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Chapter 31...Our first useless fight.

"Giana" I faintly hear someone calling me

"Giana child wake up you will be late for your classes" The person says now shaking me gently trying to wake me up.

"Mom just 5 more minutes please" I whine sleepy,the person chuckles, Then the alarm on my phone I setup blared next to me waking me up,i peel my eyes open slowly sunshine is filling the room making me cover my eyes with my hand. My head is fuzzy from lack of sleep I take my phone switching the alarm off because it's still making noise giving me a headache after that I fall back into the comfy pillows closing my eyes.

"No,No its time to get up" The person who I can recognize as Maria now not my mom says removing the covers away from me but quickly puts them back when she sees that I'm only in a very short silky night dress with no underwear that I changed to when Justin's hoodie was too hot,I can't believe that man tucked me in bed wearing a hoodie I think amused.

"Well I see a smile on your face this morning you must have had a goodnight and you are a heavy sleeper too I have been trying to wake you up for the past 10minutes" Maria informs me.

"Thank you Maria for waking me up but I could still go for another hour of sleep" I tell her not planning on moving from this bed anytime soon.

Maria is cutted off from her response by the door opening and in comes Justin already dressed looking very very sexy in a grey suite matching his eyes.

"Kitten are you okey? Are you feeling sick?" Justin asks making his way the bed looking worried.

"Goodmorning to you too Mr Sky and No iam fine" I respond with my horse sleepy voice.

He visibly relaxes,he removes some of my hair in my face giving me that beautiful smile of his.

"There's my beautiful princess" he says when he has removed all the hair blocking my face

"Well I will leave since you here son,that princess of your is stubborn when it comes to waking up" Maria says walking to the door smiling at us,Justin tells her thank you and it's the first time I hear him say thank you so someone else besides me.

When the door closes Justin turns looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

"So you not a morning person baby"

"Iam but I feel so tired and irritated this morning I think it's the lack of sleep"

"I see,I would let you sleep in but I don't want you to fall back on your classes,you are an A student and I don't want to be a bad influence on you."

"Come, let's get you in the shower" he says removing the covers he looks at me hungrily licking his lips when he sees my body.He looks like he is having a battle on his mind,he steps back a little away from me scratches his head

"Um,I get the shower running for you" he says quickly turning around going to the bathroom,I finally get the strength to get up from the bed I make my way to the bathroom finding Justin testing the heat of the cascading water.He turns around avoiding coming close you.

" Meet me downstairs for breakfast when your done and will leave after" Justin says giving me a chaste kiss leaving closing the bathroom door softly behind him.

I take my sweet time in the shower,I take longer time lotioning my body and getting dressed a part of me wants to get Justin mad so we can be both moody i feel like starting trouble today.When I'm done getting ready and making the bed cleaning up a bit, I check if everything is there that I will need for school in my school bag including my phone and I leave making my way downstairs.

When I get to the kitchen I see Justin and Stephano deep in conversation, Rose is pushing her breakfast around they are all sitting on the kitchen island,all 3 heads turn to look at me when I enter.

"Goodmorning everyone" I murmur quitely avoiding eyes now regretting taking my sweet time getting ready because I can see Iam in trouble.

I take a sit next to Justin but move my chair away from him a little,Justin frowns at this but doesn't say anything he just pulls the chair towards him more that before we are now shoulder to shoulder next to each other.

"Goodmorning to you too Giana,how was your sleep" Stephano says giving me a smile which I returned

"Um,I slept very well thanks for asking and how was yours" I ask him back but before he can respond Rose gets up and excuses herself giving me a sad smile leaving,Stephano follows after her looking pissed.

"Is Rose okay?" I ask Justin concerned about her.

Justin shrugs his shoulders and start dishing food for me looking unbothered.

"Justin what is wrong with you? Don't you care about them I thought they were your "family" and isn't Stephano a friend of yours" I ask him raising my voice pushing the food he dished for me away.

Justin gives me a warning look but I don't care right now,how can he be so insensitive right now.

"Lose the attitude Giana we may excuse it by blaming it on lack of sleep and what is happening between two of my workers is none of my business if doesn't concern me" Justin says pushing back my plate of food and carrying on eating his breakfast.

Wow, today I see one of the many sides of the man sitting next to me, there is silence between us as we both eat our breakfast,once I'm done I get up taking my bag and leaving out the kitchen not even taking my plate to the sink that is how mad iam. right now my mannerisms are forgotten.

Tony is already waiting outside next to a white Bentley with tinted black windows,I give Tony a half smile and get inside at the back.I wait for a whole 30minutes till Justin shows up,he exchanged a few words with Tony and he makes his way to the driver's side getting in.

"Come to the front Giana" Justin orders looking at me in the review mirror.

I act like I didn't hear him I mindlessly scroll through my phone,I hear Justin getting out the car,immediately I get scared as to what he is going to do because I think I have really managed to piss him off right now,the door on my side opens roughly but I stand my ground not moving or reacting even though my heart beat has high rocketed.

"Giana if you don't get out this car in 5 seconds I will drag you out infront of all these men roaming this property."He says with clenched teeth.

I look around the property and I spot a few men moving around ,knowing Justin I believe his words so I slowly get out and stomp my foot on his making it look like accident murmuring a small sorry passing him and getting in the front.

Justin closes the door of the back seat,he comes back in the driver's seat he starts playing jazz music quitely driving out,his phone vibrates he ignores it.

We've been on the road for 15minutes and still there is silence between us I keep my act of being busy on my phone.

"You know Giana you are the only person who manages to piss me off and thoughts of killing them not cross my mind."

"I don't understand all these theatrics from you but just know you are the first and last person to get away unharmed"

I decide to not respond because if I do than things will get worse because it's obvious we both don't understand each other right now. He abruptly pulls over and removes his suite jacket throwing it at the back seat while his doing that I spot a gun on his waitst.

"Giana this silence between us is not working for me so right now you will tell me what is really wrong" He says holding my hand.i sigh loudly

"Justin my problem is that people i thought were close to you are not happy but you don't care as long as it doesn't concern you and guess what it does concern you because if Stephano or Rose is not fine than their work gets affected meaning your money or business gets affected." I truthfully tell him

"I have a rule of leave your problems at the door when at work so they know better and yes they are close to me but they are two adults inlove having a lovers quarrel that does not concern me a third party in their business just like I don't involve them in our quarreling." Justin says calmy to me

"And that may be something women do sharing their problems with each other but men hardly talk about problems they having in their love relationship, When I saw Stephano I saw that he was not himself so I asked if he was okay he said yes and told me it's women problems we shared a laugh and moved on to business and they will sort out whatever they dealing without us getting involved" he continues.

"Now I understand and I'm sorry for overreacting about this whole thing Justin,I didn't understand your actions before" I tell him now feeling stupid

"You see what minding other people's business does, I ended up getting my foot stomped at,getting shouted at and we spent half of our morning in silence,I didn't even get Goodmorning kisses all I got was my blood pressure up now how is that fair to our relationship." He says smirking at me

"I'm really sorry Justin I will do anything to make it up to you" I tell him wanting all to move past this.

"Well seeing that you have already missed 2 of your classes I might as well take you to work with me and I'll get you the notes of all your classes today"

I squel excited about him taking me to his work,I nod agreeing with his idea and I pull him to me for a hug, when I pull away from him he crashes his lips to mine kissing me passionately.

"I hate the feeling of fighting with you and your little attitude will get me grey hairs." He says ending our little car make out session.

"I'm surprised you don't have grey hairs already with your choice of businesses" I say teasing him

"Baby I was born into this life,I started training for this life very early in my life so this life hardships is nothing compared to the hardships of a love relationship" he responds chuckling,atleast this conversation is amusing to him I think to myself.

Justin starts driving again making me remember that he just parked out of nowhere.

"Justin is not risky to just park out of nowhere a man like you must have endless
enemies and they can attack us easily." I ask him

"Kitten I can perfectly take care of both of us in an attack as long as you follow my instructions but to answer you there is a black van that has been following us since we left the house" Justin informs me.

After 30minutes Justin pulls up at the Silloute Club place and memories of what happened last time I was here come back. I start to get uncomfortable remembering that side of him,I start playing with my hands because of nerves.

"Don't worry Kitten im just hear to check the books and updates on all my other clubs and see if there is any complaints from the workers,we will be out of here in no time okey" He assures giving me a quick kiss and getting out the car coming to my side to open my door.

Once out he puts his hand at my lower back guiding me inside and his face is blank showing no emotions.

Somebody please tell me why was I excited to come with him again? I guess I was just excited to be in his presence and spending time with him.

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