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Yes, I DO Professor

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Copyright All Rights Reserved! I do NOT allow my work to be used or adapted in any way without my permission. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Both of their worlds collide and changes them for the rest of their lives as they deal with dangerous people, fake friendships, and betrayals, and their love gets tested through trials and tribulations they go through together including secrets. Join me as we go through their roller-coaster romance together.🧘‍♂️❤

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1..Giana

I’m pretty much not enjoying college life as other students do, I do not attend parties or have friends to go to the mall with, to do all those fun or crazy things that college kids do nowadays, and the anxieties I get from being surrounded by too many people does not help, on top of that, I am a little bit shy to new faces or people, so my problems are plenty *sigh*. I fall under the nerd group in this school because of my love for reading books, especially romantic novels, I am an A+ student.

I do have one friend and I have no idea why he is still around my weird self, we are total opposites, like water and oil, I am boring and weird while he is crazy, fun, and a very bubbly happy person, you will know what I’m talking about in time.

It’s so damn hot today, I am wearing a sweater, clever me! note the sarcasm. If I have watched the news or checked the weather on my phone I wouldn’t be in this situation.

Oh! my, I’m late for my first class today and a new professor is starting today, taking over from Mrs. Wells who retired last Friday and to say my classmates were happy would be an understatement, Mrs. Wells was very boring even for me who likes school, our class was always asleep during her lessons, she used to get so mad but as time went, she just got used to it and would just come in and tell us what to study for examinations.

Anyway, I’m now rushing down the hall to get to my class, I am always late for everything, finally, I make it to my class, I am fifteen minutes late, and I am huffing and puffing out of breath from the little running I just did, I discreetly get inside the classroom room, praying that the new lecturer doesn’t make a big deal about it, I hurriedly take a seat at the back, my favorite spot.

Not paying attention to my surroundings, I quickly look inside my bag for something to wipe the sweat dripping down my face and something to use to fan myself with.

This sweater will be the death of me today while rummaging through my bag, I hear someone very close to me clear their throat, I stopped what I was doing, and immediately I look up and my mouth drops open when I see a handsome man watching me with unreadable face, he looks magazine model model-worthy with a sharp jawline, glassy cat-like eyes, a cute perfect nose, and his lips are so red they look like he got stung by bees. I can’t help but lick my lips as I felt unfamiliar little butterflies in my tummy.

His perfect eyebrows lifted in question, I can see his mouth moving but can’t hear shit cause I’m having a mini heart attack here seeing a gorgeous man next to me, he waves his hand in front of my face, a call for attention, immediately I snapped out of the trance I was in, I cleared my own throat and sat up straight.

“Hello,” I say with a squeaky voice like a cartoon character.

The gorgeous man looks pleasantly entertained by what just happened right now, but I am ready for the ground to open and swallow me, what an embarrassing moment on my end.

“Are you done miss?” he says with a deep rich baritone voice.

“Huh?!” That is what comes out of my mouth.

Can I not be a weirdo just for one day? I internally thought to myself.

“I said are you done disturbing my class with whatever you’re doing in your bag,” The gorgeous man says.

“Oh, um... um, yeah I’m sorry so sorry sir, I didn’t mean to disturb the class,” I say timidly with my ears burning from embarrassment.

I now focus on what’s happening around me, I sink into my seat more seeing everyone’s eyes on me, my ears burn from embarrassment again, and with all the attention on me right now, I quickly look down wishing I skipped class today.

“I prefer to be addressed as Mr. Sky instead of Sir, anyway class has already started can you leave what you’re doing right now and focus on me, I am not that bad to look at or to listen to, and if you do that, we will be good friends,” he says giving me half a smile.

“Yes sir” I responded having nothing more to say from what he just said, he bends down a little and speaks.

“I see you don’t listen, Kitten, I may have to teach you to, and it’s going to be fun teaching you.”

I shift uncomfortably in my seat, he stood up straight clearing his throat, and his facial expressions changed from relaxed to serious in the blink of an eye.

That caught me off guard and I frowned at this.

“Okay class as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted” He looks directly at me again with a raised eyebrow, and I quickly look away feeling guilty.

After that the lecture continued, a lot of girls were busy undressing our new lecturer with their eyes, they kept giggling and talking animatedly with each other pointing at him instead of paying attention to his teaching.

Time flew by, the lesson was over, and everybody started packing up leaving, some girls hesitantly left when they saw that he was not paying them any attention.

I got up and started packing my things as well, when I was halfway out the door, I hear...

“Miss Jackson, can I have a word with you.”

I look around the classroom, it was empty now with only Mr. Sky and me, I slowly turned back around, and Mr. Sky is just watching me with hooded eyes.

“Come closer, I promise I don’t bite.” He says smirking mischievously.

I slowly hesitantly make my way to where he is, he’s sitting down on his little lecturer table oozing with confidence, I finally make it to him but leave a little space between us, I don’t want to create any unnecessary gossip about me.

“Miss Jackson, you owe me,” Mr. Sky says not looking at me, his busying himself arranging papers that are on his desk.

“Owe you? I don’t understand sir,” I say confused.

“What did I say about you calling me Sir, I don’t know if you’re just stubborn or don’t like following instructions Kitten,” he says, now looking at me straight in the eyes which is a very intimidating thing to me.

“I don’t understand, why am I here,” I say.

“You’re here because you owe me, Miss Jackson.” He says nonchalantly.

“Firstly, you came and missed a whole fifteen minutes of my lesson, and you didn’t stop there you caused a ruckus by disturbing other kids with whatever you were doing in your bag.” He speaks.

“I apologize for disturbing everyone, and I am so sorry it won’t happen again,” I say sincerely.

“Yes, you did apologize, and I accept your apology but that doesn’t mean you don’t owe me, Miss Jackson.” He says calmly.

“How and what do I owe you,” I ask not understanding the reason for this whole conversation.

“You owe me for not making a big deal about you being late and disturbing my class, but I won’t tell you what you owe me right now as time goes you will know hopefully.” He says winking.

He’s very brave to be this comfortable with a stranger and a student, I don’t understand his game or intentions right now.

“Please try not to be late again, I take my work very seriously irrespective of what you may think as we are having this conversation.” He says sounding serious.

“I was late because I missed the bus that I normally take when I come here, I had no choice but to wait for another one that comes twenty minutes later after the first one,” I say explaining for him to understand why at least.

“Okay, I understand but don’t make a habit of coming to my class late and as of tomorrow you will be sitting in the front row,” he says.

“And next time don’t explain something if you were not asked to, I don’t remember asking you why you were late.” He continued.

“Ok and thank you for understanding anyway, um can I please leave because if I don’t leave now, I am going to be apologizing again in my next lesson,” I say truthfully.

Mr. Sky is every word in the dictionary that explains the meaning of handsome or Greek god, but I don’t imagine or see myself being anything but his student, that is something I would never consider doing in my life.

He’s probably older than me, more educated, and more experienced than me, so I may find him attractive, but he’s not for me.

This is the second time he called me Kitten and that is why I am thinking about him being out of my league even though his calling me by that endearment name does make me feel some type of special.

I look at my watch and see that I am left with five minutes to my next class.

“It’s fine Miss Jackson you can leave for your next class I’d hate for you to get into trouble again because of me this time.” He says winking at me.

“Um well, okay bye sir,” I say turning around abruptly and walking to the door.

“See you tomorrow then.” He says softly.

“Bye!!!” I say closing the door behind me.

I practically ran down the hall to my next class again, today I was an athlete with all this running.

I don’t know what to think about my encounter with my new lecturer, it felt weird and confusing to me, but I will be lying if I thought he was not a manly man, and his character is interesting.

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