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"Please don't ever let me walk away.", which they never have. They always remind me I'm theirs as much as they're mine. ~ Kate "You are the precious parts of my heart without you two I never feel complete." ~ Tony "I control you both, but you can easily ruin me with the power you have over me, my loves." ~ Keith ............................................. Kate is a 25 year old who works as a receptionist at a health centre. She never dreams of much in her, she just wants to live a happy life. What will happen when she meets not one but two handsome guys who make her wish for a lot more than she has ever dreamed? Keith & Tony always the best friends never felt that someone can give them what they are looking for. They can have any girl with the looks they have after all every girl throws herself at them. But the darkest desires they have can only be satisfied by someone special who can give herself completely to both of them. Let them own her heart, her soul & her body and once found, they will never let her leave their lives. Welcome on this journey of Kate, Keith & Tony's life where they will find the strength in their love while discovering their desires. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This book contains steamy, erotic sex scenes, strong language and other mature themes. I do not advise anyone under 18+ to read this book. © All Rights Reserved

Erotica / Romance
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This is an erotica story which means that there are mature themes and a lot of sexual content. Therefore, I put a huge emphasis on only recommending this to 18+ readers. Despite this being fiction-this book is based on a sadist/masochist & master/slave relationship between three people. It involves an age gap and explores a whole lot of kinks and really focuses on the main character: Kate Lauren McDonald, as she goes through a lot, attempting to understand the life of BDSM, all the while falling in love - all with consent, of course.

I know that the themes included in this book can be triggering for some people and I 100% understand that. Therefore, I’ll be putting a trigger warning at the beginning of each chapter if there’s anything you need to be aware of. Please remember though: If this book is too much for you, that’s totally fine. I don’t hate you for not reading it, everyone doesn’t love stuff like this. Just please refrain from bashing me or anyone else who is a fan of this genre.

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