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Chapter 32...Big Bang sounds!!

Justin true to his words made sure we were in and out at the Silloute Club when we came in he ushered me to a small but classy office which he informed me that it was his,as soon as we entered his office he took off his shoes and suite jacket and started working on a lot of paperwork,checking somethings on his laptop and also talking on a conference call.When he was done with everything he told me he was going to a business meeting but will take me with so we can have lunch as well.

As we cruise through traffic there is comfortable silence in the car,Tony is now driving us I wasn't too surprised when we got out the club and another car was there with him inside.

"I have your all your notes and home work for today's classes,I will email them to you so you can also do some catching up on school stuff." Justin informs me while brushing my hand tenderly.

"Thank you baby" I say kissing the top of the hand his holding mine with. Justin smiles.

"Your most welcome, Kitten"

"Are you hungry? You didn't enjoy your breakfast this morning you were busy being angry at me" Justin says attempting to roll his eyes but failed miserably making me giggle

Yeah I could eat" I say playing it off like my stomach is not shouting at me right now for food.

In no time Tony pulls up at a fancy looking Mexican restaurant.

"We will have lunch here,we have an hour before the people im meeting get here" Justin tells me getting out the car coming to my side to open my door.

We quickly get inside his hand on my lower back guiding me to a table already reserved for him.

Once sitted a waiter comes to our table once we've exchanged greetings he asked us what we want to drink Justin orders whiskey.

"I would like a glass of wine please." I tell the waiter,Justin looks at me eyes wide in surprise but he doesn't say anything,we put in our food orders as well then the waiter leaves

"Giana why would you order wine because you don't drink"

"Umm,yes I don't but today I want to try for the first time"

"mmmmm" Justin says.

"You don't sound happy,why didn't you say anything when the waiter was here?".

"Kitten I don't have a problem with you drinking but why now?" Justin says giving me a concerned look.

"I wanna try now because I'm with a person I trust,love and feel safe with and I know you will take care of me if something goes wrong.I need to start trying to leave my life without fear of the past,I need to forgive my father too." I tell him now feeling emotional

Justin gets up from his sit and comes next to me bending down to my level giving me a passionately kiss leaving me breathing hard when we pull apart,he goes back to his seat.

"Kitten your words went straight to my heart I can never get used to being loved by someone like you and one day when you ready I would really like to know about your father in fact your whole family." He says taking my hand holding it again.

I have never felt so comfortable and safe in somebody's company like this before and iam now used to his moods I've become immune to them.

Our drinks and food comes,we start eating in comfortable silence. Justin looks at my reaction when I sip my sweet red wine.

"How is it" he asked,I take another 2 sips just for the dramatics while he waits for my answer

"The taste is foreign in my mouth but I like the bitter sweetness of it." I say truthfully

"Well you will get used to the taste as time goes and let me know if you not feeling okay baby" Justin says going back to enjoying his lunch.

We are done eating 40minutes later and Justin asked for another whiskey and glass of wine for me, now we are both sipping lazily on our drinks feeling full and satisfied.

"Oh Kitten tomorrow it's the weekend and I have been invited to a birthday dinner of one of the Russian Mafia leader,would you like to go with me it's a mask themed party." He says

"I would love to go but I will have to go shopping for an outfit" I tell him already trying to see an outfit in my mind.

"Don't worry about that, my tailor will come in the morning to get our measurements done and get us outfits for the party" Justin informs

"Can I please also have an option to choose,I don't want to wear something I won't like or feel uncomfortable in" I ask

"Ofcourse baby,you can also choose my outfit too and your final word goes I will wear whatever you choose for me,you are the one who will be stuck with me the whole night" he says giving a his famous boyish smile

I'm disturbed from talking by Justin face immediately changing,the calm look gone,the soft look in his eyes gone,his jaws now looking sharp and tense. He focus is on something or someone behind me.

I'm scared to even turn back to see what got him looking like a predator ready to pounce on his prey. After a few 2minutes or so, three older looking well dressed men appear to our table.

They greet Justin calling him Don Mamba,Justin nodded acknowledging their greetings they sit down after, they didn't even greet me but I did see them giving me looks. These men are RUDE I conclude in my mind.

"Gentleman without wasting my time let's get to the business of the reason you asked to meet with me today" Justin says eyeing the three men.

"Don Mamba we heard that you and Markov have parted ways and that you have a price for his head and the people who were helping him behind your back" The taller man of the three says

Justin says nothing but gestures for the man to continue.

" We don't know what you've heard but we just want to clear things by letting you know that our loyalty is with your family as it has been for decades" the man continued

"Thank you Harry for reminding me of your loyalty but I still don't know what is the reason for this meeting" Justin says

The men start shifting in their seats.

"Don we what we trying to assure you of is our loyalty to you."

Justin gets up comes to my side and I get up too he takes my hand leading me out the restaurant

"Those fuckers think I'm a clown,they betray me and have the balls to come and tell me shit wasting my time." Justin shouts opening the car door for me ushering me in

Once inside the car Tony can sense Justin's rage so he quickly drives off once we both inside the car,Justin is fuming he is typing furiously on his laptop,he gets a call he keeps switching to different languages I think he is on a conference call he is only shouting.

Justin has been on this call for over 15minutes now but out the blue we gunshots I let out a loud scream from the gunshots,Tony gets into action swerving the car trying to avoid the bullets Justin springs into action as well pushing me down covering my body.

"T, get us to safety I will take care of these roaches." Justin orders

"Giana no matter what stay down,down move until I say so okay!" Justin orders again but he doesn't wait for my answer he moves away from me and he pushes off one of the seats taking out 3 granades and he is holding a silver hand gun.

Justin opens the window on his side and starts shooting,I hear car tyres screeching and a loud bang afterwards.

"One down T,3 to go!" Justin informs still shooting a few seconds later another loud boom sound is heard.

Justin quickly closes the side of his window and now opens the rooftop climbing out with 3 knives in his hand while he has 2more on his waist that I spotted when he was climbing out,bullets fly for a long 5minutes and two loud bangs sounds making the car swerves side to side. I scream so loud when I see Justin's body come tumbling down on the front screen of the car he manages to hold his balance for a few minutes his just holding on I guess trying to get his strength back. A car hit us trying to run us off the road making Justin lose his hold on one of his hand,he quickly takes out a knife of his waist and throws it at the other car's tire making their car swerve this gives Justin to climb back up on the car he quickly makes it inside he reaches under the seat taking out another grenade.

"T, create a distance between us and them so I can finish this off" He barks.

The car moves faster and Justin throws the grenade and the booming sound again. Justin gets back inside falling on the seat.

"T,take us home.Giana stay down till we get back home" Justin faintly commands.

After 20minutes we get to Justin house,we are welcomed by Stephano,Snake and 2 other unknown men to me.

I get out the car quickly,Tony gets out too quickly opening the door for Justin, He slowly gets out his face showing pain once he is all the way out he takes a few steps and his legs buckle he stops I try to move to him but Stephano shakes his head no coming to me.

"I know you have a need to help him right now but Justin never shows weakness infront of his men no matter what,you will help him when you guys are alone". Stephano says

"But he is hurt,what if he falls hurting himself more because of his ego" I respond

"It's not ego Giana and you won't understand but as our leader he has to be like this just dont interfere it won't turn out good for you." He says

Justin shirt suite jacket is turning red,he starts moves again until he gets inside im following him behind. He stops at the first step of the stairs turning back looking past me.

"Tell the men we have a meeting in a hour" Justin says to whoever behind me.

"No!! there is no meeting in a hour, you will be checked by me and the doctor first and you will rest for 8hours then I will see if you can have that meeting" I say looking at him Straight in his eyes letting me know I'm ready for a fight and will not back down.

He doesn't say anything he just starts getting up the stairs slowly taking breathing breaks now and then, when I tried to help him he told me No, we are on the 6th step right now im behind him so I can catch him if he falls.

His legs buckle again he nearly falls but holds himself up.

"Justin please let me help you" I beg him

"No, Kitten I'm fine,you will not unman me any time soon" he says chuckling

Atleast he can still try to crack jokes.

We finally made it inside our room and he falls to his knees immediately breathing very heavy. I spring into action and help him get to the bed I take off all his clothes only leaving his boxers. His shirt,blazer and pants are soaking wet with his blood, I wanna cry so bad but I tell myself it is not the right time to break down right now.

I take a warm cloth wiping his body letting me see where he is hurt and he has 3 bullet wounds one on the shoulder,one on the his stomach and last on on his thigh.

I quickly get to work removing the bullets and stitching him up just as Justin taught me the last time he accidentally shot himself.

I'm done in 45minutes,Justin didn't give me any problems when I was patching him up I only heard his groans from pain.

I take a big towel warming it up cleaning him up again,I take his clothes to the laundry basket.

I go to the side of his bed where he normally takes out pills for me to drink,I find pain killers there I give him 3 not wanting to overdose him because I don't know how strong they are.

Just as he starts to fall asleep from exhaustion and blood loss his doctor comes in.Iam mad at him why did he take so long to come because I know he gets pain tons of money for this shit of service.

The doctor examines his wounds and stitches,he gives him a few pills.Justin takes them mumbling that alcohol will be a better choice right now.

The stupid doctor finishes and leaves after telling me about the medication and how to take it promising to come back tomorrow morning to check on him.

When I look at Justin his eyes are now closed I panick going to him immediately listening to his heartbeat only to be startled by him touching my hair.

"I'm still alive Kitten,I have more than 9 lives" he says faintly.

"Okey,get some rest my love. I will be here watching over you when you wake-up" I say running my fingers in his hair.

"Come lay down with me I will fall asleep faster" he says I don't hesitate I get behind him in bed but don't touch him not wanting to touch his wounds

In no time he falls asleep once I see his peacefully sleeping I get out the bed and go take a quick shower planning to study afterwards.

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