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Chapter 21...Part 2 of One HELL of a Dinner

The catering team comes in with the main course meal everyone looks like they are having a good time the noise has picked up more the drinks keeps flowing in there is soft music playing quitely in the background I feel like iam in some expensive restaurant, everytime Justin tries to hold a conversation with me we get disturbed by someone, everyone here wants a piece of him including me.

The catering team leaves us after setting down the meals it's a T-bone steaks with mashed potatoes along with creamy spinach almost everyone is having that beside Valentino who is having a creamy cheesy vegetable pasta it looks good I keep looking at his plate he catches me on the act I quickly look away embarrassed,Valentino calls over one of the catering ladies standing by he tells her something and she walks away everybody is already digging in on their meal except me and Valentino he chuckles everytime our eyes meet and Milan catches him one time after that she shifted uncomfortable in her seat not looking pleased at all.

The lady comes in with another plate of the same pasta with another glass of cranberry juice she places it on in front of me I look at her in question but she doesn't say anything she takes the plate with the steak away I look at Valentino he raises up his glass and mouths "Enjoy" with a smile I give him a smile back thanking him for this kind observation,Justin is also looking at me in question I think he saw the exchange between his father and me but I just give him a smile he looks at his father their communicating with their eye's after that Justin bows his head in shame or guilt I don't know but we suddenly hear commotion outside the dining room and just when Justin and his father are about to stand up the double doors open and a beautiful woman comes through the door followed by Tony next thing Justin pushes his chair back with so much force that makes this scary noise his father gets up as well moving fast to Justin and they have this heated conversation quitely the woman that came in acts like nothing happened she goes over to Milan hugging her and blowing each other air kisses and a space is opened next to where Justin is sitting so she will be sitting next to him and Tony's eyes meet mine and he looks away quickly in guilt.

Iam sooo confused right now im starting to get a headache from all of this.

Justin has calmed down he comes to his seat but when he sees the lady sitting next him he glares at her he goes over to Markov.

" Let's change seats" he tells him rudely Markov doesn't argue he moves from his seat to Justin's. Justin sits down his body tense he drags my seat with force next to him making me scream surprised at his barbaric ways right now,I take his hand in mine and starts rubbing it hoping to calm him down.There is total silence right now people are at the edge of their sits seeming ready for anything.

Justin's father announces that we can all get back to our meal everyone does but you can still sense the tension in this room,the catering team comes and brings the beautiful lady and Tony their food they start to eat as well.

"Wow Justin your chef out done himself with this T-bone steak it's so delicious" the beautiful lady comments but when I look at her plate she has not touched the steak yet so how does she know all this I question myself.

"Who invited you here Teresa? this is a private dinner not for the public" Justin says

"Your mother invited me silly! She even sent your driver to come escort me for my safety" she says with a fake laugh.

Justin glares at his mother and looks at Tony like his ready to put a bullet in his head.

"Mother Teresa is never ever allowed in this house again! In your house yes but not mine and Tony last time I checked you worked for me and I just got your ass back from our enemy alive is this how you show loyalty and gratitude to me?" Justin says deadly calm

"Justin son calm down stop with this nonsense of yours Teresa is your fiance forgodsake she deserves respect from you!!" Milan shouts

I choke on my juice and I splutter and some of the juice comes out of my nose painfully. Did she say FIANCE???

Justin jumps into action he wipes my face and rubs my back soothingly. I don't want his touch right now I try to move away from him but he tightens his grip while wiping my dress.

"I need to go clean up" I tell him my voice shaking and tears threatening to spill.

Justin looks at me with pleading eyes only God knows pleading for what but all I know is I want to be left alone right now.

Justin takes his phone dials someone.

"Get everybody out of my house right now!! And tell Snake it's code zero!!!" Justin barks on the phone

I guess his father and Tony knows what's that means because they quickly get up and usher the ladies to the door next comes 7 heavely armed men people start panicking but the men escorts them out but before they do that they searched the men and took everybody's phones away.

Once the dining room is cleared and the last security man closed the door I sit on my chair and tears fall like heavy rain alot of things invading my mind.

"Wh Why why Justin" I sob in my hands

"Everybody in my life keeps hurting me"

"Every bad thing keeps happening to me"

"When will I be happy"

"Why why why why me!!"

"Everyone keeps hating me for no reason, what did I do? Where did I go wrong??"

I stand up abruptly making Justin jump I drag the table cloth down and I start smashing the plates and glasses and the bottles of champagne and wines I destroy anything I can get my hands on. Iam on a rampage iam filled with Sadness and Anger right now I even pick up the chairs throwing them everywhere Justin keeps moving away from my hits sometimes I narrow miss hitting him with these things because iam throwing everything everywhere but his been silent throughout.

After a good 30minutes iam tired I feel defeated exhausion hits me I want to sit down when iam about to sit down Justin picks me up bridal style iam too tired to fight him off,my throat hurts because I have been screaming and shouting while on my rampage.

Justin goes out the dining room carrying me,we pass Tony, Maria and Snake all of them giving me pity looks,Justin makes it to his room when he is about to open the door I shake my head not wanting to be in that room but he ignores me, he gets in heading straight to the bed he opens the bed laying me down he removes my heels,my dress and he puts me in his big Tshirt and he ties my hair with a hairband he goes to the toilet comes back with a warm towel he wipes my face gently he looks at his work.

Justin comes back from putting back the towel he puts the covers over me,he opens a drawer next to me he takes out a bottle of water and 5pills he tells me to open up I do after drinking the water he puts everything back he kneels down on the carpet on the floor next to me.

"Giana iam so so sorry, hurting you is the last thing I will ever do I made a promise to you in that Coffee place and I meant it" he tells me looking sad.

"We will talk when you wake up but before you sleep please know this Teresa is not my fiancé I need you to trust me right now baby" he continues but even if I wanted to answer him the pills he gave me are working fast making me drowsy so I just turnaway from him.

I hear him moving away and I hear the door clicks announcing his leave...sleep takes over.

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