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"I can touch you.. kiss you.. suck you.. f-ck you hard.. torture you whenever I want and no one can dare to stop me." he whisper lowly in his dark cold threatening voice as his grip hardened on her jaw making her look at him with fear. His eyes glowing with a dark desire making her shiver under his stare. He smirk as he saw her fear and slowly lean in as he nibble her right ear trailing down to her neck as he likely peck it. "No one can save you.. Querida" he spoke mockingly lacing with pure evil as he lick, bite and suck her neck causing a pleasurable moan to sip out as he sucks her sensitive spot. "Your mine to protect.. mine to love. I'll cherish you and love you till my last breathe.. mi amore" °°° Maxi life have a big twist when she turn eighteen. Her once peaceful colourful life suddenly become lifeless and dark when she met him. Secrets she never knew exist broke her. Her flawless beauty attracts him.. her sweetness became his addiction.. her screams became his obsession.. her tears give him satisfaction.. but something in her twitch his desire for her.. she became his prey and he's set on to hunt her down. What will happen when the cold blooded dominant vampire gets obsesses with the beautiful human. He became hell bent on making her his even to the point of hurting her.

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1. New Beginning

°°°Everything mention are fiction any characters or others things found similar are pure coincidence. It is all based on my imagination.. pure fiction.

It contains things that might trigger memories. It is a dark romance fiction, mentioning of t.orture, explicit s.ex scene, murder, etc will be mention in the story°°°


"Sta-y.. a-away.. s-ssto-p" a shaky weak voice beg in the dark cold night.

She could clearly hear a loud footstep approaching her. As it take a step towards her, her heart thumps against her chest. It was dead silence she could hear it echo along the room she shiver from the coldness of the room and fear for the unknown.

Her trembling hand clamps together as she brought her knee on her chest and curl up into a small ball.

The footstep slow down as it approach her nearer but it did nothing good to her thumping heart. Instead it increase rapidly when she could not see the culprit responsible for the heavy footstep from the darkness of the room.

"w-who...is i-it?" her trembling hands clamp together around her knees as she tried her best to speak without stuttering even in her shaking state but failed.

She heard nothing and the footstep stop it brings out the deafening silence once again in the room. She could hear her breathing loud and fast but weak.

"niñita.. how are you feeling?" a manly big voice spoke right in her right ear making her freeze. She shiver at his voice. She could taste the coldness in his voice and the mocking tone he use. (little girl)

The cold emitting on the person beside her makes her heart freeze more with fear.

A cold hand touch the side of her cheeks making her squeal and in immediate defence she scooped away even in her weak state.

The cold large hand grips her small biceps pulling her towards him. She could feel the pain in her bicep as she struggle in his hold. No matter how hard she tried she could not see anything not even a figure with the dense of the darkness presence in the room.

"Don't ever run away from me" he grits each words out with authority as his hold tighten on her.

She lets out a whimper both from the pain on her bicep from his hold and fear from the person before her.

"I-iit hurts.." she softly whisper letting out a small whimper.

His hold loosen slightly enough to lessen the pain but still holds her bicep in his large cold hand. She could feel the cold emitting on the person hand on her bicep through her thin shirt.

She shiver and bites her inner cheeks to hold back her whimper not wanting to appear inferior and weak infront of her captor.

"Are you cold niñita?" he ask her as he could feel her trembling in his hold. But he doesn't know whether it was out of fear for him or from the cold temperature of the room. (little girl)

She doesn't know what he was calling her but indeed she felt so cold. She wants to reply back but fear him.

Will he snap at her? Will he torture her? Will he hurt her? Her mind runs with different questions.

He brought up his hand and slightly stroke her cheeks softly. She flinch but didn't make a move to reject his movement. He smirk approvingly when she didn't turn away from his touch.

"Who a-are you?" she ask him trying her best to hold back her trembling voice but stutter out to her dislike.

"Mmmhh looks like my niñita is a curious one?" his holds tighten more on her bicep as she lets out a small whimper again. The stinging pain on her bicep was enough to leave a bruise.

He grip her jaw and makes her face him but she couldn't see anything as the room is as dark as the night and as cold as the winter snow.

"Don't be a curious one, little one.. I don't like talkative toy" his voice sounded calm and collected. She couldn't help but shiver at his calm voice. It may appear calm and collective but she could detect the warning tone in it.

She stiffen more when he chuckle in his deep voice.

"I'm the one who owns you niñita your whole.. your body, your mind and your soul" he whisper lowly in her ear as she holds her breathe fearing to breathe.

"I don't want you dead at least not now. Come on lets get you warm hmm?" he hummed back calmly softening his tone like he did not just talk about her dead.

She couldn't help but fear him more.. 'what does he mean by not now? Am I bound to die?' her small brain wreck through her mind making her fear the person infront of her more.

He pull her by her arm harshly as her legs give her up as she wobble losing her stand. She prepared herself to meet with the cold floor but a strong cold arm hold her firmly preventing her downfall.

"Careful there I wouldn't want my toy broken" he said amusingly holding her fragile body in his firm grip.

She had been sitting there in the dark corner of the room for hours with her knees folded and her arms around her fragile body inorder to warm herself.

The cold temperature of the room making it worst for her state. She wondered why the room is much more colder even in mid summer like the winter nights.

He roughly throw her small body on his shoulder making her squeal out a little ommph.

Like she weights nothing he walks heading somewhere probably the door as she couldn't see in the dark but the person holding her seems fine with the darkness.

His shoulder bones hitting her ribcage making it painfully enough for her to breathe.

She shuts her eyes abruptly when the brightness of the halls hits her. She have been kept in the dark room for hours sometimes even days that she finds it hard to open her eyes.

She could see the back view of the person holding her and she notice the gap between her and the floor making her think how tall is the man carrying her upside down.

As he walks towards the room he ask the maid to prepare for her carrying her on his shoulder upside down. She weights nothing to him.

Indeed she looks weak and thin but this small human he's carrying now doesn't even weight like a paper.

He throw her on the bed as he enter the room. Her body jump up on the effect of how he threw her.

He let out a sigh as he once again forgot she's a human the weakest being alive. Even with a little rough handle she could easily break and he wouldn't want that.

He could not see her face as she immediately curled up on the bed with her face buried on the soft warm mattress trying to warm herself snuggling greedily to the warm of the mattress.

"Someone will come up wash up and come down. Be good niñita" he walks out as he warns her.

It had already been one year four months that she was been kept here lock up. He had never once saw her again after that day as he was always away.

It's the second time they had met including today but he had never once saw her face, now he plans to know her. Why she was been chased a year ago when they first met. Moreover increasing his curiosity why was she been chased by the Dominant Vampires.

He want something spicy in his boring life and he wouldn't care even a dirty mess.

With a dark sinister smile he walks down the hall.

She snuggle more into the warmness of the mattress feeling relief and content.

Her finger clutch on the mattress tightly fearing someone will snatch it away leaving her to be cold again.

She always wonder how the people in the house manage with the coldness.

The warmness from the mattress and the softness of the bed makes her relaxed as she basked herself with the warm.

She shut her eyes slowly as she gets more comfortable. Her weak fragile body tired her and the amount of coldness she had to bear for days.. months she had lost count off.

The door creak open and she immediately scooped towards the corner of the bed as she curled up in a ball protecting herself.

A middle age woman walks in and stare at her sadly. She was surprised to see the warm look on her and not that annoying disgust look the people in the house look her with like she's a disgusting nuisance.

She had never once step out of the room she was kept hostage not like she even had a chance to. Someone or anyone will always notice her making any slight tiny movement in the room. No matter how much she tried to escaped she could never get the chance to even step out of the room.

"Hello.. I'm Marthanai Young Master send me here" Marthanai politely introduced herself with a warm smile. She stare at the weak pale girl looking at her with fear snuggling more into herself.

"It's ok I'm of no harm. I'm just here to help you" she said back quickly when she saw how the girl look at her defensively like she's some kind of threat to her.

"We wouldn't want to be late Young Master won't be pleased. I will help you wash up" she slowly approached her with an calm look watching her every expression inorder not to scared her.

She stared at Marthanai silently watching her intensely. No matter how much she analysis her she couldn't find Marthanai as a threat to her defense less self.

She wouldn't want her to be in trouble because of her that would make her feel guilty.

"Can you help me I can't stand" she softly whisper. Her legs were cramped from all the crouching and coldness plus the lack of physical activities. She couldn't move them nor feel them.

"Oh Dear Child " Marthanai helps her get up from the bed and walks her towards the bathroom.

Marthanai feels bad for the little fragile girl in her hold. She weights nothing her bones practically sticking out visibly.

"Thank you" she thanked Marthanai when she reach the bathroom for helping her and preparing a hot bath for her.

Her stiff aching muscles relaxed in the warm water with some other bath essential oil as she could smell some really good scent. It relieve her aching body.

"May I ask Young Lady what's your name?" Marthanai politely asked her as she relaxed in the bath.

" I'm Maxi.. Maxi Latharwax" Maxi politely replied back to which Marthanai gave her a small smile with a nod taking in her name.

"That's a beautiful name" she compliment politely Maxi smile knowing Marthanai is just being kind.

Marthanai silently helps her bath and help her out of the bathroom. She felt more relaxed and relieved after the bath. Her stiff tense muscle relax making her feel better after many days without proper bath and rest.

Marthanai helps Maxi dress in an Off Shoulder Blush Pink Appliques Ball Gown with flowers prints at the bottom. The dress looks so expensive with fine good material quality.

She wonder how much will had been spend for the gown she's wearing.

Marthanai couldn't believe her eyes the fragile thin girl standing infront of her. She was beyond words to describe her beauty. She stood stunned seeing a gorgeous girl from the weak thin girl, nothing in this world could compare to her beauty not even in this universe.

Marthanai hurriedly helps in fixing Maxi hair. Her silky long brown hair cascading down her back in the end with small curls. She puts half her hair behind clasping it together with a ribbon bang leaving half open freely.

After dressing her completely Maxi stood up. Marthanai stood still looking at Maxi amusingly with an exciting stunned look.

"Beautiful" Marthanai murmur lose in her trance state.

"Oh Dear.. come on Young Master must be waiting" Marthanai said pulling Maxi in the abyss she doesn't want to enter.

Maxi does not want to meet their Young Master. She fear him, his cold voice, which was lace with amusement when he threatens her with dead, his strong grip which inflicts pain on her.

"Young Master is not a patient man Young Lady and he had a bad temper. He wouldn't be pleased if we waste any more time." Maxi gulp hearing Marthanai.

She really does not want to meet their Young Master even before he treated her roughly and even threatens her. She fear the extend her captor will go to harm her.

Marthanai stare at Maxi and sigh sadly. She could see the fear in her eyes towards the Young Master.

"If you don't agitate Young Master nothing will happen. Don't worry dear." she gave her a small smile as she start walking towards the door and open it waiting for Maxi.

She doesn't want Marthanai getting in trouble because of her. Even though she fear their Young Master she don't have the heart to let someone else suffer because of her.

Maxi follows Marthanai as they walks down the spacious hall beautifully design with different type of huge portrait of mens and womens some looking intimidating with a scary look. She gulp hard feeling hard to swallow her own saliva.

The mansion looks expensive, the interior design of the mansion looks like during the medieval age and so does the people in the portrait. No matter how rich it appears it lack of colours and live.

The more they walk down the hall it impress her more. She was always confined in the dark cold room oblivious of anything outside the room.

As they enter the dinning hall Maxi was dumbstruck to see the long dinning table elegantly design but not of modern western design but more of medieval royals.

She could not help but keeps on noticing the medieval royal style of Europe like the 17th century.

"Young Master" Marthanai bow to the man seated at the head of the table like a master he was. His cold stern appearance, his icy cold face void of emotion, his firm intense look, his whole form reek of dominance and supremacy.

Maxi fear to face the man before her. She lower her head immediately adverting her glance towards the tiled marble floor. His harsh grip earlier the stinging pain still linger on her bicep turning slight purple.

"Leave" his deep voice booming with authority speak out. Marthanai quickly bow and took her leave leaving Maxi along with the man.

He was casually sipping his wine as he waited patiently for Marthanai to bring the girl.

He could hear the faint sound of light footstep approaching the dinning hall. Vampires have high effective hearing they can hear every tiny small noise. The ability of a Vampires depends on its level. The dominant Vampires are the strongest among all other level vampires with better effective eyesight, smell, speed, strength and can last a period of time without depending on blood.

He stare at her intensely as she enter swiftly following behind Marthanai looking like a lost puppy. She was behind Marthanai so he could only see the part visible where Marthanai wasn't unintentionally shielding. He smirk when he hear a light soft gasp knowing she notice her surrounding and reacted seeing the huge dinning table.

It was design to accommodate over thirty dominant Vampires. He was a Master for a reason capable enough to have the highest level Vampires under his authority.

He was getting impatient to get a clear view of her face.

He was pleased with how Marthanai did a good job on the little girl.

"Come here" he order her in his calm voice with full authority to which he could see how she stiffen at his voice.

He frown when she make no move but stood rigid stiff on her spot. Her head hunch down submissively like a frighten kitten, wakening his dark dominant side.

"niñita I don't like repeating myself" he spoke calmly but she shiver at his cold warning message. (little girl)

She breathed hard but make no effort to make a move. His underlying warning frozen her to take any further step.

He got up from his chair after placing the cup on the table casually walking towards her like a predator targeting his prey. Every step he took her heart thump faster, her mind a mess.

With every step he took towards her he takes in her appearance. Her white flawless skin looking so smooth, her shoulder off dress showing off her perfect collar bone standing more out from the weight she lost. The Blush Pink gown brings out her white skin more attractively.

"Aren't you a disobedient one?" he stop near her and she could feel his presence right infront of her.

He put his finger on her chin making her look up at him.

He stare at her astonish by the girl infront of him. It felt like everything disappear around him he could only see her emerald big eyes looking at him with surprised and shock with a hint of fear.

His lips parted slightly as he stare at her feeling something in him. He could feel his inner dominant awakening when she lower her eyes submissively not able to look straight in his cold, void silver eye.

"Hermosa" he softly whisper as his grip tighten on her chin.(beautiful)

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