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"Let me lead you...” An eighteen-year-old virgin alpha is immediately fascinated by the mother of his friend when he smells her scent for the first time. #steamysex #agegap #omegaverse #alphavirginguy #milf #firstlove Adapted story from another story of mine. This is only the first chapter! The other chapters won't be posted here, but you can read them on my Patreon if you like :)

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“Oh, God!” Kieran heavily breathed under the shower. He tried to smell it again, that scent that he sensed for the first time yesterday. If heaven existed, it would smell like that perfume.

“What is that scent?” Kieran asked his friend after entering the house.

They went to Eddy’s after school to play some video games. Normally, they would go over to Kieran’s place, since he had his own place, but his dorm was having some sorta electricity problem.

“What smell?” Eddy sniffed. “I only smell your heavy odor. My whole house is smelling of alpha right now,” the beta said.

“No...” Kieran shook his head. He flared his nostrils open wider. “It’s a sweet scent. Sweeter than yours.”

“Oh, yeah, I know what you mean.” Eddy dropped his backpack on the couch and walked to the PlayStation, pressing start. “It’s gotta be my mom’s scent.”

“Your mom? But it smells like an omega.”

“You want a drink?” Eddy asked. Kieran nodded. “Good nose, my mom is an omega,” Eddy said while walking to the kitchen.

“What? Really?” Kieran asked. “You never told me.”

“I’m sure I did,” Eddy said while he came back with a few beers.

“No, I would’ve remembered if you would’ve told me. I know nobody who has an omega as a relative.”

Both men dropped on the couch.

“Ahh... he bit his upper lip and closed his eyes. He had used some of his soap so that the slide was smooth as he let himself run through his palms, pretending they belonged to someone else, someone he hadn’t even met…

“I gotta take a leak,” Kieran stated.

“Oh in the hallway, second door to the right,” Eddy said without looking away from the screen. He was far too busy with the game.

“Ok.” Kieran stood up and started walking.

From his peripheral vision, Eddy saw that Kieran walked the wrong way. “No, not the hallway at the entrance, the other one, over there,” Eddy pointed at the other door with his chin.


As Kieran walked to the bathroom, he noticed that the scent was getting stronger and stronger. He ignored it, or at least he tried to, and went to empty his bladder first.

When he was done, he found himself in the hallway, getting drawn to a certain door. It seemed that the fragrance was coming from there, so he walked closer, stopping in front of said door.

He knew he couldn’t open it and go inside, so he just stood there, trying to smell the sweetness coming from underneath. It felt great to have it in his presence, it made him aroused, relaxed and warm. An urge for more was there.

“Oh, fuck, this is insane...ahhh...” Kieran moaned as he leaned his body against the cool tiles in the shower, his hands moving faster and faster. He couldn’t believe the indecent thoughts that came to him these past twenty-four hours.

While leaning with his forehead against the door, he told himself that he could stay there just a little longer. He would just tell Eddy that he was taking a dump, Eddy was too busy with his game anyway, so the beta wouldn’t question it, even though Kieran already stood at the same spot for about fifteen minutes, just taking deep breaths. He didn’t want to walk away from the divine scent. Behind that door must be the bedroom of Eddy’s mother.

After a few minutes, he simply had no choice but to go back.

“Jeez, what took you so long?” Eddy asked.

“I had to do a big number two, sorry, dude,” Kieran said and sat next to his friend again.

Eddy had only eyes for his game and Kieran knew that his friend never paid attention when he was playing, so the alpha thought he perhaps should take a little advantage because of that... “So, Eddy, old is your mom?” he cautiously asked.


“That young?”


Kieran didn’t expect that. Eddy was one year older than he was, so that meant that Eddy’s mom was nineteen when she became a mother.

“Oh, uh...where is she now?”

“Business trip. She’s away for three days already,” Eddy said without blinking an eye, only focused on the game. “Oh, fuck me, I’m dead.”

Three days!? How could the woman’s fragrance linger in the house so strongly for so long? “Three days? But the house still has her scent.”

“Oh yeah.. when my mom is in heat this whole place stinks. Really, it’s not normal, dude. I always need to flee the place during heats. Her last one ended just before she went away on her trip, so probably that’s why.”

Eddy’s phone pinged. “Oh! That could be May!” he joyfully shouted and he threw the controller into Kieran’s lap.

Kieran himself could only think about what his friend just said.

In heat…

“Ahh....ahh…!” Kieran moaned. Oh God, just a little more. The alpha took a big breath and held it for what would come.

“Well, see you at school,” Kieran said while standing up.

“Yeah, see you tomorrow, Kier.”

When the alpha was on his way out, his eyes fell on a portrait that decorated the wall. A woman was in the photograph. A pretty, no, a gorgeous woman. Just so beautiful! He was mesmerized by it. Black thick wavy locks till her waist, plump lips, and eyes that took his breath away.

“That’s my mom when she was younger. Pretty lady isn’t she?”

With his mouth hanging open, Kieran nodded.

“Yeah, I got my good looks from my mom.” Eddy chuckled. “Don’t you think?”

“Sorry to say, Eddy, but your mom is way hotter.”

Kieran felt it coming and as he arched his back, he soiled the glass shower cubicle with his thick juices, making him see stars while cumming hard with Eddy’s mom in his mind. He gulped for air for the first time since he’d held his breath, which made his climax even intenser.

“Oh, f-fuck...fuck,” he moaned while his orgasm lasted and lasted.

An alpha male could climax for more than a minute, with cum flowing like a fountain.

It wasn’t the first time he thought about that photo and that scent while pleasuring himself. Yesterday, when he went home from Eddy’s, he literally ran to his dorm. Dripping with sweat, he entered his room and pulled down his pants. Right then and there in the hallway, after he’d closed the door, he masturbated with her on his mind. It took him maybe only ten jerks to climax. He’d never orgasmed that rapidly before.

He knew he had to see that lady for real and that was all he could think about. She was all he could think about.


“Hey, mom,” Eddy smiled when his mom came home. Finally, he could eat some normal food instead of take-away again. His mother was the best cook! “How was the flight?” he asked as he took one of her bags.

In the living room, the mother dropped down on the couch, exhausted. “It was good. Now, give me a cold beer, will you?” Clair asked.

Eddy walked to the refrigerator and grabbed two beers.

“Here,” he said.

Claire opened the can and gulped half of it down in one go. “Ahh...” She made a satisfying sound. “I needed that so badly. “Lord, the weather is hot today!”

“Yeah, so take off that suit and your heels, mom. I’ll fetch us some food.” It looked like it was going to be one more day of take-away. “What do you want?”

“Don’t care, anything is fine. Man, I’m tired.” Claire sighed out loud. As oxygen filled her lungs, she smelled an unfamiliar scent. “Huh? I smell...alpha?”

“Jeez...what is it with you people and great smelling skills?” Eddy said as he put on his shoes. “The scent is coming from Kieran. He’s a friend of mine, he was here yesterday.”

“Oh, I think you mentioned him before, yeah.”

It wasn’t like Eddy was a child anymore, so Claire didn’t really keep track of who his friends were, but she’d heard the name Kieran before.

“I’m heading out. Be right back with your dinner.”

“Thanks, you’re a good son for your old mother.”

“You’re only thirty-eight, mom.”

After Eddy had left, Claire laid herself down on the couch for a minute so that she could relax a little before her son would come back with dinner. She placed her nose against the backrest of the couch, against a scent that still lingered on there, and soon fell asleep, her nose still pressed against the spot that smelled so nice.


As mentioned on top, this was only Chapter one as a preview. Curious? You can read the complete short (6 chapters) smutty story on my Patreon for support .

There are more smutty patreon-only stories to be found on there.


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