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Chapter 17...Cruel Cousin

We are on our way to get my things from Selena's place i have been silent since we left that Silloute Club place iam still processing what I saw earlier and trying not to show the man next to me how scared iam of him right now.Snake is still the one driving us,When that Papillion guy said he will talk Justin gave instructions to one of the guys to take him away to get answers and he told them to let him know if he gives them any trouble after that he took my hand and we left those scary guys still seated in that room.

We arrive at Selena's place I hope she is not around because iam in no mood to be exchanging words with her right now,I quickly get out not waiting for Justin to open the door for me I take fast steps to the apartment trying to politely show Justin that I dont want him with me iam not ready for Selena's judgement,I put in the key but the key is not working I try again but still nothing I guess Selena changed the locks. I try to turn back to go back and let Justin know but I hit my face on his strong chest I guess he didn't see my hint of not wanting him here or he just ignored it on purpose, I look up at him and he is already looking down at me towering over me.

"Don't try that stunt you just pulled there Kitten there will be punishment for such things in future" he tells me looking pissed and I want to give him a snappy reply but what he did earlier to Papillion flashes in my mind and I gulp and just nod.

"Selena changed the locks" I say instead

Justin doesn't say anything back he just removes me away from the door gently and he takes out a small sharp knife out his pocket and I move away from him like something burned me,he raises an eyebrow at me like his asking "WTF?" is wrong with you but I ignore him and look down on the floor embarrassed because I thought he was going to use that knife on me.

Justin looks back at the door he puts the knife in there I see him moving the knife a few time and a minute later the door opens he goes in and I follow him with my mouth hanging open cause I can't believe he just broke in Selena's place like that,Justin turns around he smirks at me proud of his little stunt.

"Kitten close that pretty mouth of yours before I give you something useful to do with it, Where is your room?" he says

" um my room is upstairs" I reply after getting myself together ignoring his statement about my mouth

Justin makes his way up and I follow him behind my room door is wide open and all my things are scattered everywhere and some of my clothes have been cutted,I look around the room shocked not believing what iam seeing Justin looks at me worried and angry too cause he knows I didn't do this,my eyes look at something shiny on the floor I take a closer look at it and it's a locket that my father gave me when I was young I quickly look inside but the picture that was inside is gone a sob escapes my mouth how can my own cousin be this evil she knows how much that locket means to me I move my eyes away and I see a picture of my family broken as well iam now on the floor crying my eyes out how can Selena do this to me.

Justin comes over to me he picks me up from the floor and he makes his way to the bed he removes some of the mess and he sits down placing me on his lap while I sob into his chest he keeps telling me sweet nothings in my ear And also how everything will be alright after minutes of us in that position my cries stop I get up feeling defeated I make my way to the closet I take out my suit case I start packing whatever little things I can find not damaged Justin helps me as well we are both silent as we do this Justin goes to the bathroom comes back with my toiletries I pack them up I pick up the now empty locket and shove it in the suitcase as well I look at Justin letting him know iam down he takes my suitcase we make our way out the room when inside Justin stops me by holding my wrist.

"I will buy you new better clothes than those ones and you can have whatever else you want Kitten but iam sorry I can't bring back the picture that was in that locket I can see how important it was to you" he says sadly looking at me,I dont have any strength to reply so I give him a small nod with a sad smile,he comes closer to me and wipes away my tears I didn't even realise I was crying again he brings me for a hug I hug him back tightly enjoying the comfort and safety his arms bring me.

"What the hell is going on here and how did you get inside here" Selena screams startling me making me hold on to Justin but Justin doesn't react he let's go on me slowly and makes his way to Selena slowly like a predator scoping his prey I cannot see his face because his back is turned to me but I know it's scary by the way Selena takes a few steps back ready to pee on herself.

"Wh who are you? I will call the cops if you don't get out here" She asks and threatens

"Iam going to be your worst nightmare and you will never ever wish you messed with what's mine when iam done with you little girl" Justin growls at her taking one last big step towards her and holding her neck.

I panick at this because I know Justin is not playing or making empty threats but I need to stop this because I dont believe in men beating woman up and she is still family even though she has done something cruel to me.

" Justin please let her go,she's not worth you even touching her" I say pleading with him he ignores me and I see that Selena is struggling to breathe and Justin senses this but tightens his grip more.

I hold him from his back trying to remove him away from her still begging him to let her go and he finally lets her go and she drops down holding her neck looking scared

" This is just a warm up I will deal with you soon " he says looking down at her

Justin walks to my suitcase taking it and he looks at me signals for me to follow him I pass Selena glaring at me I don't pay her any mind. We make our way downstairs when we are about to make our way out.

"You will regret this" Selena shouts with her voice hoarse

We look back at her Justin takes a step towards her and she screams running to her room locking it,Justin turns around chuckling and I just shake my head at his childish behavior

We get outside Snake patiently waiting for us in the car,we get inside after Justin loads my suitcase in the boot.

"You ready to get home" Justin asks me I nod smiling widely at him liking the word home

"Yeah lets go home" I replying

I guess Snake was eavesdropping because as soon as I said that he started driving off.

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