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Our New Friend

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My story involves me, my girlfriend Suzanne, and our new friend, Jamal.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Our New Friend



My story involves me, my girlfriend Suzanne, and our new friend, Jamal.

Suzanne and I met our close friend Jamal one bright beautiful sunny day while taking a walk around our neighborhood. He had parked his car in his driveway blocking the sidewalk and was exiting his car when we came upon him. He smiled and apologized for making us walk around his car. Suzanne and I both smiled back and assured him that it was okay. He came up to us, introduced himself to us, shook our hands, and told us that he was new to this neighborhood. He asked us where we lived. Suzanne replied that we only lived a block away. He told us that he had moved to our neighborhood after splitting up with his wife. Jay, as we would call him from that day forward, was a very attractive light-skinned Black stud, about 5’10”, thin but solid, muscular chest and arms and with some tattoos on his arms. He had a short fade with a dark thin goatee and was about seven years younger than me, ten years younger than Suzanne. I noticed that Suzanne could not help herself and could not hide her obvious attraction to Jay. She began to subconsciously flirt with Jay, talking his ear off. I could not blame her for finding him sexually attractive. His big smile, friendly personality, and approachable demeanor made him very easy to talk to. I admit that If I was a female, I would be attracted to him as well! From the very start, there seemed to be a friendly attraction between the three of us. Over the next year and a half, our friendship blossomed and we grew to trust and like each other a lot.

He and I would hang out together and watch televised ball games at his apartment or my house almost every weekend. During that time, Suzy and Jay also got to know each other very well and lasting trust was established between them. As I got to know him, my sexual fantasy, which I will explain later, became an obsession. Suzanne would flirt with Jay and get all touchy-feely with him whenever he was around and vice-versa. Both Jay and I would constantly tease Suzy. Jay had noticed that I did not mind him and Suzy teasing each other and asked me one night while we were having some drinks at his place if it bothered me that he and Suzy were playful with each other. He added that he would not be that playful with her if I had demonstrated any concern about him flirting with her. I assured him that it did not bother me at all and added that I would rather have him and her flirting in front of me than behind my back. He quickly added that he would never betray our trust and friendship by doing anything bad with Suzy behind my back. I told him that I was a good judge of character and knew that he was a person I could trust from the very first day I met him. He said that it was hard being single and he could not help feeling at ease talking openly with Suzy. He made me laugh when he said jokingly, “can we share her, H?” I laughed and told him that would be up to Suzy. Again, I assured him that I did not mind them teasing each other. I added that I loved it when Jay and I ganged up on Suzanne at times. I told him that I loved seeing her get all riled up and defensive. Jay laughed and said, man H, I am so glad I met the both of you. You two are hilarious!

Later that night, after a few more drinks and after bragging to each other about our sexual experiences, I began to wonder if I should tell Jay what had been on my mind. I laughed and asked him if I could confess something personal to him. “Sure H,” he said. I asked him if he ever thought it was weird that I didn’t mind him and Suzanne flirting with each other in front of me? He replied that he had a suspicion why I didn’t get jealous but did not want to get in our business. I said to him, “I will tell you a little secret bro as long as you keep this between me and him and nobody else.” He assured me that he would never say a thing to anybody. I paused and told him the reason it did not bother me watching him and Suzy flirting with each other was that I have had a sexual fantasy of Suzanne and me having a threesome with another guy or maybe swapping partners with another couple. I confessed to him that it turned me on watching him and Suzy teasing each other and that I would jerk off at times imagining us seducing and having our way with Suzanne. Jay sat there quietly with a smile on his face. I asked him what the smile was for? He said, “I knew you were into freaky shit bro!” I laughed and told him how Suzanne and I have had a threesome with a good friend of ours years ago but had not had any more experiences after that. No matter how much I begged Suzy to at the very least continue to discuss our sexual fantasies, she would shut me down. Jay asked me if Suzy enjoyed the threesome we had? I answered that I thought she did but that I never knew if Suzanne enjoyed it because she did not open up to me like I wish she would. I told him that Suzy was adamant about never having a threesome with any close friends again but if she did decide to try it again one day, it would have to be with a stranger. I added that if she heard what I just told him, she would probably deny she ever said it. I told Jay that even though she did not like to admit it to me, I suspected that she was sexually attracted to black guys. “Why,” he asked? I told him that I just had my suspicions. He smiled and said, “Let me confess this to you, I knew Suzanne was into black guys by the way she acted around me. I felt that vibe.” Jay then surprised me when he told me that he has had requests from guys who have wanted a BBC (big black cock) bull to have sex with their wives before. My mind began to run wild when he said that because that meant that HE had to have a big black cock himself! I was so turned on that I began to think of how I could make my fantasy come true that night! Jamal was the perfect guy to help me convince Suzanne to let me and Jay ravage her body! I asked him, “So, are you telling me that not only are you a pretty muthafucker’ but you also have a huge cock, Jay?” He gave me a proud look and said, “yes, I do.” My mind began to race, imagining my girl losing her mind as Jamal spread those lips of hers! I immediately asked him if he would help me seduce and convince Suzanne to fuck us both?“ Sure, I would be honored, H,” he replied while hugging me!

I told him “now I cannot get the images of Suzanne stroking, sucking, playing with both of us out of my head!” He assured me that he was the man I was looking for! Jay said that if I did not believe in him being well-endowed, he could prove it. He pulled out his cell phone and pressed play. He said, “Check this out, H.” He played the five-minute video of him sitting alone on his sofa with his hand wrapped around his thick limp penis and his big balls hanging between his legs. He poured lubricant on his cock and began to stroke it slowly. I noticed that he was hairless. I admit that I felt a little envious of him having what I thought was the perfect-looking cock for the first time! It was limp but I slowly noticed his cock growing bigger and straightening out. After pulling it, massaging it, and slapping it on both sides of his thighs, it became almost half erect. My eyes got big as his cock got harder and finally was sticking straight up in the air! It had to easily be 9” to 10” inches long and 1.5” inches thick! I instantly pictured Suzy riding, moaning, and creaming all over Jay’s cock. The video showed him moaning and stroking his cock more vigorously and with his eyes closed. My jaw dropped as he finally let out a loud grunt and shot a stream of white thick cum high in the air; with it landing on his belly and all around him while his head tilted back as he moaned in pleasure! He looked at me with a smile and waited for what I had to say. I was speechless! I looked at him and told him that I almost came in my pants! I looked at him and I straight out asked him if he was ready to make my sexual fantasy come true? He replied that he would be honored and would do whatever I told him to do. I said that we could not wait, we had to convince Suzy now! I stood up and said to him, “Let’s go now!” I knew she had taken a hot shower and was laying down watching television in our bedroom.

We hopped in his car and got there in a couple of minutes. Before we left his place, I called Suzy to feel out her mood and she sounded relaxed and in bed. I told her to get ready because I was feeling really good! I got excited when she replied, “I am ready for anything you bring me, baby!” “Hmm,” I thought, I wonder what she meant by that? I told Jay what she said and he thought about it for a minute and said to me that he thinks that Suzy had a feeling that tonight was the night we would make a move on her. “You think,” I asked him? “Maybe,” he replied. “I want her to be surprised,’ I said as we left his place. I laid out the plan before getting out of the car. I told him that he would walk in with me but quietly and wait for me in the living room. Suzanne was in the bedroom in bed watching tv. We crept in, I fist-bumped Jay, and he quietly walked to the living room as I walked straight into the darkened bedroom; the ambient light shining from the television was the only light in the house. I came up to her, removed my pants, and said to her,” Babe, we need to talk!” I kissed her on her lips and said, wait till I tell you what I found out! Found out about who, Jay, she asked? Before I answered, I rolled over her and laid behind her since she was laying on her side. I said to her, “first I need you to be completely honest and open with me.” My hard-on was rubbing against her big ass as I cupped her big breast. “Go ahead and ask babe,” she said in a sultry voice. By this time, I was rubbing her pussy through her shorts. Okay, I said, be honest, “Do you love and trust me?” “Yes, of course, I do,” she answered. I told her that I just had a good talk with Jay and that I had to ask her point-blank, what did she think of him?

My voice was calm as I quickly added, “Are you sexually attracted to Jamal? You can tell me the truth. I do see how you behave whenever he is around and honestly, I do not blame you. Jamal is a stud!” I did not even give her the chance to answer. I was so excited as she began to moan and gyrate her mound against my hand. I could feel her wet lips around my fingers. I then told her what Jay had told me. Jay admitted to me that he knew you were hot for him. And he said that he was also sexually attracted to her and admitted that he has had sexual dreams of you and him. I knew she was getting excited at what I had just told her but she said nothing! She only moaned and groaned? She had moved on her back and had her legs open. She was soaking wet and moaning with her eyes closed as I slid a couple of fingers in and out of her. I then whispered in her ear, “Babe, did you wish Jay was here with us right now?” She moaned back softly, “Yes babe, I did want him here and I thought that was what you were planning on doing. Is he here?” she asked. I said, “No,” I will have to call him. I looked back to see Jay crawling in on his hands and knees, butt naked! Jay had been listening to us in the hallway outside our bedroom. Suzy did not hear or see him sneak in since it was so dark. Jay was kneeling at the foot of the bed. I told her that I wanted to eat her wet pussy. She tripped me out when she asked, “What if Jay ate me out while I sucked your dick babe? Would you like that?” I replied “Yes baby! I would love that!.” Little did she know that Jay would be the one to eat her out, not me! I slowly crawled back and switched places with Jay. He crawled up between her legs and began to eat her out. At first, she began moaning out, “yeah baby, eat that pussy. mmmm, Yesss.” It was a good thing both me and Jay had bald heads because she grabbed his head and began to fuck and grind her pussy into his face! It sounded like they were splashing around in a swimming pool as she came in his mouth! He had both of her arms pressed down on the bed as he made her cum multiple times, making her moan and loudly and trying to back away from him!

She began begging me (Jay) to please fuck her! She still did not know it was Jamal holding her down! Jamal let her arms go, got on his knees, lifted her legs in the air, and positioned his cock on her soaked steaming pussy! Jay grabbed his cock, slapped her super soaked pussy which made a loud splashing noise, and slipped his long pulsing hard cock in her! I crawled quickly to watch her face when she figured out that it was not my cock that had penetrated her pussy! I knew he was pushing his big cock in her when I saw her eyes and mouth open wide, and yell out, “OMG! YOU ARE NOT HARRY!!” She looked up to see who was in her. “OMG! JAY, YOU AND YOUR BOY ARE IN DEEP SHIT NOW! ..YOU ARE BOTH GONNA’ PAY!” I asked her how she knew it wasn’t me? She snapped back, “Jamal’s dick is huge! It barely fits!” Jay and I were laughing and had stopped to see what her reaction would be! She looked shocked! She kept on looking down trying to take a peek at Jay’s cock. Jay told her that he was sorry for tricking her and would stop if that is what she wanted. Jay had the head of his cock touching her pussy lips. I reminded Suzanne how she wanted Jay to join us. If you are scared of his cock, we can not do anything at all. She closed her eyes and said smiling, “no, I am not scared, you two can’t handle me!” We all laughed and Jay slowly slid his huge cock in her super-soaked pussy and began pumping his cock in and out of her much faster and harder!

She yelled out!, “OH SHIT! YESSS! MMMMM!! FUCK THAT PUSSY BABYYYY! OMG! I AM SHAKING ALL OVER! All types of sounds were coming out of Suzy’s mouth. She turned her head sideways and stared at me, with a wild look. I leaned over and kissed her lips and asked her quietly, “how does it feel, babe?” Between getting humped, she would moan back, “It feels….. so good, …he…. is hitting… my spot …..babe!” I put my tongue in her mouth muffling the sound of her cries of pleasure. I held her hand and watched as my lady got fucked deep and hard by our friend. Jay ordered her to get on her stomach. He laid on top of her and began to whisper in her ears if this is what she wanted? She nodded yes and moaned while biting down on her pillow. She held my hand hard as he began to pump harder. I was super hard and ready to cum but I was saving myself to cum in Suzy after Jay was done. After pounding her hard, Jay groaned out, I want to cum, OMG! I’m cumming! Suzy moaned back, “cum in me, cum in me!” Then she began yelling at Jay, “Yesssss, fuck me, Jay, fuck me good!” Jay’s entire body froze in place, his balls unloading a white stream of cum deep into Suzy, as he yelled “OH DAMNNNNNN! AHHHHHHHH SHIT!, and came deep in Suzy!” Jay collapsed on top of Suzy for a couple for a minute or two, sweating and breathing hard. Suzanne moaned and said, “that was good, it’s your turn babe.” Jay rolled off Suzy and laid next to her as I mounted her and stuck my cock in her as she laid on her belly! It felt gooey and super wet as I pounded her pussy for a couple of minutes, finally grunting like a savage beast, cumming deep in her pussy!

The End

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