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Scarlett Connery is the proud owner of " the sweet as candy " lounge she is the most respected Dom around, when a new sub enters the lounge one night Scarlett is willing to do everything too claim him as her own. Things begin too get heated when Scarlett's ex husband breaks into the lounge un invited. When Ollie Scarlett's sub sees her hurt after the break in he realizes that she is more then just a Dominant too him.

Miranda Pidgeon
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Sweet as candy

I had opened up my lounge on whim , when I was a teenager I had a boyfriend right up until well now twenties who would continuously abuse me physically so I got tired of that bull shit and I changed my name I moved here from Florida now I live in New York and I'm the owner of a lounge called " sweet as candy " it's a lounge for Dominates here they invest in clients and once a month they claim a favorite. Our only rule here is no falling in love...we are allowed too fuck, tease , taunt , play ....and display our submissives on public display but humiliation not allowed. I was twenty seven when I met Ollie my beautiful blue eyed beast , he stood at a height of six foot inches tall and had wide shoulders I could tell he loved working out. He was a brand new piece of meat and I wasn't going too just let him get away . I sat myself on the corner of a table my curves hugging my dress I slowly and seductively ate the cherry from my drink his blue eyes followed my movements smirking at me he walked over too me " you lost sweetheart?" I ask him as I lick my lips he nods at me blushing with his gorgeous English accent " yeah I am my names Oliver I'm actually looking for Scarlett my friend chandler sent me here " I slide off the table pulling him by the tie " oh you know my Chad...come with me Ollie I'm Scarlett " he blushes following me I could tell it was his first time. I took him back too my playroom locking the door, Oliver jumped when the door slammed shut I smirked at him " poor thing...did I startle you?" I ask him as I walked over too one of my drawers I pull out a collar and a small plug he is hesitant on answering my questions " Ollie how old are you?" I ask him curiously he blushes clearing his throat " thirty four " he says his voice nervous I smile at him " strip ! Ollie now!" I demanded he began stripping slowly I walked over too him inspecting him my mouth dropped seeing the size of his cock I knew this man was a beast but not only was he a beast but a beast but he was a full a God. His face was perfectly chiseled, his body perfectly sculpted he had wide shoulders. Oh but those beautifully entrancing. I used the end of my whip to gently lift his chin , I smirk at him blushing " well my sweet Ollie you are definitely not compensating for anything are you?" He blushes looking at me shaking his head " no mistress I'm not" I grin at him " good let's begin ...Ollie since it's your first time I'm going too go easy on you your safe word will be peaches. " " safe word mistress?" He asked curiously looking at me I nod at him smiling " yes Ollie, a safe word is a word subs use if at anytime the playtime gets too be to much for them " he nods at me in agreement I hand him a contract " also after today you will have to read over this and if you wish too continue our sessions we will sign a contract with various rules." He looks at me curiously " so what are we doing today mistress?" He asks me " today Ollie...I will be attaching this leather collar around your neck, it then attaches too the loops on the floor " I say pointing to the silver hoops " then...once you are hooked up and on all fours I will insert this anal plug into your ass while I paddle you a few times. If at any time you wish to end the session you say your safe word. Are you ready?" I ask him he blushes looking at me nodding and I begin wrapping the collar around his neck and hooking him too the floor. I grab my lube inserting the anal plug " Ollie my sweet can you do my a favor and spread your legs apart and stroke that beautiful cock of yours" he swallows hard " yes mistress " I lean back reaching for my paddle " are you alright Ollie?" I ask him concerned as the plug is in I hear him moan slighty as he continues to stroke his cock " fine mistress " he says as the chain pulls " I'm going to paddle you three times " I hit him once leaving a large red mark on his beautiful ass. I wait for his reaction as I see him thrust forward as he continues to stroke his large hard cock. I hit him a a second time he thrusts harder asif fucking a pussy I keep hold of the anal plug " good boy " I say smiling at him I swing the paddle once more and the cum shoots up his stomach and all the way down to the floor his breath is heavier and I gently remove the plug and un chain him. He sits up and I throw him a towel " you did very well Ollie I'm pleased " he blushes smiling at me " when can I see you again?" He asks curiously I stroke his face softly kissing him gently " masterbating until I see you again " he looks at me sighing heavily " okay , can I atleast call you ?" He asks curiously I smirk at him" I'll call you tomorrow night we will chat then okay " he nods at me happily I kiss him deeply and invite him to have a drink. We sit in my lounge enjoying a drink before he leaves. I escort him out the door , and kiss him goodbye I was intrigued that he wanted too see me so soon. I knew I was going to enjoy him ....he was everything I ever wanted in a sub I'm amazed that someone like him is interested in a girl like me . I'm not your average Dom, I'm curvy and valuptious and I this beast God of a man is all mine. Thursday comes around and it's around nine thirty at night , I dial Ollie 's number and he answers " hello?" " hello my beautiful blue eyed promised I'm calling you may ask me any question you like" I hear him take a deep breath in " how did you get into this business?" He asks me curiously I sigh hesitantly " ex husband was my high school sweetheart or so I thought he became abusive and mean so I left and changed my name I started over opening my own business I opened the lounge and I decided to become a dominant to show men that women can run things too. Except I'm doing it in a playful way too bring pleasure. " I could tell he was disappointed or sad for me so I needed too cheer him up " Ollie my sweetheart another question " I say with a smile in my voice he perks up " what's your real name ?" " Molly, but I changed it too Scarlett " " do you have any kids?" He asks me curiously " no I don't have any children Ollie but I'd like some some day" he goes silent and I call his name " Scarlett...Stan " " what about him Ollie? " " he doesn't know where you are does he?" I know he can't see me but I smile slightly " awe...Ollie we only had one session together and you're already worried about me I appreciate your concern , and no he doesn't " he sighs in relief " Ollie I have a couple of questions for you before we start " " before we start what mistress?" " before we start our session over the phone " I can hear his excitement over the phone. " Ollie is there anything you're not into I need to know now ?" " public humility, and not found of anal but I think I can learn too like it. " " okay good anything else ? Ollie " he sighs heavily " I moved from London too new York after my wife and daughter passed away. I needed to start fresh, um my best friend chandler...said that going too your lounge would be the best way too get my mind off everything. When they died last year all I thought about was killing myself " I sigh sadly " Ollie, God I'm so fucking sorry about you're wife and your daughter...but Ollie I hope to God you're not thinking that way now " he sighs heavily " why Scarlett? You barely know me..." " because Ollie I care about you you're my sub and I care about you no one will ever hurt you while I'm around " " mistress I have the rope, what do I do next?" He asks me curiously changing the subject I adjust myself on my bed getting comfortable " Ollie my sweetheart do you have a laptop with a camera ?" " yes I do " " good will you set it up for me please I will set mine up aswell. " I turn my camera on and I wait then see his gorgeous blue eyes on my screen " there's my gorgeous boy now Ollie, tie yourself to the bed post by your hand , leave your left hand free placing that hand on your cock " he glares at me confused " but Scarlett you said no masterbating..." I smile at him " I'm changing my mind Ollie now hand on your cock ! " I begin too undress infront of him on the computer his eyes widen " holy fuck!" He says blushing looking at me from his side of the screen. I pull the camera closer and I begin too use my vibrator Ollie strokes his cock faster as he watches me " cum for me Ollie " he moans loudly " fuck... I need you so bad " he closes his eyes stroking faster as I cum " I'm cumming Ollie " his cum shot all over the place as he broke threw the rope gripping his silky black bed sheets as his hips moved forward. He bit down on his bottom lip as he finished jerking off. I let him take one last look at me and then clicked my camera off " Ollie my beautiful beast I will see you Saturday, if you need me call me! Good night Ollie " " good night Scarlett " he was the first and only sub I had ever let call me by my first name normally out of respect all sub's are supposed to refer too their Dom as " mistress or master" but in this case I let it slide with Ollie because there was something about him that made me feel safe and like a human being that I hadn't felt in a very long time , now our one and only rule was no falling in love with clients but here I was thinking at home would it really be so bad if I had fallen in love with the right guy ...and I mean who the fuck cares if he is my sub or not...I'm not saying I'm Christian grey or some shit but definitely not as fucked up and if he can fall in love so can I. My phone started ringing I picked it up " hello Chad what can I do for you?" " when can we get together again Scarlett?" He asks curiously " " how about a drink tomorrow night at my lounge sound good?" " I'll be there!" He hangs up and I sigh looking at the clock one am I begin too drift off thinking of only one person.
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