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Jivan, a novelist and a college student who is addicted to the virtual pleasure meets a beautiful, gorgeous and sexy Indian girl who changes his entire life. Let's see how a girl inspires a novelist.

Erotica / Romance
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The First Experience

I started writing since I was in my highschool. I was always pationate about writing poems shayaris stories kavya articles dramas and stories. I wrote many stories during my school days. I basically like to try something new and creative every time so I started writing stories on different genres. The time passed and I got admission in a renowned University where I started writing novels. During my college days I was addicted to pornography and was deteriorating my life. So my friend Krishna and Vani both suggested me to start writing erotic novels at the time when I get a sudden urge to watch pornography. Listening to there advice I started writing erotic novels. The content written in the novel was basically my own feelings arising at the same moment. After writing the erotic novels my urge to view porn ended slowly but the desire to have one night stand with a gorgeous and sexy girl never ended. I always wanted to get engaged to someone but the concern about academic year always stopped me to get into the world of love and romance.
But as we all know that , The events that take place in our life are preplanned and we can not change what is written in our fate. The same happened with me also.

The college days are filled with many secrets and thrilling encounters . One such encounter I too had with the most gorgeous girl in our University Yamuna which changed my entire life and her impact in my life fulfilled many desires of mine.

Being good looking , with a proper body shape & good communication skills I always left impression on each and every person I came in contact with.

My body complexion is little dusky and my body is little bit hairy. I exhibit an imperial moustache which gives me a royal look. With the proper dressing sense and knowing the proper ways to conduct I always make good friends around me.
Yamuna was my batchmate in the college where I was doing my Zoology Honours. She was gorgeous and beautiful with shy nature. She was the topper of our class and had a good impression among the faculty members. I was just behind her, where I always wanted to be inside a room. It was at the time of semister examination when she came more closer to me. As she and I were in the same group made for the completion of the college assignment. She frequently visited me during those days.
I got admission in BJB College in Bhubaneswar due to my good percentages. There I had to rent a room as the hostel facility was not up to the mark and frequent cases of ragging were reported those days. So I was living in a rented room near the college campus. Yamuna use to always visit my room in evening, inorder to work on the assignment.
Right starting from her body, her way of conduct, And her angelic atire always turned me on. I always used to jerk off in the night after she left my cabin completing the assignment work .

I always tried to express my feelings to her but every time I failed. Sometimes I had marked that she too wants to express her feelings but certain things always stopped her from doing it so.
But as I said before every thing which takes place is pre planned before. The same happened with me too.
The day before the assignment was to be submitted we had decided to dine together and give the final touch to our assignment. So I had already prepared the food for us and was waiting for Yamuna to come. Meanwhile I remembered that the story I was writing last night was incomplete.
So I thought till the time Yamuna arrives I can complete my task . So I sat on my desk and started scribbling in my notebook.
The story was all about a college boy who is mad before his crush and college mate but he is scared to express his feelings to her.
Meanwhile both of them come closer during a camping and got intimated .
Both of them had a good time with eachother , enjoying fuck nights during the camping in the lap of nature. The boy fucked the girl in different ways and positions pleasuring her till the depth of satisfaction & the girl pleasured the boy till the boy reached multiple orgasm and dry orgasm's .
Describing about each and every position and the feelings of pleasure I was fully aroused with my cock getting hard and producing natural lubes .
And after a few moments I realised that I had lost my control over my body and body parts. I felt as if I was a slave and the erotic desires penetrating my mind were mastering me. When situation went out of control I stopped writing and closed my notebook kept it aside and started playing with my self.
I had no interst in watching the virtual unrealistic coitus so I kept my phone aside and started pleasuring my body.
There I felt as if my feelings were both musculine and feminine. I started moaning like a girl does while getting fucked and started touching my butts like a boy does while fucking a girl in doggy style. While moaning I was just taking the name of Yamuna and had my eyes closed.
I was just near to orgasm meanwhile I heard footsteps near my cabins corridor. As I was not in my control so I wasn't able to withdraw my self from wanking.
Yamuna entered my room which was half open and at the same time I jerked off my huge loads.
As my eyes were closed I wasn't able to see her so by mistake I jerked off infront of her. Some of my load too fell upon her. After jerking I started mumbling Infront of her.
"Oh fuck ye.... I just loved the session. Yes Yamuna my babe, It was a holy fuck. "
"Let my seeds get dried oh ye. "

Listening to my mumble Yamuna got aroused and her body movements started changing. After the mumbling lustfully I relaxed as if a huge pressure was jerked off by me. When my tool relaxed and went to the flaccid state I opened my eyes .
As I opened my eyes I was filled with shame and was surprised to see Yamuna infront of me.
" Oh fuck , Yaa.... Yaaam.... Yamuna.... I.. I.. was just.... oh my god.... Oh.... Yamuna When did you came?" "Oh shit oh fuck"
saying this I grabbed my towel and went inside the bathroom.
Quickly I changed my clothes and returned to the room.

When I entered my study room I saw that Yamuna was half naked and had thrown all her clothes away. When I saw her precisely I saw that her panty was totally wet and her heart beat was high. She was standing like a model or sex doll and was all set to get into a session with me . Her panty was wet as if she had cummed thrice. After a couple of second she started slowly walking towards me.
Looking her in such condition and looking towards her cummed panty, my dick started getting erection.

And you may not believe that there was high blood flow in my organ and I had achieved a tight and hard erection.

Meanwhile I was looking at her and giving a slight touch to my dick, She approached me and started kissing me so deeply.
At that very moment when she was kissing me deeply it was difficult for me to judge what is good or what is bad. Everything just happened within a couple of seconds and my mind my thoughts were not in my control. Now while sharing the experience I feel as if she captured my body my soul and my thought by her beauty and seducing abilities.
She just hugged me tightly as if she was captivating me and kissed me deeply with her pink lips.
Looking to her body movements and the way she was kissing I realised that she was a pro in seducing.
With a deep kiss she was caressing my butt. She was slowly touching it with her tender palms. This touch which she gave me, finally aroused me and turned me on turned me wild that particular moment.
I too started kissing her deeply and caressing her butt. When I touched her butt I realised that she had a bubble butt and her butt cheeks were smooth as they were made up of butter. This realisation gave me immense pleasure and happiness as if I was in seventh heaven.
From the beginning of my youth stage I was mad after two things , one bubble butt and the other Juicy pussy. And today I was fortunate enough to get both of them. This happiness added stars to my pleasure.
I kissed her more deeply and started rubbing my dick on her pussy . My dick realised that she was fully aroused and had cummed many a times. After the kissing session was over she pushed me and I fell upon my bed and started mumbling.
"Oh fuck what is she on to do with me"
"Oh Yamuna my babe what are you on to do".
She replied," I am gonna take you to paradise, just wait and watch my love"
She answered my questions and moved towards my legs . She kissed my entire body right starting from my feet till my forehead.
Without wasting a couple of minute she took off my clothes and took off her panty. Being naked and sitting on my chest she started mumbling lustfully looking towards my dick.
"Oh wow , Thank You God, a great full thanks to you that you gifted my virginity such a hard and handsome cock. It is more than enough to satisfy me ten times a day"
Saying these words she started sucking my hard dick. When my tool came in contact with the juicy saliva inside her buccal cavity and her dancing tongue my cock was in seventh heaven and I had reached beyond paradise. I pleaded her to move around so I can have a proper view of her bubble butt and can taste her juicy cave deeply.
"Oh fuck, oh fuck it's fucking good babe of yes deep.. deep ... Suck it till your throat, my angel of pleasure....Yes babe I am your fucking slave , you are my Empress . Do what you want with me my sweet heart. Yes Yamuna... Yes...
Fuck it , fuck it hard."
Meanwhile she was sucking my dick I thought of giving her a reward.
I started fingering her deep wet pussy with my index and middle finger. With the finger fucking she got more aroused and her sucking became more faster wilder.
After a five minute session of fellatio and finger fuck she pleaded me to taste and lick her clit and pussy.
I worked according to her and replied to her plead,
"Oh fuck ,sure sure queen of my heart.
Saying this I started licking her pussy and giving a tender touch to her clitoris.
She started moaning in counter of my act.
"Oh fuck yes... yes fuck me... Taste me ,taste me deep oh yes fuck me. Lick me deep oh ye oh ye oh fuck ahh.. ahhh..."
"Ahh.... I am cumming Jivan, My Emperor."
"Yes yes Oh yes oh fuck.. ahhhhhhh.. "

Getting a nice session from me Yamuna cummed again. This time she cummed violently getting my face covered with her juicy, sticky and wet cum.
After cumming she came near me and whispered in my ear.
"Oh my love please fuck me please fuck my juicy and virgin pussy which is awaiting to feel your hot and hard tool inside it."
Listening to her whispering I smiled and gave answer to her whisper.
"Yes my Empress I will take you beyond paradise on my fully loaded missile."
Saying this to her I made her lie on the bed and started pushing my hard hot and erect dick into her pussy which was still wet. Being a Virgin it was my first pussy which I was fucking. And what a fate I had that day , I was fucking a Virgin.
First I started fucking her in missionary position. Even though the pussy was wet and lubricated it was still too difficult to push the entire dick inside the pussy as the pussy was totally virgin. I pushed my dick inside her juicy cave with a thrust and the entire dick went inside her pussy. When I was fucking her badly, thrusting my dick inside her pussy she was moaning and mumbling.
"Oh yes oh fuck Jivan, fuck me, fuck me hard oh yes.... Ahhhhhhh... Oh my god you are tearing my cunt ohhh.... Yes.....
Thrust it thrust it hard Jivan. Jivan fuck me yes , more faster yes..."
Listening to this I smiled and said
"Oh yes oh yes my queen your pussy is so wet and hot oh...oh yes it is gripping in my entire cock, oh fuck you , fuck you hard, oh yes..."
I was continuously fucking her in missionary position for 7 to 8 minutes and now I wanted to change the position to my favourite position the doggy style and fuck her hard with immense pleasure.
"Oh Empress please , can we change the position to doggy style?"
I asked her politely.
"Oh yes oh yes quickii... My King ."
I dragged her and made her sit on her knees slightly holding her black and deep grown hair I started kissing her butt and fucking her from behind . While entering my cock into her I saw that her cunt was bleeding badly. But when I saw her , she was enjoying the fuck as if she isn't aware about the bleeding . Getting concerned I asked her, "oh babe why your cunt is bleeding so much.I think we should stop now. I don't want to risk your life."
"Oh god what I did, I thrusted it faster and faster. Oh my god. Babe let's move on to hospital for your treatment."
Listening to my concern she replied
"No My King no it's not your fault. You only took my virginity today. It's the hymen which broke and bleeding took place. You carry on or else I will punish you. Fuck me my king take me beyond paradise oh fuck me."
Listening to this I smiled and draged her hot and smooth bubble butt towards my hard dick.
Than I gently pushed my dick inside her juicy cave and this time it went smoothly as if her pussy was fully opened .
Now the pounding went on smoothly and her pussy was no more tight . I loved to fuck it smoothly but it was not her wish to get a easy fuck from me, so she again compressed her pussy, in which she was really a pro . I was also enjoying to fuck a compressed pussy and I thrusted more faster and grinded her juicy pussy which was continuously getting wetter. While pounding her with all force I fingered her ass and titillated her clit.
She was continuosly moaning and mumbling. To add to her pleasure I pressed her boobs and slapped her butt cheeks. I was totally fucking her bad that evening.
To my this action she said
"Oh yes my heart, yes you know all my erogenous zones. Oh yes fuck... Fuck..."
Than I made her stand and fucked from behind touching her entire body and kissing her. I took a bite from her ear and licked her neck portion pressing her boobs.
After 8 to 9 minutes when I felt the urge of jerking off I changed the position but before that I fucked her mouth and got lubricated.
The next position was the cow girl position in which she had the entire control of me and I was just relaxing.
Really, I realised that, when I was fucking her in cowgirl position I was in paradise enjoying a peaceful and pleasurable experience.
I too started moaning and mumbling to her each sexy movement
"Oh yes oh yes yes my empress yes you are the pot of pleasure ahhh... Ahhh.. ahhh."
In cowgirl position you can get view of the two boobs bouncing when your dick is getting a mesmerising fuck from her.
The same were my feelings too
I was enjoying the fuck session a lot and in between pressing her boobs with my rough hands, pinching her nipples and slapping her butt cheeks.
To my all these actions she too becomes faster in bouncing up and down giving a sexy and heavenly view.
With this when she cummed again in cowgirl position I realised that she had cummed over 5to 7 times over the entire session and now it is the time to end the session and give her some relaxation and a break.
While she was busy in giving a pleasurable fuck to me, I stopped her by holding her ass and spanking her butt cheeks. I than started thrusting my dick inside her juicy cave faster and deeper sitting in the same pose.
To this she started moaning and mumbling.
"Oh yes oh yes I am cumming finally I am cumming oh yess.... You be my hubby, Jivan fuck me every day oh yes oh yes oh fuck ahhh.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh."
With this she finally cummed and achieved orgasm.
Looking at her expressions and listening to her moaning, Looking at her bouncing boobs and the bubble butt getting fucked by my dick I also was ready to shoot the seeds of mine into
To this she said,
"Oh Jivan what are you waiting for, shoot, shoot the load inside me .
Cum Inside me ohh yess cummm....
Let me bore you a symbol of our love.
Cum inside me."
Listening such things from her increased my thrusting and increased the flow of hormones into my brain. I pressed her boobs and licked her nipples. The thrusting was faster faster and with a moan of pleasure I cummed inside her.
"Ohh yess ohh yes oh my empress I am cumming oh yes oh yes I am loosing my seeds. Take it ohhh... Yess.. plant it in your pot oh yes... oh... oh.. yes Yamunaaa..... my empress of yess ahhh ahh oh fuck you oh yes my queen ahh haaa "
A big blast.....
And I shooted all my loads inside her.
With this I was motionless for some time and she fell upon on me hugging me very tight.
After half an hour we woke up and took a shower ,had our dinner and gave a final touch to the assignment. She was with me since evening 7 PM and It took us three hours to complete the entire assignment by giving it the final touch.
It was too late so I decided that she would sleep that night in my room.
To this she agreed as she was also staying in a rented room with her room mate Shikha who knew that she was with me and she too knew that She was mad after me since many days.
She slept near me hugging me tightly with love as if she wanted me to always be with her . When she was asleep I saw her, she was sleeping without any tention or worry. She was sleeping beside me, hugging me in such a way that as if she wad my wife and I was her hubby.
Which was later to be my fate was now getting into my thoughts. My entire night passed looking unto her innocent face and her sexy body.
It was a sleepless night for me as I was in seventh heaven that night. It was because I had loosed my virginity and had fucked a innocent affactionate and lovely Indian virgin girl. Which was my desire fantasy and for this I never approached call girls or escorts even if I was having all facilities.
The night passed and the dawn arrived.
She woke up and got dressed quickly and left the room handing over me a piece of paper and wishing good luck for assignment.
"Hey Jivan don't be late for the college ,Today is the assignment day.
I am leaving now and will soon meet you there at college fountain okay"
"Bye my hubby" She whispered and kissed me.
After she left the room I opened the paper which was folded.
Something was scribbled there,
I started reading it
"Hey hubby Thank you for such a pleasurable experience.
And to add a memorable moment to my life.
Thanks dear for pleasuring me ,
Let's begin a new life.
The night was the foundation,
Let's tie the holy knot and be husband and wife".
Reading this my happiness crossed limits.
I realised that the foundation stone of my life was already laid last night.
With this thought I rushed to washroom to get ready for the assignment and meet my lovely, innocent& sexy girlfriend once again after such a wonderful and pleasurable night.

Really all my desires were fulfilled yesterday and the first experience was mesmerizing.

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