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Chapter 9..Bathroom and a Gunshot

Iam woken up by the rays of the sun peeking in from the blinds I yawn loudly stretching myself on the bed and this time I don't hit anything hard I take a look around the room and it's a nice big cosy room but has some really manly feel to it no decorations or flowers whatsoever it has a balcony I get up and look for a bathroom so I can freshen up and look for the man who brought me here I find the bathroom and it doesn't look like a bathroom it's huge with a walkin closet filled with clean white towels and bathrobes all of them have the letter J on them there is a bath and a shower a big mirror with a chair in front of it and iam in awe of this bathroom I quickly open the medicine cabinet I find a fresh toothbrush I start brushing my teeth when I'm done I go the expensive looking toilet seat and do my business after I decide to take a shower instead after a few struggles on trying to find which is which I take a bath washing away all my worries feeling brand new.

I'm done with bathing I'm now back in the room looking for my clothes I was wearing but I don't see them anywhere so I decide to look inside this gigantic walk in closet I nearly faint from the clothes inside here most of them are suits but very very expensive suits I walk in further I see some t-shirts and jeans all name brands I decide to take one of his shirt because I know it will look like a dress to me in them anyway I also steal one of his briefs after im done using everything that his from lotion to his clothes I decide it's time to look for him.

I walked on a long hall and I see a room that says office with a lion head Instantly I remember those lion's I screech and turn back around fast running back the same way I came from minutes ago I get to his room panting from the sprinting I did even Usain Bolt has nothing on me the way I sprinted to this room a few minutes after I hear loud steps coming this way panicking that it might be those beauty lion's coming to eat me maybe they saw me I fast run to the bathroom and lock myself in.

I can hear something moving around in the room and I quickly say a prayer for help while deep in prayer mode the door knob jiggle i scream scared next thing the door is burst open and comes Justin alert looking for danger I quickly run and crash myself to him and he loses his balance and we both fall I hear aloud noise and Justin groaning a low "fuck" I scream from the loud noise and hold him tightly he curses in pain but hold me anyway after im calmed down I look at him and his face is scrutched in pain and I quickly get up fast to check if he okay but he hissed in pain again when I got up.

I look at him and I see him holding the side of his stomach and his hand is full of blood and there is a gun next to him.

I quickly go to him and I move his hand away I see blood coming out and I cry panicking I start to shake from the fear.

"Giana" he calls me but gets no response from me

"Giana!!" I jump from his deep voice shouting

" look at me you need to stop panicking please iam okay" he says getting up slowly and he moves the gun away with his foot,he takes his phone out from his pocket and dial a number .

" come help me take out this bullet in me iam in my room" he says and hangs up

A few minutes later there is a knock on the bathroom door after Justin says a "come in" a older woman with greyish hair comes in and looks at Justin assessing his face and he gives her a small assuring smile but she turns to me and glares at me with her blue deadly ocean eyes and I flinch from her look.

Justin frowns at this.

"Maria it's okay she did not shoot me I accidentally shot myself" he says calmy looking at her

Maria looks from him to me and does this three more times before she scoffs and says something under her breathe but she quickly goes to another cabinet she takes out a box she opens it and takes out a antiseptic towel and wipes Justin gun wound but she immediately stops and tells me she needs some space can I get out.

"Maria she can stay it's okay her presence is calming to me" he says calmy again but Maria is hearing none of it and Justin is also not backing down they start to argue in another language and I can't help but to cry from this situation,when Justin sees my tears falling down he immediately stops arguing and comes slowly to me he wipes my tears and kissed my forehead telling me everything is fine after I've calmed down he turns and looks at Maria frowning at her and she raises her eyebrow in a challenging manner Justin sighs loudly.

"Maria please leave us Giana will help me with getting the bullet out, she did not shoot me once again something might have scared her so when I heard a scream and someone running outside my office I came here quickly to check on her and when I couldn't find her inside the room I went to look at the bathroom but she screamed and I thought she was in danger and kicked the door down when she saw me she came running to me she caught me of guard and I lost my balance we both feel and I accidentally shot myself this is the last time I'm explaining this" he says his tone strong

"What if it was me who was screaming so she is your first priority now" Maria asks glaring at me.

"You know how to defend yourself and what to do when there is danger Maria so that's why I thought is was her"

Maria doesn't say anything she just keeps glaring dagers at me and I look down and play with my hands.

"Maria please leave us before I pass out from blood loss" I quickly look at Justin feeling tears coming because this is all my fault but she shakes his head repremanding me with his look and we stare at each other after a few seconds we hear the door opens and closes and the staring contest is broken.

"Um I have never done this before please guide me so that I dont hurt you further" I say my hands shaking but he holds my hands together and he puts his forehead on mine and he tells me to breathe with him after the breathing excesize I'm no longer shaking but still scared but not like before.

I start getting the bullet out with him coaching me what to do and I did a few mistakes he and there with him hissing from pain but still telling im doing great after 15minutes we are done he even teached me to how to close and stitch his wound.

"Wow iam impressed and very proud of you Kitten you did a great job even real doctors can't do this perfect the way you did" He says while we both still in the bathroom and im clearing and cleaning the mess we did here After im done I look back at him and find him looking at me deep in thought I quickly walk to him and hug him tightly he returns the hug.

" I'm so sorry Justin this is all my fault "

"Hey Kitten no more tears please you've cried enough this morning and it's not your fault it was an accident and I'm feeling perfectly fine"

Justin takes my hand and walks us out the bathroom and we seat down on the bed and I give him a small smile.

"Fuck Kitten that innocent smile of yours is the death of me" Justin says crashing his lips to mine.

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