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In the years after the war between humans and all things wild. The human species had finally made the perfect specimen. The Lycanpire. The one species that was stronger with better abilities than any werewolf, vampire and witches alike. "This Ladies and Gentlemen is our new weapon. No human or...thing for lack of a better word, will defeat us now. " The governor or Moritor exclaimed. Island They created her as a weapon, but she was so much more smarter, beautiful and strong. All she wanted was to be loved after they created her now she wished she could die. For her life was hell here in these concrete and silver flecked walls. These series of books will explain it all from her mothers tortured life before Island to the findings of Islands true power as a werewolf scientifically modified with vampire DNA.

Erotica / Horror
Danis Greathouse
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The days were slow and dark. There was barely any sun shining on the town of Moritor. The clouds constantly cast a dark haze. Even at night it seemed darker than it should. The people of this town were pale from lack of sun. There hair the color coal and there eyes the color of silver; almost white. One would think they were blind.

Knowing the town needed more defense, Governor Richson ordered an army of one hundred thousand men to find and destroy the Alpha of the werewolves, Zoplin and the head vampire, Claude.

His greed for power and determination to breed a lycan and a vampire together would push him to unthinkable heights.

Even if it meant losing his sons’ in the process.

In the dead of night they would attack. Taking out Alpha Zoplin first and capturing Luna Vaneesha. For she was the only werewolf to survive. The only one to carry on the legacy.

Vaneesha was bound by her wrist and ankles to a wooden stake and carried to the dungeons of Moritor like a rotisserie pig on an open flame. She remained in wolf form the entire trip back to Moritor. She refused to shift back into human skin to appease the peasants that had conquered her country--her pack.

The Incendiary Pack were the strongest pack of all the lands. They were not only strong, but they also possessed the power to manipulate fire, water and air. So, how did humans manage to defeat them? By the potion of witches and the essence of fairies. These two combined weakened the wolves defense leaving them susceptible to an inevitable doom.

Vaneesha, however, was not effected by the food that was imported for wolf consumption. She was the only survivor. Which made Governor Richson curious. ‘What is she and how did she survive?’ He thought.

Pacing the dungeon grounds, he couldn’t quite understand.

"Governor, where would you like us to put the prisoner? Perhaps in the cell with silver bars?” The soldier question.

"No, no, no. She is far more advanced then any other wolf we have come across. I want her locked away in the room upstairs. That way I can keep a close eye on her.” Governor explained.

“What if she tries to escape? Surely you would want to keep her bound. Would you not?”

“How dare you to question my authority, boy. Do as I say or you will become her meal for the night? Richson spat with vehemence.

“Of course, Sir. My apologies.” The soldier said before bowing in submission. He and another soldier scurried away with Vaneesha’s dangling wolf form. Once they entered the cluttered mess of a room--that looked more like a storage facility, they tossed her in. Her body slid across the cold marble floor and came to a stop hitting the wall with a hard thud. She was not fazed. She had experienced far worse in her training.

“Stupid mutt. He should have put you outside with the other dogs.” The soldier said. His figure short and stubby. Vaneesha let out a small growl, huffed turned away. She would not allow them to think that they had more power. They simply played their cards right and caught all of her pack off guard. The stubby soldier soon left the room. He tried to maintain a brave face. However, Vaneesha could smell the scent of fear coming off of both soldiers.

'Brave my ass.' She concluded.

Hours later. Vaneesha was disturbed by a small knock on the door. She had dozed off still bound by her wrist and ankles. When she finally adjusted her vision, there sat a small girl cutting Vaneesha’s bindings and humming a song. She was an adorable dark haired girl with bright blues eyes shaped like that of a doll. Her dress the color of the sky on a rainy day. Once she noticed that Vaneesha was awake, she gave a friendly smile. One that would brighten anyone's day. Vaneesha whimpered. The little girl placed her pointer finger to her own lips in a hush gesture. She continued to cut the bindings until they were free. When she was able to move about, Vaneesha licked the girls face causing the girl to giggle.

“I will bring you something to eat soon, okay?” The girl replied while patting the top of Vaneesha’s furry head. She backed out of the room quietly still gesturing to keep quiet with her tiny finger.

Vaneesha was surprised to see that the children still took a liking to her kind. Especially in her wolf form. Unlike the mindless idiot adults whom thought that their species were superior to all walks of life. Arrogant fools. She said through the mind link hoping that someone would answer, but was met with nothingness. The agony of it all hitting her at once. She slumped to the ground as the tears welled up in her eyes. This was her life now and if death was to be her destiny, she would embrace it with arms outstretched. Ready for whatever comes her way and not putting up a fight. But she would maintain her wolf form at all times.

Morning came and went. No food was brought. No mind links were answered . No...nothing. This was the hardest thing to ever have to face. Being alone without her mate. She was starting to feel helpless. Starting to feel the breaking of the mate bond; the grasp of a rogue wolf as her wolf began to feel as if she were going mad. The snarling in her mind from her wolf. The constant whimpering and whining from her broken, shattered heart. The urge to attack and feed off of human flesh--for they were the cause of her packs demise.

Staring at the wall laying on her paws. Body curled slightly with her tail swaying. She counted every time her tail hit the floor. She was waiting--waiting for death. Waiting for the mate bond to end her misery. Instead she was met with the sounds of banging. It was the door. She would not shift to answer. Suddenly, the door was kicked open.

There stood Richson; the human menace . Vaneesha not at all afraid simply snarled standing to her full wolf height of six feet. Huffing, she turned around and headed further back into the storage room. Until she felt something pierce her skin and bolts of electricity siezed her muscles immobilizing her. She hit the floor hard yet again.

“Shift you fucking piece of shit, mutt.” He insulted. “Shift or I will pump you full of silver. So much so that you will turn into one of my new statues you cunt.”

Vaneesha lay there shaking as is if she were having a seizure as the volts continued to course through her body. He stopped the voltage long enough for her to shift back.

And...she did.

Her skin was caramel and her hair was curly and long; going past her hips. Her eyes were the color of the sky at dusk where the sun would leave a purple hue. Her figure was curvy and her breast were full and perky. 'Excellent Specimen', Richson thought. There he stood gawking at the beauty that stood in front of him. In her human form, she was at least six feet four inches tall. Much taller than he was sanding a mere six feet; with shoes on. His devilish smirk gave way to his plans.

“Let’s play. shall we?”

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