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Chapter 12....Bullies

I have been running away from Mika ever since I saw him this morning we have been playing cat and mouse and I know wherever he is right now he is pissed,right now it's Lunch time iam contemplating between going to the cafeteria or not going at all I don't know what Mika will do when he finally catches me but how long iam I going to keep up with this cat and mouse game.

I finally decide to put on my big girl panties and face my problems head on,I say a little prayer making my way to the cafeteria as usual it's full so I follow the line to get myself some food I get myself two pizza slices with juice and a chocolate bars after im done I look around I lock eyes with Mika his sitting down on a table alone but he looks pissed at me I gulp making my way to him.

"Hey Mimi" I greet him softly using his favorite nickname that his grandmother gave him.

"Hello to you too" he says focusing on his phone his attitude towards me makes me sad

"Um Mika look iam Very sorry I know you are not happy with me right now and I have been a very bad friend to you but can you please give me a chance to explain everything to you" I say pouting

Mika finally looks at me and gestures for me to sit down and I smile in thanking him sitting down

"Iam waiting Giana I don't have the whole day for you" he say rolling his eyes I glare at him because he is doing too much right now.

" Mimi I have been talking to Professor Sky and yesterday i went out on a lunch date and it was a very interesting date I had fun I was gonna tell you all about it when I came back but on our way back he had an emergency so he decided we start at his home when we got there I fainted because of shock when I saw his mansion" I tell him but not really telling him the truth I felt some kinda way about telling him about Justin's lion's,cars and business I just feel this need to keep that information to myself like iam protecting him.

"Gigi why didn't you tell me before you left school yesterday because I had to hear about it from Sandra and why did you lie and run away yesterday when we asked you about meeting Professor I just dont understand why you were so secretive about it I thought we were friends and friends don't do what you did" Mika says

"Mika this is all new to me and iam trying to figure everything out,I wanted to tell you but we had other people and you know how iam and I like my privacy I'm only comfortable with you." I tell him sincerely

"At some point Giana you gonna have to socialize with other people i get that this is new to you but a text message would have been nice and truthfully iam not in support of this new relationship especially since it's your first and its with a Professor" He responds

Just when iam about to reply we are disturbed by chairs being pulled next to us and Sandra and her minions sit down and Mika and them greet each blowing kisses etc.

"Oh hey if it's not the Professor's play thing" Sanda says to me and the girls giggle I expect Mika to defend me or tell them off but he just starts a conversation with the other girls about clothes I look at him sadly I know his angry at me but he is refusing to see my side and I don't thing he has excepted my apology.

My phone rings Justin's name flashes my phone is on the table everyone can see the name immediately they all share looks and snickers.

"You all believe me now" Sandra tells them

"So Giana you are now dating a Professor I knew something was off about you always getting straight A's." Sandra continues

I don't know how to handle bullies so I just decide to kill them with silence so what I do is a start eating my food and when they realize that they won't be getting any reaction out of me they start conversations of their own when iam done eating I get up without looking at anyone especially Mika because iam actually disappointed in him right now for many things and how he is handling our friendship right now.

I throw my left overs on the trash bin and decide to spend the rest of my food at the library while on my way there my phone rings it's Justin again but iam not in the mood right now and I know he will immediately tell that I'm not okey and he will want details and I know that as soon as I hear his voice I will start crying I miss him right now I wish he was here so I just decline his call and carry on making my way to the library.

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