anyway?” Ada asked, and Litzy turned her attention to her.

“I’m staying at Ebony Brooks Tower.”

“That’s just along my way home. I can drop you off there,” Ada offered, and Litzy smiled while Cassy clapped.

“There you go, problem solved!” Cassy exclaimed, grinning.

“Won’t it be a bother?” Litzy asked, but Ada waved off her question with her hand.

“It’s fine, really.”

“Alright then,” she agreed with a nod and a smile on her face.

Cassy and Fred left them as soon as their car arrived, and they stayed to wait for the valet to bring Ada’s car in front. Maybe Litzy was being bold or was oblivious that Ada can notice her, but she was looking at her longer than a friendly stare. Ada did not mind. She was enjoying it.

The valet handed back her keys after parking the car in front of the restaurant. She opened the front seat door for her and she muttered a thank you as she climbed in. Ada closed the door and walked around the car and climbed into the driver’s seat.

“Seatbelt?” she asked, glancing at her.

“All done,” Litzy answered with a smile, and Ada nodded before driving off.

For the first few minutes of the drive, both were quiet. Litzy was staring off the window, watching the streets as they go by.

“Do you know, there’s no certainty that I’ll go back to this city soon?”

Ada chanced a glance at her and found her still gazing outside. Then she spoke, turning her attention to the road again. “I got the gist of it earlier when you talked about the project you got in New Zealand.”

She hummed her acknowledgement and was silent again.

A few minutes passed; she spoke again. “Have you ever felt that urge to do something you wanted to do but never did so until now?”

Ada pursed her lips and a few memories came back to her. Smilingly, she answered, “Yes, a few times.”

“What did you do?”

“Just grabbed the opportunity. I’d rather regret the thing I did instead of regretting what I didn’t do.”

“Sounds reckless.”

“I am quite acquainted with the word.”

“Is that why you have a bruise on the jaw and wounds on the knuckles?”

Ada chuckled. “Maybe. That person deserved a punch in the face, really.”

“Like this person broke your heart?”

“Nope. He broke my best friend’s heart, and he was damn proud,” Ada replied with a bit of a disgusted tone at the end.

This time, she turned to her, a ghost of a smirk on her lips. Ada gave her a quick glance and smirked back before returning her attention to the road.

They reached Ebony Brooks Tower, and she parked the car in the indoor parking lot. Ada unbuckled her seatbelt and quickly climbed out of the car to run around the car, then opened the door for Litzy.

“Thank you.”

“I can walk you inside if you want to,” Ada said as she closed the car door and locked her car.

“I’d love that,” Litzy said, and Ada gestured for her to lead the way. She stepped to her side, and they walked side by side.

“You know, I just noticed, you shared nothing about your work,” Litzy blabbed when they were halfway to the lift. Ada chuckled, scratching the bridge of her nose, distractingly.

“Hmm, because it’s boring.”

“No. I won’t believe that.”

Ada leaned forward and tapped on the arrow up button. “Well, it really is boring except for the travel. I guess.”

She straightened up and turned to her. Litzy had a smile on her face and her eyes twinkle as she looked up at her.


“You said travel. So, your work must be corporate…?”

Ada scoffed. “That would be my younger brother. Not me.”

Litzy tilted her head, and her brows were furrowed. “What do you mean?”

Before Ada could answer, the lift chimed, and the doors opened. Ada glance at the lift and found it empty. She put her hand on the frame to keep the doors from closing. Then, returned her attention to Litzy and gestured for her to walk inside first.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Ada replied, stepping in the lift and stood beside her. And the doors closed, giving them a view of their reflection. “Floor?”

Litzy blinked. “Um… ah, seventh… seventh floor.”

Ada smirked and pressed on the seventh-floor button, enjoying the blush that started tinting Litzy’s face.

“Have you already given up guessing what my work is?”

Litzy laughed. “Yes, I give up. I am not good at guessing.”

“I’ll give you a hint,” she teased as she tilted her head to the side and looked down at her. Litzy pursed her lips and smiled.

“Okay. I think I can try again.”

Ada nodded. “Alright then. Well, I am being paid to daydream, become a god in other realities and sit all day in front of a computer. Then, I travel.”

Litzy bit her lower lip and, after a minute, she gasped. She turned to her. “You’re a writer!”

“Very Good,” Ada replied with a smirk.

“How did I not recognize you at all?”

“I am not that popular.”

“I don’t know if you’re being humble or subtly arrogant.”

Ada barked out a laugh and Litzy started laughing, too. Eyes shut and her cheeks popped out. Ada’s laugh slowly died out as she watched her.

Litzy’s laughter went down to wheezing, and she shook her head, “I-I’m so sorry. I easily laugh when someone laughs.”

“No need to say sorry. It was nice to see you laugh, you were trying not to burst out laughing earlier.”

“Yes! Fred was so funny earlier, but I don’t want to laugh too much.”

“I believe, you should’ve graced us with that beautiful laugh of yours,” Ada said and Litzy once again blushed. Then she looked down.

“Don’t say that. My mother told me it was unladylike.”

“You don’t always need to be ladylike. I mean, it was your best friend’s…” Ada leaned to her ear and noticed her stiffen somewhat. She whispered, “Secret wedding.”

Litzy bit her lip, trying not to grin. Ada found her eyes flickering down to her smirking lips.

She was leaning in, but the lift chimed and Ada straightened before gesturing for Litzy to step out of the lift first.

“We’re here. Please lead the way.”

Litzy blinked her eyes and Ada tipped her head to the lift doors. She followed her movement and chuckled to herself.

“Ah. Yes…” she said and cleared her throat before walking out of the lift. “Follow me.” She said, looking back over her shoulder with a smirk.

“Don’t mind if I do, Principessa.”

Ada walked beside her, and their knuckles would brush each other. They reached her place after a short walk.

“Well, here we are…” she trailed off and her eyes studied Ada’s face for a second or two before continuing, “Hm. Would you like to come in?”

“Only if you want to.”

“Of course,” she said with a smile. “Let me just open the door.” She fished out her key from her purse.

“Take your time.”

Litzy opened the door and entered her flat. She opened the door wider for Ada. “Welcome to my humble abode.”

The flat was cosy and classy at the same time with the warm colours in the place. Litzy closed the door behind Ada. “Would you like water or juice?”

“Are you purposely offering non-alcoholic drinks?” Ada asked, turning to face her, who was already walking to the adjoined small kitchen from the living room.

“Well, you’re still going to drive,” she answered and Ada pursed her lips a moment, then nodded.

“You’re right. Water, then. I had too much sweets already.”

“Alright. Please, make yourself comfortable,” Litzy said, gesturing to her loveseat.

When Litzy turned to open her fridge, Ada went to the loveseat and took a seat among with two beige throw pillows. Ada noticed the bare drawers, the walls with the traces of picture frames where it used to hang.

“Here’s your water,” Litzy said as she walked into the living room and Ada looked up, then take the glass from her.

“Thank you.”

Litzy sat down next to her, not so close, but enough for their knees to bump if one of them move.

“I see you’re almost done packing up,” Ada commented, after taking a sip of her water.

Litzy looked around and sighed, “Yeah, I will surely miss this place.”

“Of course, this has too much memories for you but you’ll do great in New Zealand.”

Litzy returned her gaze to Ada and smiled. They held the eye contact for they don’t know how long. They did not who moved first but somehow; they are now face to face. Ada’s eyes went from her eyes to her lips, then back to her eyes. Seeking permission to go on. Then Lizzy put her hand on her knee and squeezed it. It was enough to tell Ada to move. She closed the distance between them, capturing her lips, and her eyes fluttered shut as she savoured the softness of her lips. Her left fingers gently wrapped around the column of her throat, her thumb gently caressing her skin while her other hand sought down to the back of her knees. Litzy hands went for the back of her head, threading her fingers with her hair. Ada caught her lower lip between her teeth and slid her tongue across it. She tipped her head and parted her lips for her. Ada slipped her tongue in and found her waiting for her. Their tongues caressed each other, hungry for more of each. She tasted like the Lemon Sorbet and a little of Burgundy Chardonnay. The fingers around Litzy’s throat tightened while the fingers on the back of her knee skates along the hem of her dress. The moan that escaped her excited Ada more. Ada pulled her to her lap and Litzy straddled across her legs quickly, making her dress hike up. Ada pulled away to catch their breath, and she could see her irises dark and blown away. She pulled off each other’s eyeglasses and leaned forward, her face in the crook of Litzy’s shoulder. Ada placed the eyeglasses on the coffee table, then grazed her lips on the skin of her shoulder. Litzy sighed.

Ada opened her lips and traced her skin with her teeth, her right hand on her waist now, kneading her while her left hand splayed on her back, pulling her closer to her and making her spread her legs further. She made wet kisses on her shoulder, going to her neck. Litzy gasped as her hands reached out to unbutton Ada’s blazer. Her hands froze when Ada took her earlobe in her mouth and bit it. The moan that escaped her gave Ada a renewed blood rush. Her right hand inched up; her thumb skimmed under her breast through her clothes. Ada’s mouth moved to her jaw, nibbling and sucking her skin as Litzy started grinding her hips on her lap. She pushed her blazer off her shoulders and Ada’s hands temporarily left her body so she can remove her blazer. Once her hands touched her again, Ada’s left hand travelled to the zipper of her dress from the small of her back while she nibbled her skin again, from her jaw down to her throat and up to the other side, eliciting moans and whimper. She dragged the zipper, her breath hitched when Litzy scraped her nails on her shoulders. Ada bit her shoulder, making her yelp, and ran her tongue on it. Sucking it, and trapped the flesh in between her teeth while she pulled her dress off on the other side.

Litzy reached down and cupped Ada’s breasts over her clothes, making Ada moan. Zipper down, Ada ran her fingertips up and she hummed when she found her braless. She ran blunt fingers on her skin and Litzy pressed her thumbs on her hardened nipples. Ada whimpered. Ada trailed kisses back to her neck. Her right hand made its way over her breast, padded her nipple and when Litzy whined, she then ran her hand to the top of her shoulder and pulled the other side of her dress aside. Her left hand supporting her while her right hand went to the middle of the neckline and pulled her dress down while her mouth traced the line from her throat to her sternum. Litzy’s hands went up to her shoulders and her nails dug into her skin. Ada hissed.

“Bedroom,” Litzy panted. Ada hummed and pulled away. She found her looking at her with glazed eyes. She grabbed her arse and parted her legs. She planted her feet on the floor to steady their weight. Ada hoisted her as she stood up, and Litzy squealed while Ada chuckled.

“Down the hallway, first door on your right,” Litzy said, and Ada made her way to the hall. Squeezing Litzy’s arse. She leaned down and captured Ada’s lips with hers. Litzy held her jaw with both hands and Ada grunted, pulling away slightly. She hissed.

Litzy searched her face that grimaced with pain earlier and found the reason she pulled away. “I’m sorry. I-I…”

“It’s fine, Principessa.

Litzy bit her lip and was pulling further away when Ada squeezed her butt and grabbing her attention back to her.

“Come here and kiss me back, Principessa,” Ada purred with a smirk and a small smile appeared on Litzy’s lips before she leaned down and covered her mouth with hers.

Her arm now wrapped around Ada’s neck and her other hand dug through her hair, loosening her ponytail further. Ada reached the first door, and she pinned Litzy on the wall next to the door as Litzy deepened the kiss. Her left hand left her arse and reached for the doorknob. The door opened with a single twist and her left hand held the back of her thigh as she pulled themselves from the wall. She nudged the door to open wider and walked in without breaking their kiss. Litzy’s other hand reached down and scraped her nails on her clothes, making her bite her lower lip, prompting Litzy’s groan.

The front of Ada’s leg met the foot of the bed and she pulled away, catching her breath and lowered a breathless Litzy down on the bed. Ada removed her heels, faster than usual, without removing her eyes from Litzy. She kneeled on the bed, taking one of her feet and gently removed her heels, dropping them somewhere on the floor. Ada planted a kiss on her ankle and she watched Litzy blush creep from her neck to her cheeks. Ada smirked. She put it down and picked up the other, removing the heels and kissing her ankle. Ada put her hands on each leg and lightly ran her fingertips up to her knees. Litzy instinctively pulled her thighs close. Ada raised a brow up and Litzy bit her lips.

“If you’re not ready for this, we can stop. Just say, Principessa. Do you want to stop?” Ada asked soothingly, her thumbs drawing circles on the side of her knees.

Litzy shook her head. Slowly, she parted her thighs. Ada kissed her left knee, and she pushed her thighs further from each other as she crawled over her. Her hands roamed from her thighs to her sides until she put her hands on either side of her, looking down at her. She held her weight in one hand and lifted the other to pull Litzy’s lip free. Ada bent down and captured her lips. Litzy’s arms made their way around her neck and she pulls her down. Ada bent her elbow down and crashed her body to hers, feeling her body arched toward hers.

Ada’s free hand cupped her breast and squeezed it as she pulled away from her lips. Litzy gasped. She started kissing her jaw, her neck, and down to her collar as her hand worked on her breast, pressing the pad of her thumb on her nipple. Litzy moaned, scraping her with her nails, and pushed her body towards her. Putting her weight on her knees now, she let her left hand pull the dress further down, all the while she sucked and nibbled her skin from her collar to her chest. Litzy only let her go to pull her arms free from her dress. Her hand tangled in her hair while the other gripped her shoulders as she already made her way down to her abdomen. Litzy raised her hips up and shimmied to help Ada pull the dress down past her hips. She pulled one leg, then the other, free from her dress and Ada threw it somewhere on the floor. Her right hand pinched her nipple and Litzy whimpered while her other hand reached for her other breast, massaging her and rolling her nipple between her fingers, keeping Litzy whimpering.

Ada trailed kisses back to her chest, taking her left breast in her mouth. Litzy pushed her down as she rolled her nipple with her tongue, sucking her, trapping her nipple between her teeth, biting softly while her other hand massaged her right breast. The moans and grunts she made were music to her ears. Litzy entangled her fingers with her hair and burrowed her nails into her exposed skin. She pulled and rolled her nipple, making Litzy gasp and moaning. Once she’s done, she released her nipple with a pop and smiled at the markings she made, then trailed kisses from her left breast to her right while her left hand made sure gave attention to it as she sucked in her right breast, swirling her nipple around her tongue and bit her nipple tenderly. She sucked her breast one more time before she moved back to the middle of her chest, replacing her mouth with her right hand.

She made her move down. Her hands left her breasts and caressed her sides while Litzy’s nails scratched her arms up. Ada kissed along the waistband of her black lace knickers and looked up to watch the rising and falling of her chest, her hands massaging her own breasts. Her right hand left her body and two knuckles stroked her covered slit. She moaned loudly, squeezing her breasts together.

“Hmm, you’re so wet for me, Principessa. You’re soaking your knickers,” Ada murmured as her knuckles continued to stroke her. Her thighs moved towards each other, but her left hand moved from her sides to the back of her thigh, then around it, holding it in place.

“A-Ada… please….”

She lowered her mouth and turned to the thigh she held. Her knuckles continued her ministrations that Litzy squirming. She kissed her inner thigh. Just before the curve of her thigh, she bit her hard enough to make her scream before she sucked on it and laved it with her tongue. She licked it one last time before she moved to her centre. She removed her knuckles, and Litzy whimpered. She nuzzled in her centre and inhaled her. She wrapped her other hand around her right thigh.

“Smells fucking amazing,” Ada muttered and darted her tongue out for a quick lick.

She moaned, “P-please.”

Ada moved her hands up and down her thighs, pressing a kiss over her knickers. Litzy whimpered. She slid her hands down and hooked her fingers into the waistband of her knickers. Ada pulled them towards her, and Litzy raised her hips. She pulled one leg and the other from her knickers and it joined the other things on the floor. Ada straightened up and admired the trimmed bush of hair.

“Beautiful,” Ada said, brushing her fingers and Litzy unconsciously pulled her thighs together, but Ada was in between them. She shook her head and put one hand on her knee, then softly pushed it aside. Opening her again.

“I’ll give you what I can tonight,” she said, looking up at Litzy, hair dishevelled, parted lips and flushed skin. “Grab the opportunity.”

Ada bent down and kissed her abdomen. She made wet kisses towards her centre again, fingertips of each hand moved up and down her thighs. She was dripping onto the mattress and Ada tasted her in one swipe of her tongue. Litzy moaned, arching her back. Ada’s tongue came back for more and brought her mouth around her clit. She swirled her tongue around it. Sucked it. Then licked around it again. Litzy pushed herself to her and Ada pressed her tongue on her clit, moving it around. And she clamped her teeth around her clit, hard enough to make her cry. She sucked again and laved it with her tongue before going down to her slit. Licking it again and again. Then she pushed her tongue in, moving it up and down. Her right hand moved from her thigh to her clit. The pad of her thumb moved in circles while her tongue moved inside her. Litzy squirmed, moaning and gasping.

“M-more… please,” Litzy said in between breaths.

Ada’s tongue left her while her thumb slid down. Her mouth covered her clit, her tongue worked around it while Ada slowly pushed a finger in her and she heard her breath hitched. She moved slowly in and out of her like how her tongue moved around her clit.


Ada added another finger and curled them in as she sucked her clit. Litzy clenched around her fingers as she cried out. She did not pick up a speed. She kept a steady pace until she heard her grunt and her hips meet her thrust, seeking. So, she added one more finger and moved a little faster. Curling her fingers as she moved inside her. Her tongue moving relentlessly along with her fingers’ rhythm and when she sped up, Litzy was already moaning and crying her name until she came vehemently. Her muscles clenched around her fingers. She moved her fingers in and out of her slowly, licking her clit lightly, letting her ride out her release.

She pulled away panting, her mouth wet and Litzy looked at her with hazy eyes, then smiled at her. Ada smirked and bent down to kiss her abdomen. Litzy rested for a moment and visit the loo after. It took approximately thirty minutes before she started kissing her again and Ada eating her and fingering her again. Ignoring the incessant ringing of her mobile in her blazer that was left on the loveseat.



Hello, it’s been a while for those who were reading this story. I am so sorry for the irregular updates. I’ve been busy with other things in real life. Anywho, I hoped you liked this update.

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