Libidinous Monologue

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❤💫 ONE SHOT STORIES ❤💫 Lonely night, when desire is getting high. Nothing I can do, so I just finding pleasure by myself Fantasy is all I have Imagining your muscular arms hugging me tight Baby, I want you so bad But you aren't here, Maybe fingers might help

Erotica / Romance
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Libidinous Monologue

Cold lonely night
Feeling high, but no one besides
Watching videos to satisfy
But I get drown in the fantasy of wild

Taking off my panties of blue
Imagining it was done with you
Unstrapping the bra
Throw it on the floor too
Wrapping myself, as if you were hugging tight
Feel your arms around me
Feel the warmth of you all over my body
Baby, answer my call
I need you here with me
That video really turns me on
Seeing those two girls kissing rough
Taking a turn, pinning each other on the wall
Damn, my desire is unable to be controlled
Okay, I'm starting to explore myself
Playing with the nipples,
Softly pinch those brown with my fingers
Ouchhh, I think I pinched it a bit harder
Rolling over the dark area with my pointer
Aaahhh, I start feeling the sensation of pleasure
Trying to pull it closer to my mouth,
Yeaaay, I could suck those brown big erected nipples.
Licking the tip of it with my tongue,
Seems like it's gonna be fun

My brain demands more
My lusty fantasy keep striking back and forth
Going lower
I feel something wet down there

I remember the first time we did, dear
You kissed me all over my body
Sending me high, flying with our wild fantasy
Giving me so much intimacy
You made me feel loved and wanted, baby

Pussy is getting wetter
Need your manly hood actually, dear
But you aren't here
All I can do is fantasizing you,
While slowly rubbing the clit with my fingers
Aaaahhhh, here comes the pleasure

Juicy fluid from the hidden cave flowing
I close my eyes, lips biting
My mind is busy with this libidinous feeling

Standing in front of the mirror
I see myself demanding more satisfaction
Desire is getting high, as I see my own reflection
I need something to make myself end the temptation

Baby, I'm craving for your touch
Fantasizing you, feel your hug
Grabbing my hair, while spanking my butts
Aaaahhh, this image of you really makes me wet and wild

Again, I'm pushing my finger deep
So deep, feels like penetrated by your mighty dick
Pulling in and out, just like how we did a lot
Slower harder and deeper
One, and with two fingers
Moaning, screaming alone
The climax of the pleasure as the fluid explode
Satisfaction I got
Soothing my mind, relaxing my soul
Done for tonight
Finding pleasure alone

Half asleep, when my phone rings
Baby, where have you been, I yield
Telling you what I did
You get aroused you said
Less than an hour you're already in front of my door
Begging me to do the second round
With the real dick, this time
So okay baby, come on

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