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Alexander The Great

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So this is my first book ill ever probably publish unless you guys seem to like it somehow lol, it's about two guys named Alexander and Tyler, they've known each other since birth, And they're friendship continues to grow, but Alex explains something to Tyler he doesn't seem to get, His love, Will this break their friendship? Tear them apart? Or bring them closer. Warning: this story contains BoyxBoy, and sexual scenes, lude language, and just pure-out comedic backgrounds, so if you wanna laugh, get so hot you have to take your clothes off, and just become more confused than you are, welcome this is the book for u! Once this book ends there will only be 10 to 15 chapters, and ill start another book that will be in the same book? If that makes sense about another two boys. As I should.

Erotica / Romance
Age Rating:

His First

Hey there, my beautiful children, yes the book will be pretty shit considering I just started making books 3 days ago, crazy right? Every chapter will be 1,000 words long to 2,000, So expect 8 chapters, I want to make this book 15 chapters long, or more, I'll be adding characters as I go along, but for now, here are these three buttheads.

Tyler Norton

Details of character...
Sexuality: bi-curious
Status: Single
Personality: Humorous, Brave, Independent, Competitive

Alex Miller

Details of character...
Sexuality: Bisexual
Status: Single
Personality: humorous, Immature, Startled easily, Chill

Ms. Norton (Jane)

Details of character...
Sexuality: Straight
Status: divorced
Personality: Brave, Content, patient, Dull


"Alex! Wait up"
I announced that He was acting strange lately, I mean he just dumped the girl dated for 5 years, Someone he's known for ever since 3rd grade, 'how could that be?'...i questioned

As we sat down under the nighttime sky, the snow had been falling, he began to tell me something, something I wasn't expecting.

"You know I love you right Ty?" He says lightly, it took me a minute to respond but i did the best I could, " Yeah Alex, I do too, I love you just as much as you love me." I exclaimed, his eyes getting weary.

"You don't understand Ty, I love you, not as a friend, but as... As an l-"

"A lover?.." I say awkwardly giving him no Time to finish.

"you got to be kidding me right?"

"No, im not, that's exactly why I broke it off with Jessica, I... I should've known, I was in love with you this whole time" he spoke as he goes to put his hand on my shoulder I politely reject him.

" you know that's a bad joke right?" I announced, "But Tyler...please just understand"

"No." I replied to get up and wipe the corner of my mouth, I can't understand how he just confessed his love to me. I couldn't tell if he's joking or not, but he would joke like that if he could i thought to myself.

"I got to go and do some stuff" I spat, not looking him in the eyes, I got up and wiped the grass stains off my jeans, "I'm sorry but I'm going home now if you need a ride back I got you tho" I shrugged.


"I'm sorry but I'm going home now if you need a ride back I got you tho," Tyler said, I could tell he didn't want to stay any longer than he already had to, my heartache was painful enough.

he had rejected me, but the fact he wanted to leave already without my explanation hurt even more, "p-please don't leave ty..." I choked out, "just forget everything I've said, ill make things up for it I promise," I say calming my breathing down to a slow and steady pace.

"Just forget it, you're acting weird, you know gay Is a sin since you're deciding to sin you mind as well find your ownway back home" he clarified, he began to walk away, "Plus, this is my christian minecraft server, and thy shall not sin"

did he seriously think my love for him was just a joke? but in a matter of minutes, he was gone.

I decided it was time to find my way back home after the mess I created, I was only 10 minutes away from town, it couldn't have been that bad right?

15 minutes had passed and I began to realize that I may have been lost... I took a deep breath and let out a silent sob, I could feel my heart tearing itself apart, "no" how could one word hurt so much? I loved that man, I even broke up with my soon-to-be wife for him, love makes you do crazy things, but he's right, it is a sin.


as I was arriving at home, I pondered the thought, that Alex had been in love with me, 'why'd I just leave him like that?' I thought, "I have to go back'' I said to myself...but what if it was all just a joke?

It took me about 10 minutes to reach the grounds we were at, but he was nowhere in sight? 'Fuck..'
" Alex!!?" I howled, "Alex I'm sorry!! Please just come out where ever you are."

5 minutes passed and nothing, "Alex I'm not fucking kidding!" I say in anger, not trying to sound as harsh as I did. I wandered around the place we last were, still nothing? This is ridiculous, maybe he did go home, maybe I just hurt him too much and he was being serious.

I decided to wait a few more minutes just in case he was taking a leak or looking around.


'Where am I?' I said to myself, not knowing where I was, or where I had walked to, 'maybe I should call Tyler,' no that's just stupid.

But I'm lost and honestly can't call anyone else, he's my only option, gosh I hope this doesn't end badly, I picked up my phone and dialed his number.

•ring, ring, ring•


"H-Hello!? Alex?? Hello!?" Tyler screamed thru the phone, "Yes, I'm still at the grounds if that's what you're wondering" I said while trying to forget everything that had gone down earlier.

"Thank God, you had me worried, I thought some psycho picked you up or something or you got hurt" he sounded worried, "Yeah I'm fine, just a bit out of it, it's cold out here and I'm starting to get hungry," I said jokingly.

"Funny. Now please come back to where you were" He said flatly, "Not amused? Alright fine, but I have to warn you I'm probably 15 minutes away from where you are." I say.

"Holy shit 15!? Where the fuck are you I'm getting my truck." Tyler said in a strong tone, " you know I can just send my location to you right?"

"Oh, yeah do that, I'll be in my truck waiting, make sure it doesn't take 15 minutes to send your location either, you're right, it is freezing."

"Okay, sent, it says I'm near blackwood high? Pretty sure that place was closed down because of a murder, so come get me soon."

"I mean the school is in the middle of nowhere, plus they haven't even caught the killer yet, he could very much be in that school." He said, obviously trying to scare the shit out of me.

I go to turn on video-chat and he as well, "See that creepy broke down high school to my left" I tilted the camera, "Wait. There's something behind you"

"I think you're just hilarious ty," I say annoyed, "and I think you're just not Alex," he said with a shit-faced grin, I could just tell that he wanted me to look behind me, so I did.

"AHHHH" Tyler screamed, "What THE FUCK TY!? that's not even funny" all I could hear was chaotic laughing coming from his thin lips, "just come get me already, I'm turning into a fucking ice cube," I said pissed.

"Alright on my way as we speak, Id hide behind a tree in the meanwhile because I'm getting a little freaked with that high school behind you like that."

"Alright dad," I say in a remote voice.

"Heh, be there in 15 WOoOO"


15 minutes have passed and there he was, shivering ice-cold behind a tree, "Hey frosty! You should probably come inside this warm truck, you're carrots starting to shrivel a bit"

"Please, no dick jokes right now," Alex said as he got up walking towards my truck, he got in and plopped onto the seat, "you could've just came with me in the first place you know?" I said driving off into the distance.

" Well, you're the one who changed his mind and told me not to come!" Alex said in a growl.

"Yeah, but I was joking, obviously by the Minecraft severe part," I said, "Wow, as I could get your sarcasm ty" he clarified.

"Hey just think, 15 minutes and we're home, I decided to text my mom and ask if we could have a campout and eat smores and dogs, not real dogs but hot dogs," I say chuckling, "Are we just gonna ignore the fact I confessed my love for you an hour ago and you hardcore rejected me with a meme?"

"What!? I couldn't tell if you were being serious or not, I still don't believe you're in Inlove with me though, Jessica is pretty hot pretty sure I'm more Inlove with her than you are "I said joking hoping he'd laugh too

" I can't tell if I should laugh or just punch you in the dick"

"Hey, you said no more dick jokes, not fair."

"Well does me dumping her ring any bells?" He said upset.

"We can talk about this topic tomorrow, it 's 9 pm, anyway and I'm fucking exhausted," I say.

"What about the campfire though?" He said upset once again

"Fine fine, I'm just trying to avoid your love for me babe"


"Fine fine, I'm just trying to avoid your love for me babe"

My face flushed red, 'he did not just call me babe, knowing I like him, he's such an ass' "Yeah, Yeah." I announce,
"What if that serial killer followed us?" I say slightly scared, "no way, he's probably dead, that happened 20 years ago, heard the man was in his late 40s some old perv I assume," he said trying to calm my worries down.

"You know that means he could still likely be alive in his 60s? 20 years isn't that long haha" I chuckle nervously.

"I know, but pretty sure if I was him, I wouldn't be wanting to be wanted for murdering Sarah Michaels, that's pretty intense, considering she's the mayor's daughter of Blackwood," he said proving his point.

10 minutes passed

"Alright, get out, we're here and I'm ready to smash some smores," I say grinning, Alex begins to get out and we walk towards my house.

"Hey, Alex! Welcome back, haven't seen you in a while sweetheart! How has Tyler been treating ya love." My mom exclaimed, "Pretty poorly if you ask me." He said shrugging.

"Haha, really funny Alex, No mom I've been treating him like the Queen he is, pretty sure I should be awarded at this point," I said, "Yeah he left me alone in the woods for 30 minutes, but let's just forget you ever did that right?" He told.

My mom started to gasp "What the hell Tyler? You don't treat friends like that!? You two boys go upstairs and get ready for the campfire, put on something more, warm."

"Whatever mom" I mumbled rolling my eyes in the opposite direction of hers, "Your son just rolled his eyes, Ms. Norton, I think he's acting up," Alex said.

"No, I didn't what the freak Alex, stop ratting me out, snitches get stitches." I say mad, "But this snitch doesn't get caught," he said as crossing his arms with a shit-faced smirk.

"Plus your mom likes me," he says as we walked to the front door down the hall towards the stairs.

"In your dreams lover boy," I say unwillingly, "So are we getting dressed in front of each other or? Cause like, I wouldn't mind"

"Oh? So you love me too ty? Enough to wanna get naked?" Alex says with a huge smile plastered across his face,
"Sure," I say joking hoping he'd catch it.

As we reached the door, Alex suddenly stopped...

"you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"that sound that just happened like 3.2 seconds ago duh"

"Yeah no I didn't" I shrug

"It's the sound of us making love in the... closet!" He pushed me towards the closet door and swung it open throwing both of us inside.

"Now do you believe me?" He sighed.

"Oh, so you're gonna make a joke about us fucking in a closet and expect me to believe your madly in love, yeah not happening Alex," I say secretly smirking.

"Damnit Ty, just admit your love for me!!!" He shouts out shaking my shoulders back and forth.

"You know what, Listen here Alexander the great, I don't like boys and I don't think I ever will. Sexually at least, I mean I've had a thought or two but that's when I was little, and pretty dumb." I say frusteraded.

"How do you know? Have you ever kissed a boy?, like ever?" Alex said.

"No, why would I have to? I never came across a situation where I had to kiss a guy-" out of nowhere Alex grabbed my face with both hands and smashed our faces together within a heartbeat.

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