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Chapter 10..What are you? Or Who are you

After this morning's incident Justin decided we skip breakfast and he will not be not be going to college with me because he needs to limit his movements due to the stitches and teaching requires movements, when I told him to just take the day off he said "why rest when there is money to be made,I will just take care off my other businesses I have been neglecting the paper work lately but I trust the people handling that part". Tony is driving and iam seated in the back with Justin in one of his many expensive cars today he decided on the Rolls-Royce when Tony asked which car he must take and iam enjoying the feel of this car too it also has red comfortable leather seats I think red might be his favorite color when it comes to car seats.

Justin has been typing furiously on his laptop since we got in the car and his spotting a frown sometimes his jaw clenching with a quite of curse words "shit and fuck" now and then and I know better than to disturb him right now his clearly having a bad morning or something so I keep my mouth shut and look at the scenery outside with cars passing by iam disturbed by the loud ringing of a phone and I look at Justin thinking it's his but it's not but his frown deepening when the ringing doesn't stop after a few seconds he glares at Tony, Tony sensing his bosses glare he quickly answers his phone listening to the person on the other end he winces a few times still listen after a minute or two he tells Justin it's for him Justin gives him a questioning look on the review mirror but Tony avoids his eyes Justin takes the phone hesitantly from him.

"Yes!?" He answers and he winces as well after a few minutes

"I don't know what Maria is talking about mom,can I please talk to father I just remembered something important I need to discuss with him...yes yes I will mother...ok I love you too". He carries on

"Hi Father can you move away from your wife please" he says laughing now

"No there is nothing important I was just saying that to get her off my back..yeah yeah..everything is good but I do need to send those fuckers a message that I'm not the one to be played with they think iam their mate...yeah I will Father" Justin says and hanging up after

Iam just quite as a mouse and my head is spinning with lots of unanswered questions

"stop all that thinking Kitten you will give yourself a headache save the thinking for your classes" Justin says now looking at me but I don't answer because iam way over my
head with thinking.

"Hey Giana please I will talk to you and answer all your questions but we haven't had time to ourselves things keep happening preventing us to do that but I promise to make time for now stop thinking too hard" he says gently rubbing my knuckles and kissing them.

"Iam hungry" I blurt out

Justin chuckles and shake his head amused

"Wow I didn't expect that response Kitten" he says chuckling again looking at me adoringly and I blush looking away from him that is not what I wanted to say but thats what came out.

"Tony to Marina's Cafe" Justin says and Tony nods in acknowledgement and I give Justin a raised eyebrow and he gives one back and I mouth "please" at him and he catches on at what iam saying but he rolls his eyes playfully at me, I need to teach him some mannerisms he never says "Thank you" or "Please" he doesn't even greet I say this because to me yes he says all these things but I haven't seen or heard him say to other people and in my book or world that is a total big NO!.

after a few minutes Tony pulls up at a nice looking Cafe written "Marina's Cafe" .

Tony communicated with Justin with their eyes and Tony doesn't get out but Justin does and he comes to my side he opens the door for me after closing the door he takes my hand in his and we walk inside the Cafe when he opened the car door I did say thank you as well when he opened the Cafe one.

The place was a little packed but we were seated immediately after a few minutes a waitress comes to us but when she reaches our table and she looked at Justin she had a wide smile all of sudden we looked at each other with confusion on our faces but I managed to mask mine and Justin masked his with a irritated look. I ordered large coffee with milk with 3 waffles and Justin ordered his coffee black with no sugar and the English breakfast after that the waitress left.

The waitress came back with our food but now her skirt is alot shorter showing half of her thighs and her cleavage spilling out and she is spotting a now seductive smile she kept licking her red lipstick lips.

She gives me my food and gives Justin his very slowly she kept licking her lips and I just roll my eyes at her stupidity and I find the whole thing hilarious.

"Can you please stop acting like a hoe iam not interested and I find this idiotic behavior disturbing and disrespectful to my wife" Justin says looking at her deadly in her eye's

She is taken aback by this and she quickly moves away from him Embarrassed.

"Um,I wasn't doing anything sir but if you thought so than I apologize" she says looking around with hands shaking

"Look I don't have time for this shit iam here to have breakfast with my wife but I think you chose a wrong job for you if you act the way you acting I would suggest you go to a place called Silloute Club you ask for Big Papillion tell him Mamba sent you" he says looking at her

She nods her head hesitantly still looking embarrassed

"You are over the age 21years correct and don't fuckin think of lying to me I will know" Justin says

"Ye yes sir iam 23years" she says fidgeting,Justin nods

"Don't worry nobody will hurt you,I can see potential in you and but if you decide to go make sure you are not a pushover and you work hard maybe you will get a chance to talk to me if you prove yourself worthy" he says

She smiles at that and I frown at that not liking this already and I'm back to thinking hard again and my heart beating fast at what he said at the end alot of scenarios playing in my head I didn't even see her leave and I didn't even hear Justin calling me.

Justin brings me back to reality when he touches my thigh and I jump looking at with a frown on my face and he is looking at me with a concerned face.

"Who are you? or what are you!?" I ask Justin my voice shaking

He looks at me for a good few minutes like he is studying me and his asking himself questions and answering himself too but he finally speaks looking at me straight in my eyes our food now forgotten.

"Iam a Business man,a Professor but iam proudly an Italian Mafia don and we are number one in the world of Mafia's" he says confidently not batting an eye

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