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Chapter 25...Fully His and Hers

Justin layed me down gently on the bed getting on top of me raining kisses all over my neck and chest while iam pressed on the soft mattress his hands are skimming my body, squeezing my hips,my waist,my butt and rubbing my stomach gently he goes back to kissing me on my lips next his teeth find my earlobe nibbling on them softly I lose myself in these insanely feelings his giving me.

Justin pushes my legs apart with one of his legs making him be in between my legs he starts grinding his erection on my sex making me moan in bliss iam dripping wet I think I pee'd on myself.

"Justin I pee'd myself" I say to him immediately hiding my face in the crook of his neck.Justin chuckles

"Iam serious im dripping wet I can feel it" I tell him since his not believing me

"I like you dripping wet baby" Justin responds getting up he pulls off his sweat pants that iam wearing discarding them somewhere next followed his sweater iam now naked, Justin takes off his shirt and pants and underwear too making his big monstrous veiny erection presence known pointing at me it twitches now and then. Iam staring directly at it amazed and surprised I look at the owner and I find him already looking at me with a smug smirk spotting his sexy face, he winks at me slowly getting back on top of me softly planting kisses on my mouth,thoat neck making his way down to my breasts moving down to my belly playing with my belly button with his lips iam a panting moaning mess while running my fingers through his ever silky hair.

Justin cups my sex in his one hand while playing with my breast with his other, I gasp fisting my hands in his hair holding tightly making him groan.

"So fuckin wet and all for me,iam a lucky son of an angel" he says huskly going back to kissing me on the lips biting my lips gently.

He starts playing with my clitoris making my toes curle my stomach twists with need its so erotic.

"Ju- pl please I need you" I pant with need

"Kitten iam working on self restraint here I want to ravish and tear you apart so bad and have you screaming this house down but I need to take it easy with you today as it's your first time but the internal struggle is real" he tells me breathing harshly.

"I need you,I need more of you please" I wimper, my body is screaming at me with need something needing to burst out freely, I hold him tightly against me making him growl asking me if iam ready also readying himself. I look into his eyes nodding assuring him that iam ready and sure of this.

I make a bold move and grab his erection making Justin hiss painfully he gently removes my hand from him like it's burning him.

Justin positions himself to my sex telling me to stop him if it's too much and how he will be gentle with me but I can't wait any more so I stop his rambling by kissing him passionately which he returned with his punishing kisses back.

"Never ever cut me off again Kitten" he tells entering his whole shaft in me with one stroke making me scream from the pain feeling him tearing my hymen.

Justin stills on top of me breathing harshly he tries to talk but nothing comes out so he just runs his fingers through my hair kissing my forehead repeatedly he wipes my tears running down my face. He takes 2 deep breaths.

"Iam sorry Kitten I lost control like that, let's stop maybe-" I cut him off again by moving my hips against him he gives me a warning look for cutting him off again but his starts to move creating a rhythm the pain is long long by now.

Justin is still going in a slow punishing rhythm also with a rotation of his hips building sweet sensations all over my body. My body takes over climbing and building so am I awash wish need and sensation I start move meeting his thrusts.

Justin groans when I start meeting his thrusts making him increase his rhythm he picks up his pace moving fast going deeper inside making me scream his name when I scream his name he goes crazy with his thrusts and kisses he gets lost in me.

"Fuck so sweet and tight" he groans in my ear, we are both panting iam reaching higher and higher his taking and taking from me overwhelming me losing myself in fervently passion.

"Fuck Yeeeeesssss!!!" he roars

He runs his teeth along my jaw,nipping and sucking harshly making me cry out in need.

I feel my climax building making me close my eyes shut he also senses this.

"Open your eyes I need to see you coming apart, you also need to see the man responsible for that" he says his voice urgent

I open my eyes looking at his own intoxicating ones I see love,passion and raw emotions and on cue I come apart screaming his name with him following a few seconds later his body goes tense,his thrusts becoming sloppy and he stills joining me in climax whispering my name.

We are both panting, Justin collapsing on top of me with sweat dripping from his forehead I hear his harsh breath against my ear we lay there collecting ourselves our hearts beating loudly as one.

A few minutes later Justin pulls out of me and I feel empty already i grab his biceps stopping him from getting up,he looks down at me questioningly.

"Are you okey baby,did I hurt you?" He asks starting to panic.

I haven't found my voice back yet so I settle on shaking my head no and smiling tiredly at him he calms down after that but still tries to get up I stop him again.

"Kitten I need to clean us up i will be back in a few seconds" he tells me raining kisses all over my face making me giggle like a school girl. He quickly goes to the bathroom comes back with a small basin bowl and a cream.

Justin starts to clean me up dipping the soft town in the bowl now and then he is so focused on the job he pulls different faces showing how much his into what he is doing while iam red with embarrassment being exposed like this when he started cleaning me down there I closed my thighs together making him pinch me softly to open up for him I just took a pillow and covered my face with it making him let out a series of chuckles.

Justin finishes cleaning up,I heard his saying " perfect " admiring his job well done. I jump when I feel something cold between my legs.

"Relax Kitten this is supposed to help numb the pains" he tells me blowing on my kitty after the rubbed the cream on it. He finally finishes returning to the bathroom for a few minutes he comes out naked I get excited thinking it's about to go down again he sees my excitement he gives me a boyish smile but he disappeares to his huge closet and comes out now wearing his Kelvin Klein boxers. In his hands his carrying a Kelvin Klein Tshirt.

"Let's get you in this Tshirt baby so that you can rest and I saw your little excitement earlier I would also love to take you again but I don't want to overwhelmed you as well but next time I won't be so gentle I will let my beast lose and introduce you to my other side that once you get a taste of its either you will run for the hills or ask me for more." He tells me looking serious in his thoughts. He snaps out of it quickly giving me a half smile.

Justin goes around the room picking up our clothes that he scattered everywhere after he finishes he opens a small drawer taking out a bottle of water and pills he gives me 2 pills asking me to drink with the water.

"I don't want you feeling any pains me being the cause baby" he says sincerely but I roll my eyes at him treating me like a precious china tea cup that is not supposed to break. He catches me in the act but he doesn't say anything.

Justin tucks me me and he also jumps in the bed drawing me to him tightly against his chest cuddling me.

We both don't say anything to each other there are no words to be said our hearts beating at one does the talking for us, in no time I feel myself succumbing to the waiting arms of sleep listening to Justin's heartbeats. Justin kisses my hair saying something but iam too far gone I don't hear what he said I give in to sleep.

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