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Giana is a young beautiful shy young lady that is a loner because of her shyness and fear of being surrounded by a lot of people and for her love of reading but she craves adventure and fun in her life and she meets Justin Sky a walking talking greek god that screams danger with a panty dropping smirk. WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN THESE TWO WORLDS COLLIDE

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1..Giana

I'm pretty much not enjoying the college life as other students do. I mean I do not attend parties and have friend's to go to the mall with to do all those fun or crazy things that college kids do and my anxiety of being surrounded by many people does not help on top of that being shy so my problems are plenty *sigh*. I fall under the nerd's group in this school because I love reading books and also an A student but I do have one friend and I have no idea why his still around my weird self I mean I'm boring and he is crazy you will know what im talking about in due time.

It's so damn hot today and I'm wearing a sweater clever me!! note the sarcasm. If I would've have watched the news or checked the weather on my phone I wouldn't be in this situation. Oh shoot I'm late for my first class of school today and a new professor is starting today taking over from Mrs Wells who retired last Friday and to say my classmates were happy would be an understatement Mrs Wells was very boring even for me who actually likes school to say my classmates were always falling asleep during her period and she used to get so mad but as time went she just got used to it and so she came in did her thing and left she
just got fed up scolding them or giving them warnings or sending them for punishments.

Anyway I'm now rushing down the hall to get to my class,I am always late for everything. I finally make it to my class iam 15minutes late huffing and puffing and out of breath from the little running so I quickly take a seat at the back my favorite spot

Not paying attention to my surroundings I quickly look inside my bag for something to use to fan myself with and also to remove the sweat dripping down my face from the running I did and the sweater I have on while in my own world rummaging through my bag i hear someone clearing their throat next to me and I freeze and I look down and I see expensive shoes next to me and I look up and my mouth drops open when I see the most handsome man I have ever met his magazine model worthy he has a sharp jaw line,cat like greyish eyes,a pointy nose and his lips are so red they look like he got stung by a bee and I can't help but lick my own lips and my stomach Start doing cartwheels.

He lifts a perfect brow at me and his mouth is moving but I can't hear shit cause I'm having a mini heart attack here seeing this man and he moves his hand in front of my face to see get me back and i immediately snap out of zone and I clear my own throat and with a small whisper I say

"Hello" with a small wave
Mr perfect shake his head and smirking at me and I swear my tighten my legs together cause something happens to me in my core

"Are you done miss?" he asks with a deep throaty voice

"Huh?!" I ask confused

"I said are you done disturbing my class with whatever you doing in your bag" Mr perfect says

"Oh, um um yeah im sorry so sorry sir I didn't mean to disturb the class" I say looking around and seeing all eyes on us and I sink further in my seat and my face get really hot from the attention and I quickly look down

"I'm not sir, iam Mr Sky and its okey just pay attention and will be good friends" Mr perfect says with his deep manly voice

I don't dare look up I managed a little yes sir

He bends down a little and says

"I see you don't listen Kitten I may have to teach you and I will enjoying teaching you" Mr perfect says next to me making sure only I can hear

"Chin up Kitten don't hide that beautiful face of yours" I quickly look up and come face to face with him and we have a little stare before he stands up straight and moves a little away and he clears his throat and his facial expression changes to serious

"Okey class as I was saying before I was rudely disturbed" he looks at me again with a lifted eyebrow and I quickly look away feeling guilty and Embarrassed.

Mr perfect as I refer to him in my mind continues to teach the class and I have even forgotten what I was looking for or even no time the period is over and kids are rushing out of the class

I get up and pack my things as well and when I'm by the door I hear

"Miss Jackson can I have a word with you" Mr perfect says..I look around the class and its empty I slowly go back to him and stand in front of his desk fidgeting with my hands

"Miss Jackson you owe me" Mr perfect says not looking at me his busy writing something on his desk

"I'm so sorry for disturbing the class It won't happen again sir"

He raises his head to look at me with a smirk..this man smirks alot if you ask me but I don't mind at all he can smirk all day long because that smirk will be the death of me

"SIR again didn't I tell you I'm not sir iam Mr Sky to you and if you call me sir again I will have to punish you."

"I'm so sorry Mr Sky" I say playing with my hands

"Why were you late and disturbing my class Miss Jackson and if I hear another I'm sorry from you I will lose it" he says calmy

"I was late because I missed the bus I normally get when I come here and had to wait for the second one and I was trying to get something to use to cool myself down from the running I did to get here"

"Ok I understand but don't make a habit of coming to my class late and as from tomorrow you will be sitting in the front row" Mr Sky says in a authoritive voice

I sigh and look down not saying anything.
I feel rough warm hands touching my face and I quickly jump away with a start

"Hey Kitten it's okey I was just touching you Chin for you to look at me, you too pretty to be looking down and hiding your beautiful face and never hide from me"

This is the second time his called me beautiful and I have no idea where he sees this beauty his talking about

"Anyway you gonna be late for your next class if I don't late you go even though I don't" Mr perfect says more to himself than me

I look at my watch and see that I'm left with 5minutes till my next class

"Um Mr Sky sir I need to go"

He smirks" I just said that kitten"

"Um well okey bye sir" I start walking to the door

"Following instructions is not something you used to I see"

"Bye" I say holding the door know

See you tomorrow Kitten I hear before closing the door behind me

That was interesting I think before rushing to my next class.

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