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Vine I have been on a run for a very long time which I have to put a stop now but am I ready for what it's worth and their also a btard who won't let me go at any cost Christian Her mother gave me a responsibility to fking save her from her family. It would have been easy but things are different from the past now she is different but it only amuse me to chase after her

Erotica / Mystery
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I would have not been back to the homeland but I have no choice as Peter my dad assistance called to inform me of my father's health care and that's not going well. He has some last words to say before going to hell.
Oh, why I said that my family is not a good shoe we are in mafia well to let it know my brother and father is in the mafia and I made my way out of it by the day I hit 18 I have been on run till my last visit to my family. I never stayed at one place more than 6 months at least an 8 but not more than that and I would have kept the things like that but my family would never let me go and brought me back before my 22 birthday and the following year was not a good one but after 2 years of hell later I asked my father to let me leave and he agreed on one condition that I shall return when I'm called.

" So here I m back "
Peter smiled at me when I sit down in the car Peter brought me to get home and I was exhausted from the 8-hour flight which I took where I was currently residing. Where was I living was not of a fancy house much different from the one in my homeland but I still loved it I been there more than 1 year I was thinking to settle down and make friends as for my brother was going to take the position which my father held for so many years it's not a good one to start what we do, we do it all I don't want to name one which would be missing but we never lay our hands on girls women or children or regarding whatever comes involvement in it
"Miss, Master would be very pleased to meet u again it's been long and things have changed we need -"
Peter cut himself for informing me more than he should have and I don't mind I know my father and the loyalty Peter provides to him. Peter is not that old also might be in his 40s 50s but he has a great built on his body and a face to scare off easily I have been with him a long time now so he only treats me as a child of his own as his own didn't survive due to battle between mafia ever since then he been with my family and knows everything that runs in our business. looking back from the driver seat Peter announced of our arrival "Miss, we are here "

We halt before a massive gate which wide opens to an estate it's no less of a castle it was a heritage of royal family which was brought by my ancestors and is now a base of our business. Hence, we entered to a wide grassland and was once before the door of the castle. I claimed down from the car and nostalgia hit me like a btch. I remember each and everything from the day of my 18 birthday. I shut my eyes so tight but Peter has taken knowledge of my discomfort "Miss, is everything okay". I looked at Peter who only provides the comfort of a father in his eyes and giving him a nod he leads me to the living area to the halls of rooms and then the master room my father was there Peter paused before the door and open it wide for me to enter
" Miss, After u".

I entered the room the first thing to hit me was the smell of medicine then the beep of the machines and then I faced him he was lying in his bed still looking like a king and the nurses uhh, they look more like his mistress taking care and trying to catch his eye so they can crawl there a way to money. Hmmm, my father was handsome tho but the sickness has worked upon him well. Peter entered the room to make aware of my presence"Master, miss " my father looked over me "is here".
Looking at him my eyes began to swell up with tears and my voice came muffled " Fa-t-her"

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