It Was Me

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NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON UNDER THE NAME ELIZABETH ACKERMAN. ❝ We took turns breaking each other's hearts so often that by the time we realized our true feelings... it was too late. ❞ Nier Hastings, best-selling erotica author, may know more than most regarding the matters of sex but when it comes to his own sex life, things couldn't be duller. The very moment that Eden Li's face pops up on Nier's computer while utilizing a sugar baby service called The Daddy Network, he catches his eye (something most people fail to do) his world changes and becomes something that he's happy to be a part of for the first time in his life. But every person has their flaws and their relationship is put to the test more times than they can count, forcing the two to truly take turns breaking each other's hearts. He tries more than once to convince himself that he doesn't need anyone; especially not Eden but old habits die hard and more often, not at all.

Erotica / Drama
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❝ I'm saying that there will only be good things from now on. I'm promising that you won't get hurt. I can't say that. I can't lie like that. ❞
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