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Chapter 3...Justin Sky

The day has come to an end for me because I just finished my last class and right now iam on my way to the bus stop it's a 15 to 20 minutes walking distance,lucky for me when I get to the bus stop a bus just pulled up I quickly get in and there is not many people here as well so I choose to sit in the middle seats,take out my phone and earphones and I play my music to soothe my tired mind and body in no time the music works its magic and I sit relaxed in my seat with eyes closed and the music takes me away from today's event's.

After 45 minutes it's time to get off and I start the walk to the flat I share with my cousin Selena it's a 5 minute walk,my cousin Selena has a job and she offered me a room when I started college I don't pay rent as per her request but I do take care of the cleaning and groceries by the time I get to the flat i feel the exhaustion taking over as today's event's hit me hard from all those classes I attended,to the running I did in the morning,the meeting of Mr Sky lets not forget the embarrassing event and the irritating conversation I had at the cafeteria.

I get to my room and head straight to my bed and throwing myself in with a sigh,I love my room I feel free and safe in here and I have my little privacy,my room is not something to brag about it's a small room but it'd mine and I love it. I remove my clothes and quickly get to the bathroom to have a shower and it feels sooo good I feel brand new after the shower.

After im done with my shower I wear a crop top and shorts and I decide to start with dinner early so that I will do my homework after and just head to bed early, I go down to the kitchen and quickly decide on making spaghetti and meat balls with green salad, I quickly take out the ingredients and notice that we are running out of food and its not even close to month end yet I sigh not wanting to worry about that yet cause I can't add that to my worries at the moment,I quickly get to the cooking and its quicker because iam playing music so the singing and dancing I was doing made time just pass by in no time cooking is done and I decide to
dish food and go to my room and do my home work while eating.

After I have done everything I decide to watch a movie in my laptop as it is still early it just went past 7pm and I put in a action romance movie in.

Iam woken by my phone ringing my ring tone blaring next to me and I realise I fell asleep while watching the movie I must have been really tired then. I don't even check the screen to see who is calling because iam still out of it from my tired sleep.

"Hello" I answer with a sleepy voice

"Hello Kitten,iam sorry to wake you up I wouldn't have if I knew you were sleeping" a deep voice replies

"Hello who am I speaking to?" I ask

"It's Justin Kitten" the deep voice says

Ok iam now wide awake because beside Mika no man has ever called me unless it's a telesales call.

"Um I'm sorry but I don't know any Justin Kitten" I say still confused

The deep voice chuckles and chuckles again like they are trying to keep themselves from bursting out with laughter and after a few seconds he gets himself together by clearing his throat.

"I mean my name is Justin also known as Mr Sky to you my Kitten" He says

Aaaaand it clicks and I jump while jumping I didn't realise I was on the end of the bed already and I fall with a loud welp and damn it's hurts cause I did fall a bit hard and I did hit my head in the process so iam groaning and cursing inside my head.

"Hello Giana...Giana are you okey Kitten oh my please say something" A voice says in panic

"Mmmmm yeah iam now wide awake and in pain alright but iam okey" I say pouting on the phone

"Oh thank the living God you okey i was already by the door coming to you but iam glad you okey,what happened?" Mr Sky asks

"First of all I have some questions I need you to answer Mr Sky, number one : How and Where did you get my number and Number two:Why are you calling me and number three: Why are you calling me Kitten and not by my parents given name and number four:is all this allowed?" I ask still on the floor and I don't plan on getting up anytime soon cause of the pain I still feel.

"So many questions in one go but I will answer all your questions and I will truthful ly answer them okey and I will also ask you my own questions and I expect honest answers as well do you agree Kitten" Mr Sky says

Without thinking I reply yes to him not thinking of anything bad that can come out of my agreement because iam only focusing on getting my answers from him.

" Ok I got your number from one of my IT guys and no I didn't steal or use the school's information I just needed your full name which I already had since you in my class."

" And to answer your other questions iam calling you because I can't stop thinking about you even when I force myself to but I can't and iam calling you MY Kitten because you you are and why Kitten specifically it's because you are so little,sexy and cute I just want to cuddle you up and never let go when I see you but you also do have a little sass about you and one day your claws will come out to play" He replies with a more deep sexty throaty voice that just makes me feel some foreign things in my body and I find myself licking my lips.

"Last answer to your questions iam a self made man I don't follow rules and I don't give a fuck about rules when it comes to what I want or need so whether this Is allowed or not I don't give any fucks my Giana" iam left speechless after all he just said

"Judging by your silence I guess you have nothing to say and you are satisfied with my answers and you are ready for my questions isn't babu girl?" Justin says and yes now he is Justin not Mr Sky from the conversation we just had.

Um um ye..yeah I guess iam Justin" I say stuttering like kid who's been caught drinking milk from the container

"Ok I change my mind I will ask you these questions tomorrow in person after your classes I will take you out for lunch and I know you don't have any classes after lunch tomorrow so when it's time for lunch you will go to the parking lot and wait for me there or if you get there first just open the door to a red Lamborghini there and get in it will be open for you." Justin says

And once again this man has managed to get me speechless and alot of things running in my mind so without thinking again I whisper a small okey which he hears,iam snap out of my mind by a harsh rude ...WHAT!? and I hear someone talking but can't hear what they're saying and I hear Justine says ok give me a minute.

"Ok Kitten I gotta go and handle something okey..Have a goodnight and I will see you tomorrow" Justin says

"Um okey Goodnight too Justin" I say

"Say that again please Kitten" Justin says with a husky voice

"Say what again Goodnight?" I ask unsure

He chuckles and chuckles again...this man chuckles alot if you ask me I think to myself

"No Kitten say my name again make it two times now please"

"Um Justin Justin" I say timidly

more chuckles come out from him and he says Goodnight one last time and ends the call.

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