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Chapter 2...Mika

Whooooo it's finally lunch time and iam over the moon with joy right now because iam already over today's day and iam starving since I didn't have breakfast this morning not that its something I do normally but hey that's just another story for another day.

Iam still trying to figure out what exactly happened today during my first class and I haven't had time to really think about the events that happened that time its been class after class today I haven't had any free period I will only have one and that one is after lunch.

"Boo!" I hear in my ear And as usual I jump *sigh*

"Omg I can't believe you still not used to my greeting by now cup cake" Mika my bestfriend says laughing like a hyena next to me

"You so annoying Mika" I say glaring at him

"Why you lying with a straight face chika" he says looking at me

"I'm not" I say pouting and folding my arms like a child

"Girl please who you trying to convince me or you cause I know that you know that I know that you lying you loooove me and you enjoy my annoying ass" he says dramatically

If you haven't figured it out by now Mika is gay and crazy and is the only interesting thing in my life everyday and I look forward to seeing him everyday even though I always tell him his annoying

"Whatever man" I say trying to annoy him back

"Ah excuse me who you calling man cause I don't see any man next to you girlfriend" he says acting offended

"Mika Iam tired and starving can we do this after eating please" I say rolling my eyes at him

"Oh baby you do look exhausted but that's your fault for being smart ass"

"Can we go eat already!" I snap, iam really hungry and starting to lose my patience with him

"Don't snap at me Missy,lets eat you fatty" he says spanking me

I glare at him and lead the way to the cafeteria already thinking what they have today because they're food is expensive and tasteless but beggars are not choosers at this point since im hungry I eat whatever I'm given.

We make our way to the line to order and since im short I can't see infront of me cause Mika is infront and blocking my view so I ask Mika what looks good he looks at me and tells me nothing so far. After ten long minutes waiting in the line it's finally our time to order and Mika keeps making disgusted faces and we both decide on a chicken mayo sandwich,apple juice and a fruit salad we move to the cash register and Mika asks the lady at the till very loudly may I add saying " Why do you guys insist on feeding us expensive jail food" the lady at the register looks away embarrassed and tells us the amount of our food and Mika being Mika still does not move waiting for an Answer from the lady and I nudge him he looks at me and I whisper lets go to him,Mika sighs dramatically and moves to the table with 3 other girls and Its my time to sigh cause Mika has recently formed a new friendship with these girls and always says I should come with him and i always decline cause I like it when it's just me and him but I can't tell him so today I just follow him to the table with these girls already smiling at us or Mika I don't know.

We get to the table and I take a seat next to Mika and politely smile at the girls.

"Sandra,Michelle and Stephanie this is Giana and Giana this is our new circle of bad bitches club" Mika introduced with a big smile

We say the nice meet you're and I immediately start eating my food while the girls talk about hot boys,fashion and clubs they should try out and I just tune them out already planning to finish my food fast and go to the library to read my book.

"Girls girls have you seen or heard about the
new professor every girl with hormones is raving about" Stephanie asks looking at all of us

"BITCH now you remind me it's all I have been hearing today and no I haven't seen him but I'm definitely planning to so tell me who has seen the perfect steak that I need a piece of" Mika says seriously making all of us burst out laughing with the way his saying it.

"You should ask Giana that because she had a moment with him earlier today in class" Sandra says with an attitude

I look up from my fruit salad and all eyes on me and I look at Sandra giving her a confused look cause I don't understand her tone and words.

"Wait waiiit a tiny bitty minute now what do you mean my little Gee gee had a moment with the steak in question" Mika says looking from Sandra to me

"As I said as Giana" Sandra says looking at her red perfect nails

"Giana Princess Jackson spill right now before I put you over my knee young lady" Mika says looking at me with a raised eyebrow

"If Mr Sky is who you referring to than yes I met him today he is my professor in one of my classes and I talked to him because I came late today and I also disturbed his class there was no moment between us" I say already hating this conversation and attention on me

"Oh what about the time he asked you to stay behind" Sandra says again looking at me with judging eyes

Again all eyes on me and Mika is bouncing on his chair waiting

"He wanted to know why I was late to his class and disturbing his class" I say with gritted teeth and I get up,pack my stuff and leave them there

I hear Mika calling me but I ignore him and rush out the cafeteria while walking fast down the corridor going to the library I bump into something hard and prepare myself for a hard fall but it doesn't come and I look up and Mr Sky is holding me to him tightly I get lost looking at his eyes and he his looking at me too we are both lost in each others eye's after a minute he let's go of me gently

"Are you okey Kitten" he asks with concern

"Um yeah thank you for saving me from a nasty fall I am so clumsy" I say looking everywhere but him

"Look at me Kitten" he says softly
I look at him instantly and I get lost in those grey cat like eyes again.

" What's wrong angel" he says looking at me and I shake my head to snap out of the world im in.i clear my throat and whisper a small im fine

He sighs and says okey and asks me why iam not in the cafeteria having lunch and I tell him I'm done eating and on my way to the library he nods and we both stand there not saying anything and he looks over my shoulder and frown and I also look back only to see Sandra looking our way with her phone I quickly look at Mr Sky and say a quick bye and run to the library.

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