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Chapter 11..WTF!!!

I have been sitting here in my chair frozen with my mouth hanging open because of shock for over 10minutes now and Justin has also been unmoving from his chair looking at me straight in the eyes without looking anywhere else.

"You..You're a mafia leader? d d did I hear you correctly" I ask Justin unsure of my voice

"Yes Giana you heard me that a problem to you,does that change the way you see me?" Justin asks still not losing eye contact with me.

"Um nn no ofcourse not im just shocked right now, does that mean you are a dangerous man and you deal will dangerous people too" I ask panicking now

"Yes iam a dangerous man I deal with dangerous people and I live a dangerous life as well but I promise I will never hurt you,let any harm come to you but I have put you in harm's way by being seen with you and iam sorry for that but iam just following
my heart once again even though I have been burned by doing that before but this time my heart and mind think things will turn out good" he says the last part frowning.

"And No I will not let you run away from me and I promise to protect you even with my life" Justin says soothingly

I sigh looking defeated I don't know what to say right now .

"Justin I need time to process all of this new found information" I tell him

"Time I will give you but don't think that by giving you time iam going to disappear from your life or you will disappear from mine..running is not an option I hate people who run from issues or problems" Justin tells me

I nod giving him a small unsure smile and he gives me a sad smile back but he quickly masked it with a serious tensed face after a while we begin eating in silence once we done the waitress from earlier comes back and she can sense the tension and now her skirt is back to the same length and the red lipstick is gone I order another large coffee and 4 waffles as take away while waiting for the order I keep stealing glances at Justin but he is back to typing furiously on his phone this time his face is looking stone cold, my order comes back Justin takes out a wad of cash gives it to the waitress not sparing her a glance she smiles widely thanking him but he doesn't say anything back he gets up takes my order and on his other hand takes my hand but I tell her thank you and bid her goodbye and we leave the Cafe in silence.

Justin quickly opens my door I get in and he follows,Tony looks at us through the review mirror and he senses the tension but I smile at him before he can start driving I take my order from the Cafe from Justn's hand and I give it to Tony silently he hesitantly takes it and gives me a small thank you with a smile, Justin looks at the exchange but doesn't say anything Tony starts driving out we seat in silence but I hate silence especially between him and I.

After 5minutes of the drive Justin touches my hand gently we look at each other I feel tears wetting my face Justin adjusts himself on the seat he moves he pushes his laptop away puts his phone in his pocket next thing he iam seated on his lap he puts my head on his chest gently and he starts rubbing my back and Iam now sobbing he his body is tense but he keeps rubbing my back.

" Iam scared Justin" I say still crying with hiccups

"I know Kitten I know but I promise to protect you always please give this a chance that's all iam asking from you right now" he says softly

I stop crying after 10minutes Tony gives Justin a handkerchief he wipes my face gently with it he puts it in his suit jacket I look at him with puffy red eyes he returns my look smiling sadly at me I put my head back on his chest feeling warm and safe there we stay in that way for about 15minutes not saying anything.

"Kitten you need go before you're late for your first class" he says still holding me I look up at him not really in the mood for school now but he let's me go he grabs my school bag placing it in my lap.

I didn't even realize when Tony stopped the car or realised that we arrived at school,I wish he was going to be at the school today I just need him around I need his reassurance that everything is fine or will be fine after this I really don't know anything right now.i don't know how to take what he just told me right now I will now be always worried about his safety and mine,am I ready for a life of always looking over my shoulder iam I ready for his world.

Justin takes my hands in his he is also thinking hard you can see many emotions from his face even though his trying to hide them, what i know for sure is I really really like Justin and leaving him has not crossed my mind even though I think thats what he thinks I'm thinking of doing.after a while he looks away looking defeated and he hangs his head a little and seeing him like that hurts me cause he is always sure of himself always oozing with confidence.

"I'm not running,I will never run away from you I promise to always run towards you Justin" I tell him he turns his head sharply to me im surprised he didn't get whiplash.

He gives me his panty dropping smile I even realise he has Dimples on his cheeks I look at his gorgeous happy face and I can't help but feel happy too, next thing his lips are on mine his kisses are always heavenly he deepens the kiss I find myself letting out a moan Justin hesitantly stops the kiss and I whine drawing him back to me but he chuckles and he points at Tony with his eyes I quickly jump away from his as if he burned me when I remember that we are not alone I peek looking at Tony but I find him looking straight ahead unmoving.

"Um I need to head to class iam already late" I say feeling embarrassed wishing for the ground to swallow me

"The first class will be over in 10minutes don't even bother going now just take this time to prepare for the second class baby,I will make sure you get the notes of the first class and you won't get into trouble as well don't worry" Justin says winking at me

"Oh Joy's of knowing a Mafia leader" I say teasingly smiling at him

I hear Tony chuckles and Justin just shake his head I take my bag and Tony gets out opens my door

"I will call you later Kitten have a great day" Justin says before I get out

" I will be waiting and You stay safe and out of danger" I say to him Tony snickers next to me Justin just winks at me smiling and I blow him a kiss and I say goodbye to Tony he just nods.

They wait for me until I disappear from their eyes just when I turn a corner I see a very angry looking Mika coming towards me and Iam not ready to face him because I have been a very very bad friend to him so I do what Justin said he hates...I RUN.

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