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Chapter 16..Meet Mamba aka The Don

It's now time for my second class which is now my favorite "if you know you know" i quickly get to his class and for the first time ever in this school I take a front row seat in class but iam not the first one to be here the class is almost full even though there is 5minutes left for the class to start I even spot Sandra and Michelle also sitting in front row they are busy checking their outfits and makeup giggling.

Justin comes in 2minutes before class starts he goes straight to his desk puts down his things the class is now chaos with girls giggling and talking amongst themselves pointing at Justin and the guys just look irritated Justin looks up finds me with his eyes.He clears his throat with his business face now on.

"Ok everybody settle down and let's start please" he says and the class goes quite but before he can start teaching Sanda's hand goes up Justin frowns at her but asks her what is the problem

"Professor I have a question" she says seductively

"Okey you can ask your question Miss Robin " He tells her

"Are you married or in a relationship" she asks boldly the whole class is shocked at her boldness but most girls nod their heads waiting for the answer

"Miss Robin even though I consider this a personal question I will answer you but will ask you to never ask me a personal question like that again. Now to answer your questions iam not married but iam in a relationship" he tells her now serious

The girls look disappointed at his answer and the guys are laughing at the girls misery. After that he carries on teaching and Sandra was pouting the whole time the class finishes I get up to pack my stuff Sandra and Michelle notices me but I ignore them and may my way out with them behind me just when iam about to open the door.

"Ki Giana please stay behind" Justin says I look back at him but his busy with papers on his desk I hear Sandra huffing next to me she looks between Justin and I

"Miss Robin class is over,you can make your way to your next class" he says this still not looking away from his papers Sandra pushes past me forcibly that's when Justin looks up scowling at Sandra but she slams the door behind.

"That girl is looking for my trouble" he says this still looking at the slammed door

He motions for me to come to him and I slowly make my way to him he pulls me in for a tight hug I return the hug and he sighs satisfied

"Damn I missed you Kitten" he says this with his face buried in my hair I think his sniffing my hair thank God I washed it today so I know I smell okey, iam smelling his his cologne cause iam up to his chest with height

His phone vibrating is what gets up back to earth he groans but take it out to answer.

"Yes!!..The fuck?? WHEN!! IM COMING" he shouts on the phone ending the call he immediately packs his stuff

"Justin is everything okay?" I ask Concerned

"Somebody is fucking with me but it's nothing you need to worry about, Giana I'm gonna have to take you with me cause it's dangerous for me to leave you alone here and your guard was supposed to start tomorrow so with the bullshit that I just heard I can't leave you without security" He tells me I just nod understanding that when Justin calls me by my name his not playing its serious,we quickly leave the classroom when we get to where Tony dropped us there is a Bently truck waiting but a different scary looking guy with a patch on his left eye is on the driver's seat I halt on my steps and bump into Justin.

"It's okey Kitten he won't hurt you get in the back please" he tells me softly I do as he says but I avoid looking at the scary guy

"Drive Snake and if you don't want me to take out your other eye you will stop looking at my girl" he says to the guy *Snake* ,the guy mumbles a low sorry and drives off there is silence in the car except Justin shouting on his phone in different languages it's like his on a conference call by the way his keeps changing languages and I understand none.

We get to a secluded looking place it's written Silloute Club in bold black and red letters,Snake goes out looks around and nods at Justin he goes at well looking deadly he opens my door he takes my hand and with long strides we get inside the place is full of man and women dressed expensive clothing music is playing softly in the background as we make it fully inside 4 more scary looking guys flag us to an elevator we all get in and I feel suffocating inside here with all the these big scary looking guys all around us Justin senses my discomfort so he pulls me closely to him I can tell these guys are shocked at this but they say nothing we get to a number 12 the 3guys go out first including Snake and we follow and the other 2 guys follow behind.

After walking and passing a few doors the three guys stop to open the door for us we get in and about 15 guys are here all seating down on chairs there is a long ass boardroom table here they quickly get up and bow their heads at Justin respectfully he doesn't say anything he walks to the head of the table there he pulls out a chair next to him.

"Please take a seat kitten" he says quietly next to me I don't protest because the way his looking right now it's like his ready to go to war,after I sit he takes his seat as well and nods at the guys they quickly sit down but the guys we came in with don't seat the other 3guys who were in front are now behind us and the other 2guys at the door all looking more scary than before.

"Why do people like to test me? Why do people always need to see why those people who have crossed my path call me a monster,they don't believe the stories that they get told about me and they want to see for themselves Huh?" He says laughing it's one of those I can't believe this shit laugh.

It's deadly quite in here you can really hear a pin drop iam even scared to move.

"Big Papillion why is Tony not here" he asks looking at the guy seating in the middle the guy gulps he sits up straight

"I don't know Don" he replies

"You don't know you say? Or maybe I should rephrase my question..Where is Tony" he tells Big Papillion

"DONT FUCKIN TELL ME YOU DONT FUCKIN KNOW BECAUSE I WILL SLIT YOUR THROAT RIGHT NOW!!!" Justin roars and everybody flinched including me my hands are shaking under the table iam not used to this side of Justin at all and I don't think I will ever get use to it

"Get me my tool's Snake" he says calmy

Snake goes out quickly the guy Big Papillion starts to fidget on his seat all the other guys are unmoving on their seats,Snake comes back with a bunch of knives each one looking different and he also has a grinder on his other hand I immediately start shaking but what makes me scream bloody murder is Snake pulls down a curtain on the showing the other room and there is a one of those Lion's I saw in Justin's house its scratches on the big window we looking from.

Justin touches my hand gently but I moved quickly away from him scared.he pulls my chair back to him giving me a warning look.

He gets up takes one of the knives and plays with it rolling it around his hand and he quickly throws it at Big Papillion its lands perfectly on his shoulder next to his neck he screams from shock or pain I don't know.

"I will keep throwing these beautiful sexy things at you until I get my answer's" he says now holding another knife

Iam a mess my heart beat is off the roof,my body is vibrating I have a painful headache I don't think I can hold on any longer,Justin goes to the other room he plays with the Lion a bit he takes a jug and pours water from the water purifying thing he takes a glass comes back puts the jug on the table he
puts water on the glass and he gives it to me I drink the water like it's the first time I'm drinking water.

"Ca-can I please have another Justin"i tell him my voice hoarse

He pours me another glass I drink it quickly,he bends down and tells me to take deep breaths it will be over soon I do as he says after I have calmed down he takes the jug and glass away. Just when he puts down the glass another knife wooshes past and lands on Big Papillion again now it lands on his forearm he screams again when did Justin take that knife I wonder.

Justin now takes the grinder and plugs it in Big Papillion starts crying immediately

"I will talk Don I will talk" he keeps chanting Justin smirks.

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