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Chapter 23...Part 2 of Turn of Events

"My mother told me Teresa told her Markov forced himself on her and I told my mother you don't flippen moan your assaulters name and scream yes yes when you being forced" he says this and harshly pushes his chair getting up and pacing up and down the room.

Wow wow wow Justin has been through so much hell and I thought I had it worse.

"Justin please I have heard enough you don't have to tell me more" I tell him with tears in my eyes.He comes back to sit down his eyes red but no tears coming out

"Iam okey Kitten don't cry for me" he says wiping my tears from my face.

"Is there any questions left unanswered" He asks me with a small smile

"Why is Markov still alive and still gets invited to your house" I ask him hating Markov more

"His still alive because iam waiting for that perfect day for revenge, Iam still alive because Markov is also waiting for that perfect day to take me out as well." He responds shrugging

"Why would he want to kill you? You not the one with an obsession on him or the one who slept with his girlfriend". I say

"You see Kitten I did get my revenge on him when I killed his father and all his alliances and I left his family bankrupt with no one to help them out and for him to be my lap dog who will only stay safe and alive because of my connection to him" He responds now giving me his famous panty dropping smirk.

"Why did you kill his father?"

" After Markov did what he did with Teresa he disappeared for 7months along with Teresa and I was looking high and low for them so his father was forced to get back to his old position but when he told my father to fuck himself when he asked for his son whereabouts my father told me all bets were off and for me to do as I see fit to punish them he won't stand in my way so I started digging in their businesses only to discover they were running an illegal child trafficking and forcing them into pornography so I started by destroying and shutting down all those things cause it goes against our Mafia policies and I didn't know about it because they are the only family I never paid attention to because of our connection. So when I went to hunt down the master minds of this I found his father on top of a 10year old girl I killed him with my bare hands and vowed to kill everyone involved and I did. Markov had no choice but to come out of hiding when he heard of his father's death and their family becoming poor overnight"

"He came back begging for forgiveness and denied any involvement in the trafficking but I knew he was lying but made him think I believed him so he pledged his loyalty to me and said he didn't have any ill feelings towards me for killing his father which I also knew he lied about so his been working behind my back to get revenge ever since but when his ready I will be waiting ready for him."

"Was Markov the only child" I ask him

"No he has 3 sisters but I didn't kill them because they are not a threat to me and not involved in any business but his mother hated me for killing her husband until my father showed her the videos of him and his partners took when they were violating those innocent children she was never the same after that she keeps to herself she hardly goes outside my mother tried to get closer to her but after 3years she gave up on their friendship ". Justin says looking sad at the last statement.

"You said you are inlove with Teresa what made you inlove with her" I ask him not really wanting to know the answer after I asked.

Justin looks at me intensely searching my mood probably wondering why would I ask and want to know something like that but after a few seconds he sighs loud.

"I said I was Kitten let's correct that part meaning it's past but to answer you, I was inlove with her beauty,her confidence and the way she handled my Mafia side she was something I thought I loved" he answers with no emotions again.

I think hard about his answer and wonder why he is with me because iam none of those things he loved about her.

"Why are you with me than Justin because iam anything but those characteristics you love" I ask him timidly

"Iam with you because you are exactly the opposite of those things I thought I loved" he tells me

"Kitten you are by far the best woman I have ever been with or met,Teresa is my past ,she is around to prove to my mother I have moved on from her I allowed them to be whatever they are right now..With you I feel things I never felt with her I feel complete with you I feel the need to submit to you and give you the world I want kids and marriage with you things I vowed to never want in life." Justin says caressing my hands.

I think about his words and I can see he means each words and he makes me complete too. I get up to hug him but he surprises me when he puts me on his lap and gives me a bone crushing kiss I don't hesitate to kiss him back the kiss continues and gets heated Justin starts touching me from my neck giving me small messages making me lose myself I stay playing with his hair too loving the feel of his silky hair in my small hands but our heated session gets cutted off when Justin touches my thigh and I wince. Justin stops immediately looking at me worried.

"Kitten did I hurt you? Was I too rough touching you"

"No no it's okay iam fine" I say while drawing him into another kiss trying to avoid his eyes and questioning.

Justin moves his face away rejecting my kiss,he gently pushes me up he follows getting up as well and he quickly pulls up his Tshirt that iam wearing seeing the 5 purple fingerprints on my thigh. He looks at my thigh then looks at me more that 3 times with a shocked murderous expression.

"Who the fuck did that Giana" he shouts making me flinch and take a few steps back from him.

"I diddd I did it when I was in the bat-" Justin cuts me off while trying to make up a lie.

"Who .did .that. to. You.?" He asks emphasizing each word.

"Don't even think of lying to me because I already have a name in mind I just need confirmation" He continues

I start saying a prayer because now that I know who is Markov and how they feel about each other I can see a tsunami approaching if I do tell him the name,I have violence but I hate seeing the Mafia side of Justin more he changes to something to a forbidden story to tell to young children.

"Cade pull up last night's clip at the dinner focus and zoom on Giana's every move and report to me in the next 10minutes" he tells the person on the phone I have zoned out to the point of not seeing him calling someone.

"Justin please don't I will tell you the name" I plead with him

"You had your chance to tell me but you didn't meaning you don't trust me enough and you chose protecting him and that fuckin hurts to know" he responds to me while moving to take his suite jacket going to the bathroom room he comes back drying his hands with a towel avoiding looking at me which hurts.

His phone vibrates on the bedside table he goes to it to answer.

"Yeah send that part to me and let the men know we on the move...Yeah send them the location and wait for my instructions." He says hanging up.

"Justin I trust you with my life and I was not protecting him I just hate violence, not everything gets sorted out with violence and blood shed" I reason with him

"Giana as soon as you accept that you with a Mafia Don and as soon as accept my world and my lifestyle than you will be accepting me as a whole. right now you half in half outside" he tells me

"There are rules in my world and I need to prove myself worthy of my crown and title everyday" he continues but walking out the door slamming it.

I run after him not wanting this to be how we end our conversation I also need him to understand my point of view and I also need him to accept me as a whole. Iam taking steps by two but he is nowhere to be found I run past the kitchen making Maria scream in surprise I open the door only for me to shut it back quickly when I saw the two famous lions pacing up and down near the entrance door guarding it.

When I turn to go back upstairs Maria is looking at me amused but I ignore her when I pass her she speaks.

"Sometimes I think my boy has supernatural powers he always know people's next move" she says going back to the kitchen singing.

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