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Chapter 29...Red Roses and Jewelry

It is 6pm now and I haven't heard anything from Justin or Rose since this morning's drama I have taken multiple naps and even managed to do some of my calculus homework which wasn't fun at all even for a straight A student like me but if I want to pass than that's what I need to do and iam on a scholarship so I can't mess this up for me or my family. Right now iam scrolling through my Instagram account trying to keep busy, the door opens slowly and in comes Justin carrying a bunch of red roses in his one hand and on the other hand his carrying two wrapped up boxes different in sizes. I sit up straight watching him coming slowly towards me with an unreadable look on his face.

"I'm so sorry Giana,my behavior this morning was not acceptable and I promise to do better" Justin says handing me the bouquet of roses inside a black box written The Billion roses in gold letters.

I accept the roses from him with a big smile on my face and I smell them immediately as soon as they get to me getting a few chuckles out of Justin amused by my behavior.

"Thank you Justin i love roses,this is the first time someone gifts me roses" I tell him truthfully

"Well since I now know you love them you should start getting used to receiving them and I also bought you this as well" He says handing me two wrapped up small square box.

I put the roses aside accepting the two boxes shaking them near my ear trying to hear what's inside Justin shake is head smiling at me. I unwrap the first box and I see a box a baby blue box with words Harry Winston outside I open inside and i see two most precious diamond earrings with pink rose quartz on the sides,my throat runs dry my heart beat quickens,I look up at Justin with glassy eyes tears threatening to come out

"I know saying sorry isn't enough for how much I have disappointed you but I hope it will just show I've realized and regretted my actions, There is absolutely no excuse to hurt someone you love and iam so sorry my love." Justin says making me let out a few ugly cries,he kneels down hugging me tight letting me cry to my heart's content.

Justin let's go of the hug once my cries stop he takes out his handkerchief cleaning my face with it when his done I take it from him and blow my nose with it,I shyly look away from him when I see him raising a perfect eyebrow at what I just did.

"I was hurt by your behavior but I was never mad at you Justin after I did some thinking I figured you had a reason for your behavior so there is nothing to forgive" I tell him taking his hands in mine.

"Thank you Kitten I was so scared when I saw you hiding in Rose's car I thought you were running from me so many scenarios were playing in my head" Justin tells me looking sad

"Wait how did you see me hiding in there and why did Rose's hand and code didn't go through" I ask him curious

Justin laughs like really laughs and I can't help feeling happy when I see him like this because this is rare I even notice for the first time that he has a dimple on his left cheek.

"Kitten this is my property I know what's going on 24hours a day I have people who are always glued to cameras every second making sure to update me on everything out of the ordinary so when I was told that your security detail is taking a break without running it by me or Stephano I told them to start asking the right questions and get back to me and the rest is history" Justin says winking at me.

"And Rose security access being removed was a suggestion from my head of security who said her reckless behavior will one day get us in trouble and I guess he was right" Justin says balling his hand in a fist.

"Justin please don't be mad at her she was just being a friend my love" I tell him

"Say that again" He says holding me to his chest giving me a lusty look

"I said please don-" Justin cuts me off by shaking his head

"Not that Kitten,the last six words you called me" I think back to my statement and I blush when I realized what I said but Justin squeeze my butt playfully getting me to focus

"My love" I say looking at his stormy grey orbs that melts my heart everytime I look at thing our tongue's are dancing together as one in each others mouths creating a perfect rhythm.After 15minutes of our hot make out session Justin said we should stop because he still needs to go somewhere which he won't be able to do if we continue.

"Kitten open your last gift so I can know if you love it or not and I need to take a cold shower and head out." Justin tells me, I have forgotten about the last box,so i take it unwrapping the box and now it's a white box with the same words outside the box Harry Winston written inside there is a beautiful necklace with a teardrop diamond on it the necklace takes my breath away.

"Justin I can't accept these gifts they are too expensive and I will be scared to wear them in public they will draw attention to me and what if I get mugged like last time" I tell him closing the boxes.

"Well you deserve the world Kitten so I got you the most expensive roses in the world I was told they last up to a year and the jewelry is from the most expensive brand in the world I had to reveal my name to get these to me in a few hours." He responds

"And you don't have to worry about getting mugged because no one will dare touch you under my watch and if you lose these they're insured". Justin continued

"Justin this is too much I can accept the roses but the jewelry I can't "

"Giana I bought these things for you with pure intentions and the price of these things is something I make in 30minutes everyday so don't stress yourself if you really can't accept them than do whatever you feel like doing with them cause I won't be taking them back" Justin says looking serious

"But Ju-" Justin cuts me off by putting his finger on my lips shutting me up.

"This is the end of this conversation Kitten,I won't be taking that cold shower after all this conversation has done the cold showers job" he says taking out his phone dialing someone

"Let's get ready to move out in 10 and what's the last update from our scouts...Ok also let them know we coming...tell Stephano to get my toys loaded I will be riding with Snake....I need this drop off clean from our end and if things go west we fight to the death we leave no one behind who is one of us dead or alive we leave together let the men know and I will meet everyone there...Ok" Justin speaks on the phone and hang up afterwards.

He goes inside his closet for a few minutes he comes out wearing black jeans,a black Tshirt and black Jordan sneakers and a black Bently cap his outfit suits him but his mood has also changed his has that blank face his been avoiding meeting my eyes since the end of that call. I take deep breaths I can see that he is in his head right now.

"Justin you can't leave like this again, you leaving is the hardest part of dating you especially when we are not okay" I decide to be bold and share my feelings with him.

"Iam Very grateful for the gifts and I accept them wholeheartedly but please don't leave mad at me and I don't even know where you going or when you will be back,you need to start sharing your lifestyle with me" I hear Justin sighs he closes his eyes for a few seconds after he takes my hands in his.

"Kitten iam trying to breakdown walls I have put up when it comes to relationships sometimes I get confused with what to do in situations involving you but I'm willing to learn if you teach me but that is a topic for another day right now I can't risk having distractions meaning when I walk out that door my mission is to get the job done and protect my men at all costs I'm not in a relationship when I walk out that door you don't exist when I walk out that door that is why your safety is something I always take care of first but we are fine and I will always come back to you or come back for you no matter what,with regards to sharing my lifestyle you yes you deserve to know everything about me but that's dangerous to you but if you really want to know than I ask you to give me time to think about it...I can't think with my heart when it comes to my lines of business I need to treat business issues like business deals" Justin tells me

"Ok but I really need some alone time with you to really talk I mean have deep conversations and you're always busy I don't know how you found time to be a professor with such a busy life" I tell him making us both laugh at the end.

Justin tries to respond but gets cutted off my a call he looks at it and responds with a text when it stops ringing.

"Kitten I need to go,I love you and you are safe around the house I will try to come back to you sooner than you expect" he tells me kissing my forehead leaving quickly out the door but I open the door quickly only to to catch him taking the first step going downstairs

"Becareful and I love you and please don't let the lions inside" I yell making him stop on the 5th step he looks back at me with love smiling, He salutes me and continues going down.

I quickly go back to the room and go to the window to watch, I see 2 big black vans with tinted windows but I can see inside because the doors are still open inside there is about 6 men in each van and I see Justin near a black Lamborghini talking to 3 men being Stephano,Snake and the other man unknown after minutes of talking Justin goes to the Lamborghini with Snake,Stephano goes to one of the vans and the unknown man goes to the last van in seconds the doors close and they file out the drive way when they get to the gate they go out and 2 more black vans come inside when they get to the entrance doors the men come out with big guns all looking deadly they each move to different posts and a few minutes later a Chinese man wearing all black comes with the lions on a leash he makes them sniff something and he let's them loose after that they stand guard at the door with one sitting and the other standing.

The Chinese man looks up at me and salutes talking on a walkie talkie I move away from the window after being caught.

I say a small prayer for Justin and his men's safety and I get back and sit on a white leather couch inside this room taking my roses smelling them and putting on my jewelry taking pictures to post on my Instagram account with a caption " Iam the luckiest woman in the world".

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