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Chapter 18..Call me whatever Kitten

We just arrived at Justin's house he told me to go inside he will bring the suitcase for me but he needs to speak to Snake first,I agreed after asking him if the lions are around but he just laughed at me as answer and pushed me gently towards the door. Iam now standing next to the entrance door waiting for him so he can show me where my room is because I don't think it will be the room I slept in last night.

"Can I help you?" Someone whisper shouts behind me when I turnaround it's Maria

Just my luck I think to myself another person who iam not in the mood for,I sigh internally readying myself for another drama to add on my list today.

"I asked you a question girl? Or are you not mute!" She says now moving closer to me like she is ready to eat me alive.

"Um Hi Maria,iam waiting for Justin he told me to come inside" I tell her but she looks at me up and down like some dirty cloth.

"I know your type little girl and I will be watching you to make sure your plan doesn't succeed I will be the one to specifically end your life" she sneered at me

I quickly take a few steps back taken aback by her words and attitude and I can tell she meant every word she said to me,I gulped and looked down praying that Justin comes soon and a minute later he came inside and immediately he knew what's happening when he looked at me and looked at Maria,he comes closer to me and takes my hand in his giving me a small assuring smile but he turns back looking at Maria with a scowl in his face.

"Maria I'm getting tired of speaking to you about this,you know how I feel about you but iam still the man of this house meaning I still need you to listen to me when I speak to you and I still need you to respect my instructions." He says now angry at her

Maria bows her head showing respect or submission I dont know.

"Thank you,now please meet Giana she will be staying with us I would like you to treat her like you treat all the other members of the family and she must always feel welcomed here and also she is allowed to do whatever she wants,use whatever she wants including my cars in this house" he tells her still looking serious but no longer looking angry.

"Giana this is Maria I told you what she is to me and I would like you to always show her respect and I hope you two will form some sort of relationship as time goes,this is now your home as I told Maria you are free is do as you please as long as you feel home and welcomed" he says looking at me adoringly

I walk to Maria hesitantly giving my hand out for a handshake smiling she takes it I tell her nice to meet her and she just gives me a half smile telling me the same but her handshake is a bit hard I quickly take my hand back when I feel discomfort but I still smile not wanting to show Justin any emotion.

"Ok now that is settled Kitten let go upstairs so you can start unpacking your stuff" he tells me smiling He makes his way upstairs and iam following him behind I don't even look back at Maria because I can sense her stare on my back.

When we are halfway the steps Justin turns around looking past me,he says something to Maria is another language and she replies back the only thing I heard was my name so I know they were talking about me but I know even if I ask Justin he will not tell me what they were saying cause if he wanted me to know he was going to talk in English.

After that he carried on walking with me following behind he goes Straight to his room that I have been staying in when I was here and I know it's his room maybe he will decide to go to another room and let me stay in this one.

We get inside and hee goes to the bathroom to do whatever people do in bathrooms when he comes back iam still standing where he left me in the middle of the room.

"Kitten do you need me to unpack for you?" He questions me smirking ,I quickly shake my head no

"Um so I guess iam going to be staying here,but where will you be staying cause I know this is your room or was your room" I ask him confused.

"Oh Kitten your innocence will be the death of me" he says chuckling amused

"This is OUR room meaning we are going to be staying together in this room" he continues

"N no no,I can't stay with a stranger in a room" I tell him looking away from me, I hear a growl after that.

"Look at me Giana! Stranger's don't do what we did the other day,Stranger's don't freakin French kiss each other and Stranger's definitely don't tell on their personal and private life's like I have done to you, I don't fuckin go around letting strangers in my house and show them the side I have shown to you that is only reserved for the people I trust and love who I consider family!!" He shouts

"For you to call us Stranger's is really really passing me off,so you telling me everything that has happened between us is what you do to Stranger's?" He continues giving me a deadly look,I have seen Justin angry before but him angry at me is a foreign feeling that I never want to feel again and expirience

"Iam sorry Justin I didn't mean it like it sounded to you,I mean we don't know each other that well for us to stay in one room and I don't even know what to call us right now" I say to him quietly

"You have stayed twice in this room and I have been in this very room with you on the same bed,maybe you didn't know that because I woke up earlier than you but I have and you can call me us whatever you want or desire but I call us Together meaning you are mine and iam yours" he tells me

"So we are in a love relationship? like lover's " I ask stupidly

"Look Kitten I have tried relationships before they have never worked, either I hurt the person or the person hurts me so I decided to never do relationships again for 5years after my last relationship I have never wanted a relationship yes I do have one night stands and iam always clear to the women that iam only interested in sex only nothing more so they don't feel used and I never slept with a woman twice but with you there is a feeling of wanting a relationship because I feel things will be different and I haven't even fucked you yet" he says the last part with a smirk

"So you just sleep with women and leave them after that,how will I know that the same thing won't happen to me" I ask

"Yes Kitten that's what I have been doing iam a hot blooded man after all so I have needs but with you it won't be like that because with those women I have boundaries and rules with them with you I don't I show you things and tell you things that that I never tell or do with those women and lastly you make me want to show you a side I never showed them my soft side" he tell me sincerely

"So you want me to be your girlfriend ?" I ask him

"I want you to be my wife" he tells me seriously but I gasp at this shocked not believing what he just said.

"Iam joking Kitten lets start easy now so yes girlfriend is the first step" he says to me now laughing

I sigh loudly thankful that he was just joking about that because God knows iam no where near ready for marriage and I think with his life what I have seen is just a tip of the iceberg.

Um okey so I guess I can now start calling you boyfriend" I say

"You can call me whatever Kitten,you can call me your boyfriend, man,husband but I prefer Daddy" he says winking at me

I laugh at this and turnaround to start unpacking my stuff.

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