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Chapter 30...Its alot happening in one day!!

I wake with a jolt,disoriented. I must have fallen asleep on the couch because I remember that I was waiting for Justin to return, I slowly sit up and look around the room in my dazed state and there is no sign of him so I reach for my phone looking at the time on it and it's 11:50pm which means his been gone for over 4hours now because he left at 7:30pm.

My stomach grumbles making me remember that I didn't eat lunch or dinner with everything that happened today I forgot. I get up deciding to use the toilet and to take a quick shower for hygiene purposes cause I'm feeling very uncomfortable right now.

After im done taking the shower I feel a bit better and fresh,my hair is styled in a ponytail and iam wearing Justin's hoodie it smells so much like him which brings me comfort I feel like iam wrapped around his forever loving arms.i decide to go downstairs to make something to eat because my stomach is really showing off right now with the grumbling getting louder every second. The house is very quite but all the lights are still on,I did see two men who popped up out of nowhere as soon as I got out the room but they kept a respectful distance from me.

Right now iam in this beautiful five star kitchen trying to find my way around and I'm truly struggling with where to find what,so I decided to check every cupboard until I get everything I need,I'm trying to make a chicken mayo sandwich which is quick and easy to make. I finally found all the ingredients and a pot to boil the chicken and a plate I will use to put my sandwiches on,im making 6 slices that's how hungry iam and I will make some chamomile tea as well to help with the nerves and sleep.

Finally done with making my 6 sandwiches and tea I sit down on the kitchen island and start digging in. I can't help the moans that come out from every bite I take that is how yummy my sandwiches are iam swinging my legs back and forth on the chair feeling like a child I guess this is my comfort food.The silence in the house is creeping me out and to make things worse iam in the kitchen alone I have seen too many movies where bad things happen to people alone in the kitchen so to take my mind off these wild thoughts I take my phone out and play music funny enough Dj Khaled ft Rihanna "Wild thoughts" song pop up making me giggle I decide to play it and next thing im swaying and grinding singing along while sitting down eating with thoughts of Justin on my mind in no time iam lost in the song. The song ends and I jump startled by someone clapping quitely behind me,when I turn around Justin is leaning on the kitchen entranceway his legs crossed.

"Wow I wish I was that chair" Justin says licking his lips seductively to me,I quickly jump down taking big steps towards him,Justin picks me up as soon as I get to him I wrap my legs around his torso and wrap my hands around his neck holding him to me.

"Somebody missed me I see" Justin says chuckling but I don't say anything back I just hold him more tightly,I didn't realize how much I missed him and how scared I was but now it hits me hard and now bad things that could have happened to him starts playing inside my head and my heart starts racing I find myself crying silently holding him to me not wanting to ever let go.

"Hey,Hey its okay,I'm here safe in your arms and I came back to you just like I promised,so no tears please Kitten" Justin soothingly says while rubbing my back trying to calm me down.

"Please don't leave again,I was so scared Justin" I tell him sniffing I'm sure if I had to look at myself in the mirror I would run because I know crying doesn't suit me iam an ugly crier my late brother use to tease me all the time about it.

"I will try not to leave as often as I do but this is my life Kitten,people glorify being in the Mafia or being wealthy but it comes with alot of sacrifices,blood shared,risks taken,hardships and sweats. This life is not as how people paint it to be ,this is why whenever I think of letting you in it I immediately get sick,you lose half of yourself and whatever fairytale you grow up believing in." Justin tells me looking at me straight in my eyeballs now.

"I will slowly ease you into it but as soon as I see this is not for you I will have to let you go even if it kills me to do so because you deserve happiness even if it's without me" Justin says now not looking at me but I see his jaws keep clenching.

"Justin where is this serious talk coming from right now? Can I please enjoy the feeling of being in your arms and you coming back to me unharmed,we will talk about all the serious things another time my love" I tell him truthfully not wanting to have this kind of conversation right now and in the kitchen.

Justin puts me down gently and I go back to my seat on the kitchen island but Justin remains where he is and I can see he is in his head again but how to I get him back to the now.

"Um are you hungry? I can quickly make something for you and you definitely need some of this tea I'm having" I tell him trying to make small talk,I'm desperate right now I need to distract him anyway possible.

"Thank you Giana but I'm good and I hate tea I can take a few sips of coffee but that is not a good Idea as it's 2am in the morning" Justin says giving me a small smile.

I'm now panicking and full of worry because Justin has called me by my government name which means he is really in his head,maybe something happened that really got to him while he was wherever he was,should I ask him about it but how will I start that conversation and how will he react to the conversation.oh lord give me strength and a sign because I'm lost right now I pray inwardly.

My little prayer is disturbed by one of the guys that popped up out of nowhere when I was leaving our room. He confidently comes in and stand near Justin making Justin frown at him.

"Sorry Don to disturb you but you are needed urgently at the warehouse" the guy tells Justin

"Which warehouse? what happened? Where is Stephano?" Justin asks the guy all these questions in one sentence his face is now blank again.

"The weapons warehouse,there was an attack,Stephano is already there" the guy respons also in one sentence

Justin takes out his phone and furiously types a few seconds later he looks intensely on the screen not even blinking his leg starts shaking ,his eyes are hard, his forehead wrinkles as he is watching whatever on his phone. A few minutes later he dials someone on his phone.

"Update on the situation" he barks on the phone

"How did this shit happen Mario? .....I want the fuckin rats found in the next 30minutes waiting for me in the no mercy room and if that is fuckin hard to do then consider yourself dead!! your family will forever be well taken care off ,iam Very disappointed that this happened under your nose Mario!." Justin barks and throw his phone on the wall the phone makes a big sound hitting the wall,the sound makes me scream and cover my head.

When I finally look up the buff guy is gone and Justin is back to typing furiously on another phone. Where and how did he get this phone now? Is the question on my mind,After a few minutes he looks up and he looks like he just realized now that iam still in here,his eyes softening when I our eyes locked, he is now looking sorry. Oh how quickly his mood and face changes in seconds baffles me I think to myself.Justin makes his way to me and now he is standing infront of me looking like a lost puppy.

"Mr Sky you are a man with many faces" I say teasingly smiling at him trying to ease the tension not wanting him to worry about me or us right now because it's obvious he has alot of things his dealing with and I don't want add to his stress instead I want to lessen it.

Justin doesn't say anything back he just starts to remove his hoodie on me slowly looking at me for approval and I help him get it off that is how I show him I approve at whatever he plans to do with me or to me.Justin sucks his teeth when he sees that I'm not wearing anything underneath his hoodie iam now naked infront of him because I'm not even wearing my panties.

"You are very bold Kitten for walking around only in my hoodie while there is about 20 plus man roaming around this property but right now I just want to be buried deep inside you I can't deal with that right now" Justin says kissing the side of my neck making me moan instantly giving him more access he starts running his hands on my back moving to my breasts playing with them causing goosebumps.

"We don't have long Kitten,i have to make this quick okay! But the way you responding to my touch we wont need to much time" Justin says grazing his lips on my ear creating more goosebumps on my body.

Justin caresses my behind he makes his way to my sex and he starts playing with my clit making me arch my back he slowly sinks one finger inside me moving it in a circle the feeling is heavenly after after a few minutes he adds another finger I moan loudly Justin crashes his lips to mine to quite my moans his torturing me with his hands right now,my stomach twists the need to release gets intense my grip on Justin tightens he picks up the speed with his fingers my breath hitches and I come apart convulsing around his fingers.Justin gives me a few seconds to catch my breath,he slowly removes his fingers and licks them closing his eyes moaning quitely.

"The best thing I have tasted today,delicious just like I imagined" Justin says giving me a boyish smile, I look down not believing what just happened right now

"No time to be shy right now Kitten" Justin says holding my chin up to look at him and kissing me again,my body starts getting hot again I run my fingers through his hair and I hear him unbuckling his belt of his jeans and undoes his zipper,Justin grabs my hips more to him.

"Open your legs for me Kitten" I happily comply.

He gently eases into me letting me adjust to his size and starts to move creating a sweet punishing rhythm.

"Are you still sore?" Justin asks his voice coming out with need.i shake my head no.

Justin eases out and slams back making chair move but he holds me tight in place

"Ahhh!!!" I cry out feeling all of him inside

"That's right baby let me hear you" Justin says now moving with powerful thrusts,this feeling is heavenly mind-blowing.

He stops kissing me and looks at me intensely like his searching for answers in my eyes.

"What are you doing to me Giana? What are these feelings that I'm feeling with you" He asks,he goes back to kissing me again not waiting for my answer,I grasp his arms when that intense feeling comes back again in my stomach

"Justin faster please, faster" I plead

"Your every wish is my command baby" Justin responds going faster than before, my body surrendering to his powerful thrusts after a few minutes I can't help the scream that comes out when I come my body shaking like a leaf holding on to Justin for dear life. After a few strokes he follows coming hard as well roaring like a Lion ,Justin's cum keeps coming for a few minutes his now just holding me his face on my shoulder his heartbeat fast and his breathing harshly. He pulls out of me gently and gives my forehead a kiss,He moves to one of cupboards taking out paper towels coming back to me he cleans himself off first and starts to clean me up but stops.

"No I can't clean you with this you can get Infection baby" He than takes off his Tshirt which I only notice now that his still wearing it and cleans me with it after his done he pulls his hoodie back on me,he also puts back on his jeans,throws away the paper towels and washes his hands.

After Justin is done also putting away my left over sandwich in the fridge.He picks me up bridal style but I protests

"No Mr Sky put me down my legs can still work" I tell him hitting his chest playfully

"If you legs still work than I did a bad job I'm ashamed of myself" he says acting sad making me giggle but he still doesn't put me down he continues walking.

We soon make it to our room and Justin tucks me inside the bed like a little girl

"Justin I need to take a shower I'm sure I smell like sex" I tell him trying to get out of bed but he stops me

"If you smell like sex than that means you smell like me which is very satisfying to my ego and Kitten it is now 3:30am you are supposed to be sleeping if you plan on going to attending classes tomorrow I mean today" Justin chuckles at his last statement

"I will take a shower in another guest room so that I dont disturb you and head out quickly to take care of this fuckery that happened" Justin's says his mood changing

" You are not superman Justin you also need sleep,rest and food too and I haven't seen you do any of that today" I argue

" It's a nice feeling to know you care about my well-being Kitten but iam fine baby you don't have to worry about lil old ugly me" he says laughing

" Just go to sleep and I'll join you soon okey I promise" He says giving me a quick kiss on the lips covering me with the covers walking out the door softly closing it behind him.

I yawn as sleep starts to come,Justin left half naked because he threw his Tshirt in the laundry basket when we got here, I say a small prayer for his safety and after that sleep welcomes me with open arms.

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