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Chapter 19...Hot and Bothered

I have just finished unpacking it didn't take me that long since I dont have many clothes or things to pack all thanks to Selena just the thought of her makes me want to start crying but I promised Justin earlier that I won't share anymore tears of sadness and I won't let them hurt me anymore.

"Hey you done packing" I hear Justin behind me

" yeah! I had little to pack anyway" I tell him

"Do you want to have dinner here or out?"

"Today has been along day for me so I would like to eat homemade food and I would like to be the one cooking if that's okey with you" I tell him with a smile

"You look tired Kitten are you sure? Maria does the cooking in this house but I'm sure she won't have a problem with it" he replies with a thinking face

"Can you please ask her for me I really need this ,cooking and cleaning calms me whenever I'm not feeling good emotionally" I tell him truly

"Ok let's go down then before she starts preparing" he says taking my hand making our way to the kitchen iam Very nervous because Maria and I relationship is not good right now and she might think iam already taking over from her.

We get to the kitchen and Maria is there with other 2 people when we enter they turnaround seeing us the other 2 people bow slightly showing respect to Justin, He gives them a small smile in return,Maria looks at Justin in question.

"Maria can Giana please take care of dinner tonight please" he asks her, she looks from him to me raising her eyebrow

"I have already took out the things we were going use to make dinner we were just about to start already" she tells him

"And can she prepare dinner for 20+ people remember you having the Apollo's for dinner tonight" she reminds him

"Fuck!! I forgot about that I can't believe I agreed to that stupid idea from mom,that woman can make me do anything because she knows I love her" he says smiling to some memories

"Um Kit I mean Giana can you do it tomorrow then" he asks me now looking at me,Maria is looking at me as well with a victory smile.

Iam use to cooking and I can cook for many people as well but I don't want to argue with Maria right now but iam disappointed because I really wanted to do something to take me away from my problems right now

"Sure I can wait till tomorrow " I tell him giving him a fake smile he gives my hand a squeeze I didn't even realise we were still holding hands.

I turn around to make my way upstairs but Justin pulls me back to him.

"Giana I want to introduce you to Maria's assistants too" he tells me looking at the other 2 people next to Maria

"Giana this is Pepper Maria's niece and her friend Shannon and Ladies this Giana and she is Mine" He tells us

Iam taken aback by the introduction especially the Mine part but I can't help to smile by him claiming me like that I squeeze his hand but I actually wanted to kiss him but I can't do that in front of people so I will settle with the hand squeeze.

"Nice to meet you Giana" Shannon says stiffly nudging her friend who has a bitter look like she swallowed a lemon but she quickly fixes her look with a fake smile and she tells me the same thing after we all exchanged the introductions which was very awkward.

I turnaround letting Justin know that I really want to go right now and I internally thank the heavens when he follows me behind just when we are in the middle of the stairs Maria's voice stops us but I don't turn back only Justin does because she is talking to him anyway she tells him to start preparing for the said dinner and we make our way to our room after they are done talking which was a silly argument between the two ending with Maria winning the argument.

When we make it to the room Justin closes the door behind him and he immediately pushes me back gently on the bed attacking my lips hungrily and I return his punishing kisses back with my own hunger for him he starts touching me all over my body and I'm feeling hot and bothered I hesitantly touch him as well he growls when I touch him on his chest and arms but I quickly remove my hands thinking his not liking the way I touch him.

"Why did you stop Kitten" he asks me his voice hoarse with need

"I thought you didn't like it" I tell him timidly

"I'm still saying this your innocence will be the death of me Love" he tells me crashing his lips back to me and I can't help the moans that come out he starts his assault now on my neck he takes of my shirt throwing it somewhere my bra following I quickly cover myself but he removes my hands giving a warning look he attacks my breasts I cry out at the heavenly feeling his giving me he starts grinding on me making me lose myself iam wet wet right now.

He takes his shirt off and his pants follow still attacking me with kisses and touching me iam in heaven right now iam ready for anything I need him in ways I never thought I would need a man right now,he takes my hand putting it on his body I touch him back
I feel something hard poking me but I know what that is and iam scared to look at it.

Justin takes my hand putting it on the hard surface that has been poking me when I touch it I gasp surprised but he growls like his in pain from the touch I quickly look down and if I was not lying on a bed right now I would definitely faint.

Justin stops his assaults to look at me and he chuckles when he sees me looking at the hard surface.

"Iam called Mamba for many reasons Kitten and one of them is what you looking at right now" he says with a proud look and I look away shying away from him.

We get back to our hot make out session but suddenly a door abruptly opens Justin jumps into action covering me with his body and the next thing the person at the door screams I only realise Justin is pointing a gun at them only God knows when he took out the gun and from where.

"What the fuck Pepper!! I could have bloody shot you" Justin roars

"Iam sorry Justin I didn't think you were with someone " she says shakily

"Have you ever heard of knocking? And what the hell you doing in my room unannounced " he asks he still with a angry voice

"What is going on here?!" I hear Maria's voice

Pepper explains now crying to her Aunty and I hear her friend Shannon calming her down. I can't see them because I have a 6'6 ft man blocking my view and after the explanation from Pepper Maria starts apologizing to Justin but Justin is breathing hard trying to control his anger. I lightly touch his back hoping to calm him down and its works because his body relaxes a bit against me.

"Maria please leave with them and teach them the rules of this house again so that next time it happens I won't feel guilty for shooting them in the head" he says deadly calm.

Maria gulps down her saliva nodding and bowing slightly and she tells him he has 3hours to get ready for the dinner but he doesn't respond to her,she quickly ushers them out like they are on fire.

Justin puts down his gun and moves away from me he goes to the bathroom and he comes back from bathroom a few minutes later.

"Kitten I have run you a bubble bath please go and soak yourself inside I would join you but I need to go to the gym or I will kill someone tonight on this dinner, you will be attending it with me as well prepare yourself to meet my parents and my other businesses associate who I hate I will only introduce you to my family as mine but the others as my other assistant please don't feel bad when I introduce you like that its for your safety" he says and gives me a forehead kiss leaving the room after.

I'm left confused and panicking at what iam going to wear and also panicking because iam going to be meeting his parents!.

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