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Chapter 22...Turn of EVENTS!!!

Justin has been trying to wake me up for the past 10minutes now I have been trying to act like Iam in a deep sleep,he has tried everything from shaking to touching me he even tried listening to my heart if it's still beating I have stopped myself from laughing so many times and iam proud of myself that I have managed to hold it together for this long.

" No this is not normal" I hear him speaking to himself after that I hear him moving around.

"Tell our family doctor to get here in 20minutes and cancel all my movements for today...I know but tell him i had an emergency if he doesn't want to reschedule fuck him!" He says and hanging up after that.

I start to panic inside because iam not comfortable with doctors and I feel bad that his now calling a doctor and canceling his plans but how am I going to play this!!

"MMMM" I make movements on the bed turning around to the other side of the bed,I hear Justin coming closer to the bed.

"Giana, hey are you okay" he says shaking me gently and putting the back of his hand on my forehead I slowly open my eyes yawning dramatically and stretching like a cat after my dramatic wake-up acting I give him a small smile

"Oh my God Kitten you scared the shit outta me I thought there was something wrong with you that maybe I gave you to many sleeping pills" he says looking at me with concern.

"Iam fine Justin but iam still feeling sleepy" I tell him truly I feel very tired.

"How? You have been sleeping for for over 14hours" he tells me

"What!! What's the time right now?" I ask him shocked at his statement.

"It's 12:50 afternoon Kitten" he tells me after checking his watch .

Wow I can't believe I have been sleeping for that long and still feeling sleepy maybe Justin did give me more than the normal dose of sleeping pills but I had such a peaceful sleep very calming with no bad dreams whatsoever.

"I think you should cancel the doctor now" I tell him and immediately remember that I just snitched myself out I look at Justin with wide eyes and my hands on my mouth.

Justin gives me a surprised look and realization hits him and he laughs out loud shaking his head not believing what I just done.

"So you have been awake all this time? Wow Kitten this is the last thing I expected from you love" he says still laughing. Iam red with embarrassment and shame so I just hide myself under the covers this makes Justin loose it laughing more than before.

"Wow wow Kitten iam speechless anyway let me go and get you your lunch from the chef and while you eat we will have a very over due conversation" he tells me making his way to the door not waiting for my response he walks out closing the door softly behind him.

I decide to take a quick bath not wanting to have any conversation with Justin while smelling after iam done I quickly make the bed and while tidying up the room Justin comes in carrying a tray with food he looks at me questioningly when he sees me cleaning up but he doesn't say anything about it.

Justin sits down after putting the tray full of food down waiting for me while I move around the room,a knock sounds at the door he gets up to open and in comes Maria carrying another tray with my cranberry juice and 2 hot cup of coffees, she looks my way giving me a low "morning" with a smile and iam glad we moving somewhere with our relationship I give her a smile returning her morning greeting she leaves after putting the tray down. Not wanting to make Justin wait any longer I finish up quickly and make my way to sit down infront of him at the small table.

My stomach has been behaving all along but now that iam with someone it decides to embarass me by growling loudly now telling it's hungry I don't even look back at Justin there is silence between us now everything that happened last night coming back to the surface and I lose my appetite I push my food around Justin decides to end the silence.

" I can tell that last night's events just came back by the way you keep frowning and pushing around your food even though your stomach said the opposite earlier" He says looking at me

My embarrassment comes back after his last statement but I don't say anything back because his observations are correct at the moment.

"Let's address the first important thing here Giana" I know that every time he calls me by my government name his serious so I look at him serious as well.

" Teresa is not my fiance never was and never will be but she was my girlfriend for 3 years until I caught her in bed with my number one competitor and enemy Markov 5 years ago" he tells me with no emotions in his voice.

To say iam shocked is absolutely an understatement this is the last thing I expected to come out of Justin's mouth.

"Wow Justin iam so sorry to hear you went through something like that but this just makes me have more questions" I tell him he just chuckles nodding his head.

"I know each question you have and they will be answered" he tells me

"I won't lie and say I was not inlove with her because I was and I saw a future with her as well but all that changed that day, Markov and I grew up together with our fathers as bestfriends making our mother's bestfriends too so him and I became sort of friends too but I always had my reservations of him because he had a weird behavior when we were growing up only to notice that he was jealous of me he would always want the same things as me and if he would always go for girls I told him I was interested in all those stupid things when I told my father he said he was maybe inspired by me he told me to not by it any mind"

"As time went and our fathers told us that we would take over the family businesses one day he became more jealous but now he would get me into trouble and tell on me when I did something that my mother would be upset about like sneaking in girls,clubbing just being a reckless teen, my father will act as mad but will always call me to his office to joke about whatever I did, what made my father open his eyes is when I was arrested for having drugs in my car and my father knew I would never take drugs or even leave them in my car when my father came to take me out that jail cell he told me to consider him an enemy but I must always make sure to keep him close and never let him see iam onto him"

"8 years ago my father handed over the Mafia business to me and his father did the same to him I was already dating Teresa for about 3months, when I took over I accomplished things my father failed to and I made our Mafia family more richer and more feared and I made new rules and strategies to keep us on top while making sure we don't step on other Mafias toes but made more ties and friendships with them, I became a very known and respected around our world and outside of it. This fuelled Markovich's jealousy he tried backstabbing me alot of times even trying to start war between mafias but with the help of my father we overcame it all. He tried to find a weak spot in me but failed until he heard I was planning to propose to Teresa and 5months before that Markov and Teresa became close but because I trusted her I didn't take it seriously and I always told her how I felt about Markov so imagine the hurt and shock I felt when I decided to surprise her by coming back early from my business trip to find her in our bed with Markov." He tells me his hands shaking badly like he wants to strangle something.

I feeling so many emotions right now with what Justin is telling me but I don't know what to say or do right now I want to run into his arms and give him the biggest hug but I don't think he needs any comfort or pity from me this is Justin Mamba Sky.!

" After that I broke up with Teresa and wanted to kill Markov but my father told me not to kill him and promised that my day will come I just need patience" Iam still waiting and ready


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