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Chapter 26...Oh Rose!

Iam woken up by the need to pee my eyes flutter open and the room is dark I guess it's still at night I slowly get up on the bed iam now in a seating position I debate on whether I should turn on my side lamp or not because I dont want to wake-up Justin after contemplating for a few minutes my bladder gets impatient with me so I quickly get up but wince in pain when I feel sharp pains in my abdomen, Iam trying to find the bathroom in a dark room, lucky for me I find it without any hassles.

After iam done taking care of business in the bathroom I walk back into the room hoping I did not disturb Justin with my shuffling around and when I flushed the toilet, I quitely get inside the bed after a few minutes I can't fall back to sleep so I decide to turn to Justin's so I can cuddle with him but it's empty I pat the bed thinking maybe he far but still nothing, I quickly switch on my side lamp still wincing from the pains I feel everytime I move. Justin is definitely not here I wonder where could he be and I didn't even hear him getting up or leaving the room.

Maybe he had one of the emergencies his always been having. I start to worry about him so I decide to call him instead of me going outside searching for him knowing very well I will get lost in this big house and I don't want to have a run in with the lions I'm sure they don't know me and to them iam a threat which makes me their meal.
I take my phone and dial his number but before it rings I remembered that he does not have it so I quickly canceled the call.i make my way to the window to check if I can see one of this cars because if his around a car is always parked infront ready whenever he needs to head out quickly and yes there is a black Rolls-Royce parked but the lions are not roaming around,there is only about 5 men walking around armed. I get back to bed not having any choice but to do so but I can't sleep not knowing where Justin is so I just stare at the door praying he walks through it soon, is how people who are with Mafia men feel all the time? Always worried and praying they make it back home alive whenever they are not around.

I don't know when I fell asleep but iam woken up by someone quitely moving around i open my eyes yawning looking around for the person and I see that its morning cause there is rays of sunshine coming through the room.

"Oh Goodmorning madam,I didn't mean to wake you up I was just taking out the Don's laundry as per Maria's instructions" the lady explains politely

"Um it's okay,please call me Giana, and what is your name?" I ask the polite lady

"My name is Rose i was instructed to switch places with Pepper for a few months I was working at the Don's parents mansion." She tells me

"Nice to meet you Rose but if you don't mind me asking why were you instructed to switch places with Pepper?" I ask curious

"Oh um well I don't know for sure but I heard from one of the other workers here that Pepper had developed a silly crush on one of the men here so her aunt Maria sent her away but it's also confusing because the Don has no problems with any member including us having relationships with each other as long as it's not toxic or will disturb our duties causing having him to interfere." She explains.

"And Maria also is having an affair with Tony so she shouldn't be judging Pepper" she continues

"What do you mean she is having an affair with Tony" i ask now very into this conversation.

"Tony is married, he has been for more than 15years now" Rose tells me

Wow! Things are happening in this house heh? I think to my self but my thoughts are disturbed by Rose sitting down on the edge of the bed I guess we are now buddies.

"Rose does Ju I mean Don know about this so called affair or Pepper being switched" I ask my new friend

" ofcourse the Don knows even though he acts like he doesn't, you see nothing gets past the Don but he is the kind of person who keeps to himself minding his business, he hardly talks which makes the ladies here frustrated cause he never has long conversations with them he is always in business mode I get the privilege of working everywhere with him, because iam dating the Don's second in command making me his most trusted worker but also a target to all these hating women but I don't pay them any mind cause I know they wish they were me iam always having security around me,traveling to different countries and access to all his businesses the benefits are endless and I get to help with rules and strategies for female workers in his clubs,hotels etc." She tells me with a huge smile.

Damn Rose is a talker alright but I worry about why she tells all these things to a Stranger.

"Rose are you not supposed to be telling a stranger all these things" I ask in wonder.

"You a stranger! Pff you are definitely not if you in the Don's bedroom because last time a woman was in this room was 5years ago,the Don never brings women here to his house or anywhere near his businesses,family or members that man is very mysterious to many a few people know his face or whereabouts" she informs me

I think Rose and I are going to be good friends even though she talks alot but I like her aura and positive energy. Rose starts to say something but we are both startled by the door opening with a bit of force and a scowling Justin comes in,he looks at Rose with a raised eyebrow. Rose quickly gets up like her ass is on fire her cheeks and ears are red with guilt written all over her face like she had been caught doing something wrong,Rose bows slightly at Justin her feets shuffling back and forth,this side of her makes me wanna burst out laughing but I just let out a few giggles which make Justin bring his focus back to me making his face softening.

"Rose iam told you have been here for over 30minutes but when you came to my office you said you will be in here for 2minutes and Giana won't even know you were here" he tells her

"Well when I got here she was already awake and I had to introduce myself and next thing we are having a long conversation about shopping" Rose lies smoothly making me look away from Justin because he is still looking at me.

"Rose I have been outside the door for the past 20minutes" Justin says making Rose and I surprised

" Which parts did you hear of the shopping conversation" Rose asks making Justin roll his eyes and I burst out laughing

"Rose you and Stephano deserve each other,anyway his waiting for you in my office and please don't you dare fuck in there I have installed cameras I will make the whole security team watch live porn" he says shaking his head.

Rose quickly takes the laundry basket and runs out but not before saying goodbye to me and when she was closing the door she gave Justin a middle finger with a smile,Justin didn't see that because his facing me. Rose just made my morning she is a ball of energy and sunshine.

Justin comes closer to me,he bends down and captures my lips gently giving me a toe curling kiss making me moan instantly and I pull him down to me making him groan getting on top of me.

After a few minutes I pull away from the kiss needing to breathe but Justin doesn't stop he goes to my neck nipping and sucking on it next his hands get under his Tshirt iam wearing his touching my breasts,waist and every other body part he can get his hands on getting me wet on the spot,my stomach has butterflies my mind gets all mushy.

"Are you in any kind of pain" Justin asks huskly still assaulting my skin with kisses.

I don't answer instead I try to open his belt failing miserably making him chuckle when I huff frustrated and embarrassed but I don't give up instead I open the zipper of his pants atleast that's easy next I touch him making him hiss and groan.

"Kitten do you feel any pain" Justin asks with a strained voice.

"Yes but that doesn't matter now I need you" I tell him

Justin stops kissing and removes his hands making me glare up at him.

"Kitten as much as I would love to have my way with you right now I can't if you still in pain" he tells me

"What pain? I never said anything about pain" I say pouting

"Oh lord don't tell me Rose has already influenced herself on you" he says amused

"But seriously Kitten we can't ,maybe let's give the pain two to three days to go away then i will do anything you want me to do to you" Justin says kissing my forehead

"For now let's get you a nice hot bath after that some junk food in your stomach and later I will join you for movies with popcorn in bed " he says disappearing to the bathroom

"Why don't you join me now in the bath" I boldly ask Justin when he comes back from the bathroom

"If I do that than things that I said won't happen will and I will kick myself later on for allowing that to happen when I see you in more pain" he smartly replies

I don't say anything back to him because I know he won't change his mind so I quickly get up from the bed ignoring the pains I pass him bumping into him purposely wanting to cause him to fall or feel pain but the man is a steel he doesn't even move a bit but I felt pain when I bumped into him.i hear him laughing behind me so I just close the bathroom door with force.

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