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My Wife's Desires Book 2

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It all started when Katie had a desire. Now 2 and a half years later, Katie, Nick, and Tyler have been living as a polyandry family. But with it unforeseeable problems jeopardize their ménage a trios

Erotica / Romance
M.C. Rivera
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New Desires

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This is a MMF Romance and will have bisexual experiences.

Preview: Katie and Nick have been married for ten years. Then Katie had a forbidden desire and with Nick in agreement they hired an escort named Tyler to help achieve it. It would begin a mind-blowing life change for the three of them.

Now two and a half years later living as a polyandry couple, they are learning that life is not going to be easy. With family disagreements, social discourse, and the struggle to accept bisexual feelings, they have an overwhelming uphill battle. Will they make it out alive? And will they make it out together?

Tyler’s POV

It’s Christmas time again. I feel like every Christmas there is a new problem that interrupts the natural mood that comes with free gifts and beautiful lights. This year it surprisingly has nothing to do with me. It is Katie’s sister Meghan who has the spotlight and it’s hard not to watch as she self-implodes. The majority of us had been prepared for this and half of the people she invited to this party were wise enough to weasel their way out of it. We were not that half.

Katie, my girlfriend; clenches my hand and her husband Nick’s, as we sit in awkward silence. Katie’s mom, Meghan’s boyfriend, her brother, David and his wife and kids, and sadly enough, Meghan’s kids, all have front row seats to a beached whale. It’s sad, and terrible and yet, something you can’t stop watching.

Recently, Meghan learned her new boyfriend was cheating on her and she took today to expose it. She’s crying on the couch, all of us numb and clueless, and her children curl up against their grandma awkwardly looking at their mother as if she’s a transformed monster. The boyfriend is upstairs packing while David paces, his brother instincts to beat the shit out of him keeping him on guard. But David is a pacifist and no matter how much he threatens, he won’t do anything.

When the front door shuts, we all release a breath of relief.

Katie kneels down in front of her. “Let’s get you upstairs.”

Meghan attempts to move but can’t. I step in and lift her up, her face buried into my shoulder as she clings to my shirt. Katie and Nick follow up the steps and I stay in the doorway while Katie tucks her in. Meghan whispers through her pain, “Why do you get two good men? Why don’t I get any?”

Katie replies, “You will, Meghan. You’ll find someone.”

We shut the door behind us. Katie’s brown eyes lift up to me and I wrap an arm around her. I know what she’s thinking. We are very lucky to have found each other.

Katie has been my girlfriend now for two and a half years. Despite the fact that she’s married and her husband is my best friend. We aren’t a secret. The three of us live together as a ‘throuple.’ It’s what the niche society calls a threesome relationship. Polygamy is also another word for us, but that’s a more illegal stance. If we ever admitted to polygamy, we could be jailed as we’ve been warned. So we go by the term throuple and it makes people feel better about the situation. Not any less true but society doesn’t care about facts.

Downstairs everybody divides up tasks. The kids are going to stay with David. The mom will stay here with Megan. And we clean up, the dinner uneaten, the presents still wrapped. She could have at least waited until the party was over to ruin the night.

“We need to find someone for her.” Katie begins, separating food into different tupperwares.

“I can get someone.”

She eyes me suspiciously, “An Escort?”

I shrug. “Nothing wrong with that, is there?” I poke and she smiles with a blush. I was an escort for five years before I met Katie. She actually hired me to have a threesome with her and her husband. I fell in love with her on that night. I was too afraid to admit it. Not stupid enough to act on it but fate kept me with her. Her husband, Nick, miraculously allowed me to stay. And from there, my life actually started.

I know it was fate. Because falling in love isn’t easy. But falling in love with two people at the same time, is near impossible.

Nick started off as a friend. He became my best friend and now, no matter how hard I fight it, I’m in love with him too. It’s strange being in love with a man. I never had any sexual attraction for men. I love pussy way too much. But Nick grew on me, I guess. He’s a part of Katie and being in love with her must have seeped into him somehow. I don’t fight it anymore. I also don’t admit it. Nick would punch me in the face and run.

I don’t need to tell him, just like I don’t need him to tell me how he feels. Maybe it’s a guy thing but I’m good with how things are. I know enough to know that he and I are in the same boat.

“What about my brother?”

Katie and I both stop and look at him as if he sprung three legs.

“You want to set up my sister with your brother who tried to rape me?”

“Come on.” He fights lamely, “Thought we got through that. He’s paid enough, I think.”

Katie snorts, “Typical.”

“What?” He defends, “His wife divorced him. He lost his kids. He’s repented. Gone to church. He is a completely different guy now. He doesn’t even drink. He’s boring as hell to hang with. I think your sister would like him.”

I try to keep my mouth shut but we are a throuple that thrives on honesty, “I kind of agree.”

Katie snaps her eyes to me.

I ignore the death glare. “He fits your sister pretty well.”

“My sister is not dating a rapist.”

“A repented almost rapist.”

She makes an aggravated sound before abandoning the room.

Nick and I share a smirk. Annoying Katie is one of our favorite things.

David walks in, “What did you do to piss her off?” He laughs at us.

“We suggested Martin for your sister.”

He thinks about it for a moment and shrugs, “Yeah, that’s not a bad idea.”

“Babe.” His wife Jessie stands in the doorway, “I’m ready to go.”

“In a minute.”

“I said I am ready to go.”

Nick and I glance at each other.

David turns back to her, “I said in a minute. Get the kids in the car.”

She growls but spins around.

David forces a smile and turns to Nick, “You ever regret marrying into this family?”

It makes Nick laugh and David waves as he leaves. I keep my eyes on the table, snatching forks and knives. The word ‘marriage’ is like taboo. I’ll never be able to marry Katie. No matter how much I love her and want to call her my wife. I am stuck as a boyfriend for the rest of our lives.

It’s not like I don’t want Nick around but I want to be more than something that can be tossed out or exchanged. I want to mean more than that. I want to call Katie my wife with every fibre of my being. It would mean she is mine and I am hers.

Nick shoves me. “Stop.”

I shove him back, “I’m fine.”

“Yeah, like I don’t know you better than that.”

It takes an hour but the kitchen is finally cleaned up, the food is all put away, and the presents have been divided to their perspective owners for opening on a later day. Her mother Shelly walks us out, holding my arm to guide her. I give her a kiss on the cheek. Her mother used to hate me but last year we had a ‘talk’ on Katie’s birthday and since then, she loves me better than Nick. It is something I shove in his face when I can.

The car ride home is quiet and all I think about is that dumb ass, terrible word. ‘Marriage.’ I’ve imagined seeing Katie walk down the aisle so many times. I already know my vows, as stupid as that may seem.

At home, Snowball greets us with excitement. Our white boxer is an equivalent to a jealous wife and snakes all around Nick and I, completely forgetting about Katie. It’s funny to witness such aversion in a dog. Not that Katie cares, she walks in the house without so much as looking down.

In the bedroom, we undress silently, lost in our own thoughts of today. Watching a relationship blow up is a soul-crushing yet inspiring moment. It revitalizes how grateful I am to be here, with them. Despite how badly I want more, I need to accept that this is what I’m getting. I’m thankful that I was allowed this much into their lives.

Katie and Nick lay down and I finish brushing my teeth. I can hear them whispering despite being unable to hear their words. Katie’s giggle is like the sound of bacon in the morning. It’s the best part of my day.

Wearing only boxers, I slip in the cool sheets on the other side of her. She rolls over and latches onto me and it’s my turn to make her laugh. I tickle her sides, pretend to kiss her, pinch a nipple and she’s grinning at me.

“I have another desire.”

Nick and I both groan.

“It’s not bad!” She fights lamely.

Whenever the conversation begins with “I have a fantasy’ it ends in very odd places. I don’t think I’m in the mood tonight for the sexual twists and turns she conjures up. I’m still recovering from last time where I was tied up and hot chocolate syrup was poured on my genitals.

Katie sits up and grabs my hand. Nick sits behind her and rests his chin on her shoulder. They are both looking at me with smiles on their faces and I become extremely nervous. I sit up, “I told you I’m not doing anal.”

Nick cringes and drops his head. “What the fuck.” He groans.

Katie assures, “It’s not anything sexual.”

“Oh.” I lick my lips. How am I more nervous? What other kind of fantasy is there?

“This is our Christmas gift but if you don’t want it, then be honest.”

I nod eager to hear it.

Katie looks over her shoulder at Nick and he blurts out, “We want you to have a baby with us.”

“What?” I couldn’t have heard right. My thoughts race millions of miles and so many things pass through me, “But. I thought. Wait. You. What?”

Katie is biting her lip, smiling, nodding her head, trying to make me understand but how? How can this be happening? I accepted I would never have kids. I let that part of me die. And now it’s jumping into my arms.

Nick pushes, “I can’t give her a baby. But you can. And since you can’t marry Katie because of the law and shit, we thought this is a different route we could offer you.”

Katie finishes, “So you’ll be in our lives forever.”

“Are you serious? Katie, you want to have my baby?”

She nods violently.

Tears are pushing my eyes and I squeeze them shut. This isn’t happening. I’m dreaming this. I need to wake up. It’s too painful otherwise. “I thought ...I thought I wouldn’t get that chance. Don’t do this if you don’t want too.” I look at Nick. Am I betraying him? Am I taking from him something that should never be mine? “Nick, I...I couldn’t...How are you okay?”

“This was my idea.”


Ever since we’ve started this relationship, Nick has constantly surprised me. He keeps Katie’s happiness above all else. The way he loves her is awe-inspiring. I can barely measure up. I love Katie with all of me and yet somehow he still loves her better. He is the better choice and I’m happy it’s him who married her.

“Tyler.” Katie whispers my name.

I blink and look at her.

“Do you want a baby?”

I’m laughing, burying my face into her neck, wrapping my arms around her small form. “Yes, of course I want to have a baby with you. Oh my god, Katie, you’ve given me everything. I’ve never loved as much as I love you.”

“I love you so much.” She murmurs, “Nick and I are so lucky to have met you. You changed our lives.”

I kiss her, her cheeks in my hands as I kiss her again and again. I rest my forehead on hers. “Can we start right now?”

She giggles, “I have an appointment next week.”

“I can’t believe it. Thank you.” I grab Nick’s arm and pulling him close, kissing him, gripping the side of his face, “Thank you.”

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