THE CONTRACT (The Chosen Series #2)

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{MATURE +18} I am strong, I am resilient, I am fire... ******************************************************************************************* Grabbing hold of my wrist, he tugs me towards him. His large arms wrapping around my torso as he pulls me closer, burying his face in my hair. "I can't give you a happily ever after Erin." He tells me, his voice breaking with what sounds like pain. Reaching up with my free hand, my fingers threading through his hair until it catches on his silken ends. I tug. Hard. Ensuring that we have eye contact, I whisper. "I don't need tomorrow, all I want from you, right now, is tonight." ******************************************************************************************* Trapped in a contract with no exit, an agreement made without her consent. Erin will learn that there is more to the end of her story, more than the life her father sold her into too, and it is going to be one HELL of a fight to come out on top. I'm back BITCHES, and things are about to get HOT!!!

Erotica / Fantasy
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5 Weeks Previous

I tug gently on the pleated sleeves of my sweater and shift my weight. The plush velvet of the couch molds underneath to encase my form as I wait for Ava to answer.

“So, how is the search going?” Ava deflects, taking a massive bite of her croissant, the pastry flacking as her teeth slice through the golden crust. I smirk when I see her warm brown eyes gloss over with pleasure. Good food is almost as good as good sex!

“Ava?” I scold, knowing that she is intentionally changing the subject. An avoidance technique my girl has used on multiple occasions when trying to avoid answering something she does not want to.

“Seriously,” she continues, her mouth still full, “let’s talk about you for a bit, then I’ll fill you in on my date with Liam tomorrow night.”

I smack her leg, causing her to glare at me, but FUCK her. She is a master of manipulation when she wants to be—only second to one. Biting my tongue, I reflect on what she has recently been through and decide to let it go. I can play nice. Sometimes. “Unfair, Ava, you play dirty.” I pout, emphasizing the word dirty.

“You know it,” she smiles back at me, this time the grin meeting her eyes, and I can see some of her old sparkle.

Tilting my head, I take another pause to look at her, and I mean, really look at her. Cringing internally, I can see that what she went through has left its mark on her. Her normal, dewy complexion is now dry and worn, and there are now deep bags resting under her eyes. She is still not sleeping!

It has been a week since I found her up on the interstate. Panicked, dehydrated, and, to be completely honest, an absolute mess. If the asshole that hurt her were not already dead, I would personally track him down and skin him alive before burning him. Yep, that Mother F... Grrrrr. CRISPY!!! Starting with his penis!!!

Sighing, I pull my dark hair to one side, twirling the ends. “Still nothing. You would think they would have released my records by now but getting information out of the Sisters of Sacred Mercy is like pulling teeth, fucking painful.”

I mean, how hard can it be? I never knew who my biological parents were. The nuns chastising me for showing emotion is my earliest childhood memory before Jane, and Karl Mitchell adopted me. I think I was around 11 or something like that at the time. As for before then, no one has been able or willing to tell me exactly why my memories from before that time are nonexistent.

Searching to know more about where I came from has only become a recent thing, the Mitchells and, by default, my trainers have always been adverse to me wanting to know more about my past. But with time running out, I want to know. No, I need to know. I need to find them. They are my only way out.

“Anyway,” I add, thinking back to the last phone conversation with the administrator of the facility. “They said I should have them within the next few weeks. But hey, it’s been 28 years. What’s another 30 days?” I finish lightly, even though my insides are churning and my blood is boiling at the delay.

“And Geoff?” Ava asks, still trying to keep the conversation focused on me.

Geoff? Who? oh FUCK! “Hmmm,” I reply, trying to come up with a plausible excuse as to what happened to Geoff.

“Hmmm?” She responds, raising one of her dark brown eyebrows.

Dammit, need time to...“You know, hmmm.” I offer, still trying to find the right words.

“So, no more Geoff!” She offers, chuckling and taking another bite of her croissant.

Thank you. God’s above, I murmur under my breath. I know Ava must think that Geoff is just another one of my many conquests. I hate lying to her, but I do not want her involved in that side of my life.

Allowing her to assume that I am still a man-eater, I pick at my nails and steel my features until I know a bored expression shows on my face. “Wouldn’t say that. I’m just not that into him.”

Chuckling again, Ava pats my thigh. “Maybe you need to speak to Angela about your attachment issues.”

Ignoring her comment, I do not need some quack to tell me that I have issues. I don’t need to pay someone to tell me what I already know. I wave my hand for Gerald to top up my drink and refocus the conversation back onto her. “Okay bitch, your turn. Spill!”

“So, I finally decided to listen to his messages.”

Ah Liam, the handsome, non-kidnapper, “about time.” I drawl. I mean, it is not as if I think she should jump into anything right now. But if he makes her happy and considering my time to watch out for her is limited, I am all for it.

“Do you want to hear the goss or not?” She grumbles as we accept our new drinks from Louise, one of Gerald’s waitresses. Taking the charcoal mug from her hand and smiling in thanks, I nod at Ava and wait for her to continue. “Okay, so I listened to his messages. They weren’t as bad as I thought.”

What? No – I mean DAH! “Told you.” Seriously, Ava is so man-shy. I swear, before her attack, I wondered if her vagina worked at all.

Glaring at me and crossing her arms over her chest. I sigh, “ok, sorry, mum, I’ll behave.” Taking a drink from my fresh mug, I wait. GOD, I HATE WAITING! Why do people not get to the point? Me, I like the trailer version in a conversation. Others want to give me the whole fucking movie, with special extended scenes. Okay, so I am impatient some of the time. Okay, MOST of the time.

“Anyway,” Ava breathes, “he was just worried about me, didn’t mention anything about, you know. He did mention, however, that the 3rd man killed was that creep, Russell.”

“The one that attacked you in the parking lot?” I reply. Another asshole that I am glad is no longer breathing. I mean, seriously, why do some people that own a dick think they have rights to a woman's pussy?

Ava nods, “yep, seriously, Erin, I keep thinking that my captor was the one that saved me that night, and... God, I don’t even want to think about if he was involved.” Hmmm, maybe Mr. Kidna isn’t all that evil. Territorial YES... But at least, if it was him, he protected my girl. I still would maim him, though.

Sighing, she takes another sip, holding onto her mug like it is a lifeline. “So, anyway, umm, Liam may have mentioned being close by tomorrow and wanted to take me out for dinner, and I said yes.”

I clap my hands and hoot. I so need to know more, “location? PLEASE tell me he is coming to your place???”

Looking down at her coffee, she grins, nodding.

“Hell yeah, there’s my girl.” It breaks my heart a little knowing that I am pushing her to pursue this potential relationship, but Ava needs someone in her life to anchor her.

“Hey,” I ask, remembering something that I wanted to ask, “did you end up getting a response from the Murphys? I really don’t think they will care about the state of the cabin?”

“Nope, still nothing.” A flash of guilt crosses her face before she drops her head ever so slightly. After escaping from her attacker, who held her captive for several days at her family friends’ cabin. Ava has tried several times to contact the owners to apologize for leaving their holiday home in the state she did, but I think they are still overseas. She has also outwardly refused to go back there to collect her items, and I do not blame her for one.

“Well, you shouldn’t worry. The Murphys love you, and who wouldn’t? I mean, you have me as a BFF,” I smirk, hoping to ease some of her worries.

Laughing at my comment, she goes over her plans for tomorrow evening, what she is cooking, what she is going to wear, etc. Etc.

Distracted by her animated chatter, I glance down at my watch to check the time and curse, mentally berating myself before standing up. “Shit, gotta bail, chicca,” I tell her, grabbing my purse and dusting off any potential crumbs that may have embedded themselves into my clothes.

“Have a meeting with the Burnstein’s to go over their proposal for their last few locations, and yes, I am looking after them for you.” I lie, knowing that she will accept my word for it and not push for more details.

Seeing the guilt reappear on her face, I internally kick myself. I know that she will now be blaming my sudden exit on herself and that she has taken more time away from work. FUCK! I know firsthand that the owner of Protech does not give a shit that she has needed to take more time off. But she does not know that. STUPID, STUPID, STUPIDO...

“Stop that,” I scold, shifting gears and going into damage control, “you deserve this time, Ava, and It’s not as if I’m super busy.” Okay, that comment is mostly true. I mean, the majority of my tasks consist of wining and dining the key accounts. Which is the professional term for looking after the inner sanctum of my family’s community.

Peering down at her, I smile, “now that my major upgrades have finished, and the next big project won’t start for another six months. Enjoy this time. I know I would if I was you!” Knowing that my time at Protech is coming to an end, I add, “actually. I might even take some time off myself once the Burnstein project is complete. And given all your groundwork, it should be done by the end of the week.

Nodding, Ava stands and wraps her arms around me, vanilla and jasmine warming me from the inside as I breathe her in. Patting her back before releasing her, I wink. “I’ll come over Sunday afternoon, and you can give me the low down, but text me if you aren’t alone. I wouldn’t want to interrupt.”

Seeing the smile reappearing on her face makes my heart melt. Ava is my only real family. Well, at least she is the only family I give a shit about, and knowing that she will be okay makes what I need to do all the more bearable. Turning to leave, I move towards Gerald, waiting to hug me just in front of the exit. Pulling me in closer as he wraps his massive arms around me and whispers into my ear, “cutting it a bit fine little one? You know he will not be pleased if you are late.” Sighing, I nod, letting go and stepping back. Gerald is another member of my family’s community, one of the only ones I can tolerate. I had known him and his partner since I have been a Mitchell and have been coming to him and now his little coffee shop for sanctuary when I needed to getaway.

Squeezing his shoulder as I step away, I mouth, “I know.” Turning and making my way out of the Tin Cup, I head for my little red baby, a present from my... I shudder, thinking of what to call him. Either way, I love my car, and if I must play with the Devil, I might as well enjoy the journey to Hell.


I pull up into the valet parking out the front of L’obscurité. The new 5-star French restaurant that the whole town is raving about and stop my car. Doing a final check of myself in the review mirror, I smile at my reflection and apply an additional layer of my rouge-colored lipstick. My personal choice of battle armor, and take my time to ensure that it is perfectly applied, then exit my vehicle.

Tossing my keys at a slightly flustered, baby-faced valet, I tell him to be gentle with Lola, yes, my car has a name, and make my way inside. I know he is watching my ass as I walk away, causing the several patrons waiting in their cars behind mine to beep their horns in irritation.

Ignoring their unnecessary noise, I make sure to flaunt my assets as a lovely redhead greets me at the reception desk.

“Reservation?” The host asks, his voice professional and friendly.

“Erin Mitch,” I start but am immediately cut off as the man before stiffens and swallows deeply.

“Your table is ready for you, ma’am,” he almost stutters, then signals to one of his staff, telling them to take me to the private balcony immediately.

Thanking him, I sigh. I know exactly who is causing their anxiety.

Following my guide, a petite brunette with a heart-shaped face and a great ass, I smirk as we move through the modern, sleek restaurant, positioned on Main Street and overlooking the Lawson River, and appreciative of the décor surrounding me. Comprised of dark woods and smooth leathers, accompanied by lightly exposed brick walls and pure white tablecloths. The building itself, which hosts L’obscurité, is stunning and also prime real estate. I sigh, knowing that this is yet another one of their, no, his little projects.

Clearing her throat, her nervousness apparent, the young girl opens the double glass sliding doors and leads me onto a balcony. Turning towards the view of the river, the hostess directs me towards a single table. I decide to put her out of her misery and thank her, telling her to leave us and make my way over to the empty seat waiting for me.

I KNOW I AM IN TROUBLE before I can even place my ass on the soft chocolate leather. Then again, I am always in trouble. I tend to make him most displeased with my actions. But at the moment, while I am a free woman, I will plan to make the most of it.

“You are late.” His strong voice chides as he places down the newspaper that he is currently reading. I notice his large, gloved hands folding the paper neatly before resting it on the white tablecloth.

“I was busy,” I reply, not bothering to provide any further information. He knows EXACTLY where I was and what I was doing. He has spies everywhere, and I cannot even take a shit without one of them telling on me in hopes of being in his good graces.

Sighing and raising a clean glass of whiskey to his plush lips, he swallows the amber liquid. Which, as usual, has been poured neat and placed the now empty tumbler back down. “Princess, you try my patience.”

I pout. “Someone needs to keep things interesting for you. Otherwise, what is the point in having all your little spies?” I push back. I may not have control over my future, but it will not stop me from controlling what I say.

He laughs, his perfectly straight white teeth flashing. He tilts his head back, his striking blue eyes sparkling in the warmth of the sun. “You amuse me мой маленький спитфайр,” he replies, running a smooth leather-covered hand through his wavy dark hair. “Now get your perfect little ass over here and give your fiancé a kiss.”


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