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Chapter 27...Moody Justin

When I got out of the bathroom Justin was nowhere to be found in the room so I quickly got dressed and made my way downstairs to look for something to eat in the kitchen cause I was starving, when I get to the kitchen Maria and Rose are happily chatting drinking Coffee.

"Hey G wagon you have finally decided to join us" Rose happily says to me while Maria looks at Rose like she is crazy

"Her name is Giana not G whatever you just said child" Maria tells Rose

"I know but this is my nickname for her" Rose responds

Maria just rolls her eyes walking away from us but not before greeting me im really hopeful about our relationship because she is no longer giving me death stares.

"Come let's go and join the boys for breakfast atleast now I won't be the only woman at the table" Rose says leading the way to where will be having breakfast ,she opens the door widely getting in and I see 10 men seated at the table with all kinds of breakfast food layed on the table they was quite chattering but completely stopped when we came in and I shyly look down as I see 9 faces looking at me,Rose sits next to handsome guy with greenish eyes and there is only one seat vacant next to Snake so I make my way there.

Justin has not looked my way at all his either typing away on his phone or slowly eating and talking quitely to the guy next to Rose his face is blank with no emotions at all,I don't feel welcomed in this table I'm feeling very uncomfortable I keep bouncing my left leg and looking at my nails when iam not stealing glances at Justin,Rose did dish my food for me when she saw me not making any movements but I haven't touched it at all but iam too nervous to do anything right now and Justin's behavior towards me is not helping me anyhow.

The chattering has picked up and Rose is busy chatting with the man next to her iam the only person in this table not talking to anyone.

"So everyone this is Giana and Giana th-" Rose is cutted off by Justin getting up leaving the table and 6 men get up as well following Justin. now it's Tony,Snake and the other man Rose kept talking too that is left but after a few minutes Tony and Snake get up too they give me tight smiles before leaving and now it's only the three of us left,I can hear Rose and the man whispering to each other but I did hear my name so I know iam the topic which makes me feel worse I want to cry sooo badly right now cause I don't understand Justin's behavior because we were fine an hour ago but now I dont know and why is he treating me like this infront of his people. Did I do something wrong or was I not supposed to this table.

"Giana,my name is Stephano iam Justin's right hand man and bestfriend even though he doesn't want to accept the bestfriends part" Stephano introduces himself giving me his hand for a handshake while chuckling at the last part.

"Nice to meet you too Stephano" I respond taking his hand giving him a small genuine smile.

After that Stephano kisses Rose on the lips whispering something in her ear making her giggle hitting his chest playfully and I look away at their public display of love for each other.Stephano leaves after that giving a smile and my shoulder a little squeeze.

"Iam so sorry about what just happened Giana,Stephano also doesn't know what's wrong with that stubborn man of yours but he promised to give him a piece of his mind for his stupid behavior on my behalf because if I do than I would probably end up dead or tongue less" she tells me making me giggle at her choice of words.

"did you guys fight or something for him to act that way because your man can be many things but he is hardly rude" Rose asks

"No ,we were fine the last time I was with him,im also confused and surprised by what just happened" I respond quitely

"Well you need to show him hell when you two are alone and don't give him any sex for a month so that he will know how his actions affected you, take it from me I know men and how they operate whenever Stephano does some shady shit I use to tell him and he will apologize but still does it again so now I cuss his ass out and also give him the silence treatment and no sex so he will never ever try shit with me or he will think twice whenever he wants to be an ass" Rose says seriously

"Justin and I just started dating iam still trying to get to know the real him and to make things worse for me his my first everything when it comes to dating" I tell Rose truthfully

" Oh baby G wagon" Rose says coming to give me a tight hug and I hug her back happy to have someone to comfort me.

"Don't worry you have me now to teach you all everything about men and how to set them straight and I will also teach you about this Mafia world in no time you will be a baddie like me no one will dare step up to you sideways because you will come straight at them" she tells me wiping my tears away that I didn't even know where falling.

"Now we going to one of your boyfriend clubs I want you to know his businesses first but to hurt him where it hurts you will leave your phone behind I know for a fact he has a tracking device in it and has he given you any jewelry yet?" She asks me I shake my head no

"Just know all your jewelry will have a tracking device that he will gift you and leave any purse you have we can't take any chances of him tracking your whereabouts by him not knowing where you are will drive him crazy and we will have to sneak out so that our security detail can't know where we are or follow us." Rose says thinking

"Um but don't you have tracking devices with you as well" I ask her

"My beautiful G,iam a legend in the making I can turn mine on and off and Stephano hardly checks my devices because I speak to him every half an hour" She informs

"Now you need to go upstairs with your food and eat because today is going to be a long eventful day for you I will call you when it's time to make our move and make sure you lock the door incase our target comes to his senses to apologize so he must know you upset with him,make sure you don't open the door till he leaves you alone" Rose plots

She dishes me another plate of breakfast leaving the one she dished for me earlier,we make our way upstairs passing 4 stiff looking guys.

"That's the people we need to ditch" she tells me smiling widely at the tensed men

"Ok remember the plan and in about 30minutes we will be sneaking out of here,wear semi professional clothes " Rose tells me leaving me outside the door of Justin's and I room.

I get inside and start eating my breakfast thinking how much Rose has brought fun into my life since she has come into my life but I also fear Justin's reaction when he gets to know of our little games but for now I know Rose and I are going to be great friends.
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