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A Day at the beach heats up

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I could feel the sun warm my back as the waves crashed against the tide. I sat and admired the beautiful ocean.
I could feel a moist stream come down my breasts and feel my pink bikini top stick to my breasts. I laid face down on my blue and yellow beach towel.
I put my earbuds in my ears and fell asleep.
"Baby here cool off Alex said as dragged an ice cube in his mouth down my back. Alex then slipped his hand into my bikini bottom around my hip and strummed my bud " ohh Alex I panted" " Scarlett come for me " " Alex that feels so good" I said as I exploded into Alex's hand.
Alex then slapped my butt and flipped me over on my back, he found a string on the ground tied my hands together over my head. " Now you listen Scarlett, you are mine! Alex said as he streamed kisses down my neck.
Alex then kissed my inner thighs and slowly pulled off my bikini bottoms and took his swim trunks off. Alex then kneeled in the sand and spread my legs apart and started lightly stroking my vagina with his tongue. Alex then mounted me and thrust until we both reached our climax. We both collapsed on my towel and Alex covered us with a towel.

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