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All Fiona wanted was to find her soulmate and stop her monthly heat that made her life a living hell. And she thought she'd found exactly that in Cole Thomas but now that they were engaged and her heat was just as strong as it ever was, she's not sure what to do. Before she can figure it out, right when she least expects it, she comes far too close to a man whose biology calls to her and makes her ache for something only he can give her. Unfortunately, that man is Isaac Stone...her fiance's boss.

Erotica / Drama
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“Let me see it again!” A round of excited voices called, reaching out for Fiona Carter’s hand. Currently, several women were crowded around the nurse’s station in the clinic they worked in, admiring the new addition to Fiona’s hand. On her third finger, a gorgeous diamond ring sat sparkling from the fluorescent lights overhead.

One of the nurses and Fiona’s close friend, Mia, widened her eyes and leaned closer to the diamond ring, her lips parted in awe. “Damn! This thing must have cost him a fortune.”

Which made her frown. It wasn’t as though her new fiance was struggling for money. He had a damn good career and was able to afford the finer things in life but she felt as if this whole thing was a bit ridiculous. Spending so much on a ring just for her? She pulled her hand back and looked down at the chunk of diamond sitting prettily on her finger with a slight frown. Was she even worth that?

“I know,” she mumbled.

“Oh, don’t tell me you’re feeling guilty over someone actually spending money on you. Not everyone feels the need to be as thrifty as you.” Mia circled the desk, pausing to pick up a stack of patient folders that she had been working through. “Besides, Cole’s your soulmate.”

Fiona watched her closest friend brush her blonde hair over her shoulder and turn to make her way into the file room. The other nurses returned to their tasks and the group dispersed. In the relative quiet, Fiona could only stare down at her ring once more as Mia’s words echoed in her head.

Cole’s your soulmate

Except, he wasn’t.

From the time she was eighteen, Fiona was sure of only one thing.

She hated that time of the month.

And she didn’t mean her period. Her period she could handle, but in some fucked up evolutionary trait, passed down from when early man was more like animals than conscious, thinking, aware beings, women were cursed to go through a kind of heat at the peak of their fertility. It was a solid week of hell and she’d rather bleed for months straight than ever have to deal with it again.

The pheromones put out during someone’s heat were powerful, attracting any male within a certain radius. They were some of the strongest in all of biology and while it attracted any mateless male, it was especially strong to the woman’s soulmate. Once a soulmate was found, her heat would become less of a bother to her and she would be more interested in baring children than fucking.

Which was convenient because only fucking your soulmate could satisfy you. And therein lied the problem Fiona was faced with.

She had met Cole during a particularly brutal heat cycle and he had cornered her in the hallways of the university they had both attended. He sniffed her out and her heart had stopped in her chest. He didn’t know her, but she had certainly heard of him. He was cute, smart, and always surrounded by his crowd of friends, and compared to a nobody like Fiona, she knew she’d never have a chance with him.

But on that day, when he had pressed her into the wall of the hallway between classes, he said she was the best thing he had ever smelled.

Only a soulmate would think that.

They had tried to ignore it, tried not to give in due to their polar opposite social circles, but biology was stronger than their resolve and after six long months, six excruciating heats, they had given in.

And it was nice…Fiona had enjoyed it and been relieved at the time.

But it didn’t stop her heat from coming back over and over.

It didn’t make her want to have his babies and it didn’t make her want to stop fucking either.

Cole was convinced she was everything he wanted the first time they’d had sex but while their sex life was--for the most part--satisfying, her heat always came back.

Through the years, she’d gone to several doctors, looking for answers, and each time, they were stumped. It was just a fluke, they said. Don’t worry. It’ll smooth out eventually as she matured and not to worry.

But each month, she would feel it creep back, and now that she was twenty-eight, she didn’t think it would ever stop. How much more mature would she have to be to find relief?

It always started at the back of her neck with a prickling sensation, cold at first, making the hair stand on end. The cold never lasted long enough. It was there just to tell her something worse was on its way, never giving her enough time to prepare for it. If she was at home when she felt it coming on, she could usually jump in the shower and relieve a bit of the ache.

She had to be quiet, not wanting Cole to worry about her heat…or that he hadn’t satisfied her enough to stop it. Her showers lasted for nearly an hour and her hand would cramp by the time she felt well enough to get out. It wasn’t ideal but multiple orgasms were the only thing that could relieve the ache.

There were supplements and suppressants she could take, but so far, it hadn’t gotten to that point. She’d rather subdue the ache on her own.

When the heat came on at work was the worst. She was trapped in a cage of hormones and arousal with no possible way to find that release. Usually, she could finish her appointments in a flash and seal herself away in her office long enough to satisfy herself once or twice. It was never enough though. Sweat would bubble along her skin, sticking to her clothes and making her feel as if she were melting.

If she was lucky, it would come on at the end of her shift. But Fiona was never lucky.

And this morning, she could feel that ice prickling at the back of her neck the moment she stepped foot into her office. It was a week early this month, riding the coattails of her period when she was already far too horny.

With a groan, she clamped a hand down on the nape of her neck, just beneath the hairline. She dropped her purse and shrugged out of her coat, tossing them both onto the extra chair in front of her desk. When her purse tumbled over the edge and fell to the floor, she ignored it.

“Why now?” She cursed her biology and circled the desk to the computer. She logged in quickly and bounced her foot, impatient for the damn thing to boot up. Once the program popped up, she pulled up her appointment list and saw her packed schedule for the day. Her only free block was an hour for lunch, which would be filled with her masturbating alone in her office, as well as the free hour she had before her day started.

With a sigh, she dropped into her chair and grabbed a cold water bottle from the mini-fridge she kept just for this reason. She popped the cap off and quickly chugged it until the plastic bottle was crinkling loudly. She grabbed another one and downed it as well, knowing she’d have to pee like a racehorse in less than an hour.

With a glance to the door, she made sure the lock was in place before settling back behind her desk, hating that she had to do this just to get through her day. She felt like a slave to her biology.

Maybe she should look into suppressants after all.

Her emergency stash of pocket vibrators she kept in her makeup bag, deep in the depths of her purse, was for this exact reason. She snatched her favorite out--the most powerful--and gathered the hem of her black pencil skirt to pull up around her hips.

Three orgasms and two more ice-cold bottles of water in her system later, she felt satisfied enough to get through her morning appointments. It was easier knowing she had an hour at lunch to herself and her body seemed to comply, even though she caught herself glancing at the clock every fifteen minutes the closer it grew to her lunch hour.

By the time she was free at noon, she was drenched in sweat and glad she had prepared for horrible days like this with an extra change of clothes. She stayed in her bra and panties during her lunch hour to make things easier and settled back in her chair. She grabbed her makeup bag, pulled out her favorite vibrator, and switched it on. It trembled and let out the saddest little noise before it completely died in her hand.

Fiona stared in horror before banging it against her palm in a desperate attempt to start it. It didn’t work.

Her thighs clenched and she nearly cried out from the ache that spread up through her body. She was getting impatient and knew there was no way she’d last the rest of the day. She looked in the makeup bag, knowing there was another one--a cheap bullet vibrator--even though it was nowhere near as good.

At the bottom of the red-lined bag, was her other toy…covered in her oily foundation that had apparently leaked out of the bottle.

“What the fuck!” She hissed, dumping the contents of the bag out onto her desk.

Everything was covered in a thin coating of the foundation and even her powder compact was busted. Despite cleaning it off the best she could with several piles of tissues, it too was dead and she was left completely helpless. She sat back in her chair in defeat, chewing her bottom lip with worry. It wasn’t ideal, but she would just have to use her hands until she got home. She just hoped it would be enough…

It wasn’t.

The first hour after lunch she had felt confident, but with each passing minute, she could feel the warm ache creep back up into her body. It was never satisfied by her hands alone and she knew what it wanted, what she needed. Cole wasn’t fond of her popping in on him at work, and even less so of her popping in for a quick fuck in the back of his car.

Sure, he had done it from time to time, only because her pheromones were too strong for him to ignore. But she knew he had a huge case he was working on, which kept him in the office well into the night this past week. Even when he crawled home close to midnight, she wouldn’t ask him to fuck her. He always looked so exhausted and usually fell asleep in front of the television after eating dinner.

She was on her own.

Thankfully, she had a few dildos stored away in her bedroom closet for this exact reason. She just had to make it through her last appointment of the day. It was an easy one, though it annoyed her to even look at it.

A fellow physician at the clinic had double booked two patients for the hour and needed Fiona to take one and since it was a fairly simple appointment, she hadn’t minded helping her colleague out. It was a routine check-up, reading the patient the results of his physical exam from last week and seeing if he had any questions.

Twenty minutes tops, she reassured herself.

Fiona shook her hair out from under her lab coat and spritzed some perfume to drown out the smell of her pheromones and the sweat that still clung to her skin. She grabbed the chart Hana had dropped off for her the day before and with a glance at the name at the top, she hesitated. Isaac Stone. Why did that name sound so familiar?

She shrugged and tucked the folder under her arm before closing the office door behind her. As she moved down the halls of the clinic, the frown on her face pinched her brows. Isaac Stone…Stone…where have I seen that name before?

Exam room 22 loomed ahead and Fiona’s steps slowed the closer she came to it. And like a lightbulb going off in her head, she realized with a gasp exactly where she had seen that name. Her steps came to a complete stop and she stared at the door to the examination room in front of her.

Jackson and Stone, Attorneys at Law.

Oh, fuck…it was Cole’s boss.

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