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Chapter 28...What a disappointment.

I have been in this room waiting for Rose over an hour now I don't know what's taking her so long because she said she will be here in 30minutes I have changed to a semi professional outfit as per her request,Justin did call my phone two times in the past hour but I didn't pick up and he did send one of his men to check up on me but I didn't answer until the man threatened to break the door down if I don't open. When he came in he explained that he needed to make sure I was fine that is why he said that I just gave him a small smile and I can't be mad at him for doing his job anyway. A knock sounds at the door but I don't make any moves thinking it's either one of Justin's men or the man himself.

"G wagon open up its me" Rose shouts outside the door

"About damn time you showed up Rose I have been waiting for over an hour for you" I tell her opening the door for her

" Ooh what's with the attitude babes,is the Don's sour attitude rubbing of on you,I wouldn't be surprised anyway you are sharing a bed with the man" Rose responds with a winking at me

"And I'm sorry I took so long but Stephano came back because he forgot something and the man is always horny so being alone in a room with him always ends with legs apart." She continues giggling.

This woman is something else I don't know how to describe her in words,I just giggle at her explanations shaking my head.

"So this is the plan I told Maria that our security detail has asked for refreshments and told her they will be relieved by the other men while they are taking a break and it's not like we are going anywhere ,we will be watching movies in here and I told the security guys almost the same story beside that they will be relieved by someone else and I told them Maria will make them refreshments, so in 10minutes we will get out of here and take a few steps down to the garage there is 3 ways to get there for emergencies but only a few know that,so you will follow my lead" She tells me.

After 10minutes Rose tells me it's time to go so we hurriedly make our way to the garage there is around 20 different cars here but I don't get to check them out because Rose pulls me inside a red sports car she tells me to hide inside while she drives out,when we get to the gate she puts in a code and scans her hand but the gate doesn't open we both start to panic,while Rose is telling me to stay down and not panick a loud knock on the car window makes her scream in surprise.

"Um hey,why can't my hand scan here" Rose asks the buff guy that knocked on the window

" Can I have your details madam" the man says

"Oh come on you can't tell me you don't know who iam" Rose says seductively to the guy but the guy just looks at her after a few minutes of them staring at each other Rose finally gives in giving the man her details,the man puts them on an iPad looking thing after a few minutes he receives a call he picks it up listens to the other person on the other end he kept looking at Rose,the guy ends the call and pulls out his gun points it at Rose

"Can you step out the car please with your hands where I can see them" the man orders

"What? You watch too many movies for you to say that I'm sure the script they use has changed by now" Rose responds rolling her eyes but gets out anyway

"The lady on the passenger side hiding as well" the man orders still pointing his gun

Can someone please tell me why I listened to Rose,why did agree to this I internally scold myself.

"G wa-" Rose gets cutted off by the man shouting now!

I quickly get out already with my hands up and my legs shaking like leaf. The man points with his head that we should walk and he doesn't need to tell me twice I start walking up the long drive way with Rose following me behind huffing, after a long 15minutes walk we finally get to the front entrance of the house and 2minutes later a very pissed off Justin,Stephano and Maria comes out the door.

I can't look any of them in the eyes right now,I feel so ashamed and embarrassed by this so I keep my head down.

"Rose i-" Justin starts to say but stops,I peek at him and he is pinching the bridge of his nose and running his hand in his hair trying to calm himself down while im peeking his eyes meet mine and I see disappointment in them.

Justin takes one long step towards Rose and I making us scream taking steps back in surprise ,he stops and looks at us up and down.

"Stephano deal with this shit,I have important things than to waste my time on this" Justin says passing us and getting inside his Lamborghini and zooming out the property. There is deadly silence now after a few minutes Maria gives us a disapproving look going back inside.

"Rose you have out done yourself this time,Justin could tolerate your crazy stunts before because he thought they were harmless and he trusted me to not get involved with someone who could bring us harm especially him but now, now I dont know how iam going to get you out of this" Stephano says looking at Rose.

For the first time since I met Rose I see her looking sad and ashamed.

"I would understand if you put us in danger but you know exactly how Justin feels about Giana and you know what is happening right now with Markov out there but you ignore all these things and you decide to pull this shit" Stephano

"Giana from what Justin has shared with me about you which is not alot but I know that you didn't come up with whatever you two were planning" Stephano addresses me now

" Justin is dealing with alot of things right now that he may not share but I know he loves you and everything his doing or every decision he takes has you in mind, he will talk to you when his calmed down,he thought you were running away from him with the help of Rose and I pray that was not the plan" Stephano says raising one eyebrow making me quickly shake my head no

"I love Justin too and I was not leaving him" I tell Stephano

"You telling the wrong person this" Stephano says chuckling

Stephano gets a call and he moves away from us answering it.

"Giana this is all my fault,iam so sorry I put you in this mess" Rose says with tears in her eyes,I quickly draw her in for a hug not wanting to see such a happy person like her sad.

"Rose iam an adult I know right and wrong so this is nobody's fault we both agreed to doing this" I tell her sincerely

" I don't think Justin will allow us to be friends anymore and I think Stephano will have to choose between me and the family which I know for a fact he won't choose me,Stephano is very loyal to Justin and he says Justin risked his life saving him and has helped him so many times with his drug addiction and suicide attempts but he never tells me the stories about what happened he only says these things when he praises Justin" Rose tells me

Wow if you look at Stephano you will not see someone who has these kind of issues and i keep learning more things about who Justin really is and he is a man with many sides to him that I know for sure it. Stephano comes back and tells us to please go back inside the house and to please not try anything stupid again, he quickly leaves after that after telling Rose they will talk later.

Rose and I make our way inside and Maria comes out the kitchen but Rose puts up her hand and tells her "not now please" pulling my hand upstairs, when we get outside my room she gives me a tight hug and tells me we will talk later but she is not smiling this time.

I get inside the room and throw myself on the bed I take my phone check if there is any calls or messages from Justin but I see 10 missed calls which were made earlier before we were caught at the gate. I have no idea of how bad things are between Justin and I right now and why would he think I was running away from him.

After a few minutes of thinking a headache starts to come so I decide to rather send him a message apologizing instead.

"Hi Justin, iam Very sorry for my actions today I know I disappointed you but I was not leaving you and I don't think I could ever leave you not unless you ask me to,even if you ask me I think I would fight you first before giving in,please don't be upset with Rose she meant well she was just going to show me your businesses and I really like her please don't separate us and don't ask Stephano to choose between the family and her that would break him...I still love you please come back to me I miss you and will be waiting for you. Love your Kitten" I press send on my phone.

Not having anything to do I try to study but nothing gets to my head so I leave it and get inside the bed and play games on my phone praying Justin comes back soon.


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