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Chapter 20...One HELL of a Dinner

I have just finished soaking myself in the bubble bath that Justin so kindly made for me and iam feeling fresh and rejuvenated,when I get to our room on the bed there is a silky red backless short dress with thin straps on the shoulders and black sexy heels and next to them are diamond earrings while im admiring these gorgeous things my phone flashes on the night stand letting me there is a message I grab the phone opening the message it's from Justin letting me know his getting ready on the other room he wanted to give me space to get ready and that I have 45minutes left to dinner.

I guess this is a very serious dinner if iam going be dressed like this so I start getting ready taking my time on lotioning my body and I won't be putting on any makeup not my thing and also I don't know how to put it on even if I wanted to do it,so I will put on eyeliner and lipstick only I thank the heavens that I naturally have long eyelashes .

30minutes later iam doing some final touches when the bedroom door slowly opens and the most sexiest man comes striding in giving me a sexy lazy smile.

"Kitten your drooling" he tells me chuckling,I quickly snap out of his spell and I wipe my my mouth with my hand and i was really drooling the embarrassment rushes in I look down playing with my hands,seconds later Justin takes his hand in mine and touches my face with the other one.

"Kitten don't hide from me iam happy to see you drooling just for me and atleast you drooling you can clearly remove the evidence what about me?" He tells me

I look up at him confused and he looks down at his pants answering me when I look too there is a big tent on his pants.

"Now this is how you make me feel in that dress,You look absolutely beyond beautiful princess now im starting to regret choosing it for you because it's clear im going to be suffering in silence the whole dinner in your presence" he tells me drawing me closer to him kissing my neck making me moan in pleasure.

After a few minutes of him peppering me with kisses all over my face including my eye's he stops when his phone vibrates in his pocket,he takes it out looking at the screen with annoyance he rolls his eyes after seeing whatever on the screen.

"Kitten we need to go down apparently my guests are here along with my parent's,mom is threatening to come up here if I don't appear in the next 5minutes" he says chuckling at the end.

I quickly look at myself in the mirror to check if Justin didn't ruin anything with his kisses after that I put on my heels with the help of Justin and Justin is dressed in a sexy tailored black suit his shirt is white on the side pocket on his shirt is a red silky handkerchief matching my dress his hair is styled nicely his looking like he came out from a magazine shoot. After im done he takes my hand in his we make our way downstairs when we are about to enter the dining room where the dinner is being held he let's go of my hand and kisses me on the forehead he tells me to walk behind him but I will be sitting next to him I nod and he opens the door walking in oozing with confidence while iam shaking with nerves.

The chattering stopped as soon as he entered and I heard chairs being pushed back.

"Oh my baby!!" A woman's heels clicks coming towards us and hugs Justin I can see her face now because she is facing me she is beautiful but her smile quickly dropped when she saw me behind him.

She hesitantly let's go of the hug and more people come to exchange greetings with him.

"Son who is the beautiful princess hiding behind you" a man looking like a photocopy of Justin asks with a mischievous smile looking at Justin.

Justin finally moves aside showing my view and all these people are looking at me with curiosity and I can't take their stares any second longer I hate attention with passion so without thinking I moved closer to Justin for comfort and he puts his hand on my back making me shiver when his hand comes to contact with my skin making me move more closer to him.

"This is Giana one of my assistants and my date for tonight father" he tells his father

"Mmm interesting,iam Valentino Sky beautiful Giana this ogre's father" his father introduced himself still spotting that mischievous smile

I chuckle at the name his father called him remembering the movie Shrek,iam on a fit of giggles when Justin looks back at me when he heard me chuckling his giving me a stern look but also a puppy look when my giggles don't stop he shakes his heard amused as well his father looking at us like his trying to figure something out.

"This is my beautiful queen Milan she gave birth to the Ogre" he says laughing touches Justin gently on the shoulder

"Nice to meet you Giana I hope your only his assistant nothing more or-"

"Please mom don't start with your famous threats to scare away my date I would like her presence if you want me to not kill anyone tonight." Justin cuts his mother off.

"Without wasting anyone's time can we start with this dinner and Thank you everyone for coming to my home you are all welcome and hopefully noone will do any shady shit resulting them in being shot on the head" he says looking at everyone serious

I see people shifting uncomfortable and Justin announces for everybody to be seated once his father and mother have taken their seats on the head of the table, small chattering starts and men and women in black and white starts entering with starters and bottles of champagne and wines.

The chattering picks up after the starters are served and champagne and wines poured on their glasses.

"Are you okey" Justin asks quitely next to me

"Yeah im fine Justin,how are you?" Justin chuckles at my question just when iam about to answer we are disturbed by a man sitting next to him tapping him on his back for attention Justin looks annoyed but turnarounds anyway to chat with the man,I get back to my delicious starter not paying attention to my surroundings.

"I heard Mamba introducing you as his date what's your name princess" a man says next to me

I look back at him and his handsome as well but you know what I would say if he was compared to my Justin and judging by him referring Justin as Mamba I figured his one of his associates which he warned me to not get comfortable around and not trust and hearing him calling me princess makes me gag only Justin gets to call me that but iam not a rude person I always talk to people politely including this man.

"My name is Giana and who might you be" I ask politely but gagging inside his presence and the way his looking at me seductively making me uncomfortable.

"Call me Markov princess" he says licking his lips and a cold hand touches my thigh under the table making me jump cause I know those rough cold hands could never be Justin's his hands are always warm and smooth for a man.

When I jumped I guess I alerted Justin because his head immediately whipped back looking at me alarmed.

"What's wrong angel" he asks me looking worried but when Iam about to answer him the cold hand squeezes my thigh painfully hard making me wince

I look back at Markov his looking at me warningly and I gulp down my saliva in fear.

"Giana iam fuckin talking to you!" Justin whisper shouts next to me

I look back at him wanting to tell him but I fear that this dinner will end in a bloodbath if I do so I decide to put on my big girl panties on and endure this dinner.

"I'm sorry Sir iam fine" I tell him with a fake smile Justin keeps quite for a few seconds reading my face with a scowl on his face after his done he looks behind me glaring at Markov and he drags my chair very close to him leaving a space between me and Markov making him instantly letting go of my thigh from his grip and when he let's go I quickly take Justin hand squeezing it assuring him iam fine.

When I look around the table I notice that the chattering has died down and all eyes are on us I smile back timidly while Justin looks unbothered by the stares iam saved from the stares by the catering team coming to take our plates away and them announcing dinner will be served in the next 15minutes, iam already over this dinner and wanting it to end.

Justin goes back to talking to the people next to him and in front of him but he keeps checking up on me,I take a quick look at Markov and I see him typing fast on his phone.i sigh happily that his attention is not on me anymore and that if he had to touch me Justin will notice because of the gap between us.

I start to drink my cranberry juice that Justin specifically asked for me from the catering team and iam the only one not drinking on this table.


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