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Chapter 33...A frustrated Justin

I'm lying down on the bed with Justin,my head is resting on his chest but on the side of his shoulder where he was not shot at, he woke up an hour ago after 4hours sleep. that time gave me a chance to catch up on my studies. Being in this position with him is so pleasing to me I feel relaxed all the drama that happened today forgotten just for now.

Listening to Justin's heartbeats and him playing with my hair with his fingers is making me sleepy,it's like his singing a lullaby to me.We suddenly hear commotion outside our room there's people arguing harshly, I tried to get up but Justin held me down gently shaking his head no.

"Justin let me see what is happening,what if it's something serious like an attack" I say to him

"And if it's an attack what are you going to do baby" Justin asks amused.

"I don't know but I will do anything to save us" I tell him truthfully

"Oh! my little kitten I hope that time never comes for you to be that vulnerable but whatever is happening outside right now is not that serious my men would have alerted me already if it was." Justin says unbothered

Just when he finished that sentence the door is kicked open making a loud disturbing sound,Justin sensed my next move which was to move away from him frightened his hold on me got stronger preventing me from moving.

Justin's mother and his ex come tumbling inside followed by Snake and another unknown man but I have seen him around just that we have not talked or been introduced.

"Oh my baby" Justin's mother says rushing to his other side.

"Why am I only hearing about you being hurt from Maria? Not even your father told me. I can't even count on your men they are useless.she says this glaring at the two men standing by the door looking bored but I gave them and your father a peace of my mind for that,I mean I'm the one who carried you for 9months and pushed you out of me I deserve to know if my baby is hurt dammit!!!." She continued.

"Mother what is the reason for all this drama? You do realize that you have come inside our room without permission meaning Giana and I could have been busy doing things you surely never want to witness" Justin says to her

"Oh please I'm your mother I have seen you naked from the day you were born and your father and I still do those things that YOU surely never want to witness." She says rolling her eyes at him

Justin looks uncomfortable by this conversation so he just glares at her and that's when his Ex decides to make her presence Known by coming forward with fake crying.

"Oh Juju I was so worried when your mother told me the news, how are you feeling" she says now standing next to me but Justin ignores her and looks at his mother.

"Mother im fine,you have seen me shot from the age of 13, this not something new to you but I do appreciate your love and concern. Giana has been taking very good care of me." Justin says looking at me adoringly making me blush.

Justin's mother now looks at me with an unreadable look but does not say anything back. We are saved by Snake announcing the doctor's arrival.

The doctor comes in and asks for privacy while he checks on Justin after greetings.
Justin's mother says goodbye to her son but threatening to come back if he doesn't answer her calls and her minion follow her obediently behind her, im so happy inside right now because Justin didn't give her any attention or even acknowledge her presence and fake tears.

The doctor leaves after 30minutes,Justin asked me to help him with showering but refused when i tried helping to get dressed, he is currently struggling with putting his sneakers on. He is wearing casual clothes which is long black basketball shorts,Armani white Tshirt and white and red Jordan's.

"Ah Fuck this!!" Justin barks throwing away his sneakers frustrated and I keep quite not wanting to say anything to get him riled up more.

He goes to the night stand taking his phone putting it in his short. His whole face shows frustration right now.

"I will be across the hall in my office if you need me" he says

"Justin why don't you work here on the bed" I say instead of saying what I really wanted to say

"No i can't, there is a video conference call i need to make and they need to see me in my office,I don't want them thinking im weak because that can make these little fuckers want to try an attack on me again, in this business you never show weakness and I know that bitch is working for some of my enemies she came here to confirm things. I need to find and kill the people who attacked us today I will send a message to all the others who might wanna try me. They think I have gotten soft since I met you,I need to remind them why im called Mamba or the Monster Don." He says

"Ok but I'm coming with you to make sure you okey and please don't fight me on this Justin." I say

Justin looks at me for a few seconds and motions with his head for me to follow him.

After a few minutes of walking we make it to his office I help him settle down,his office looks like a presidential office.

Once his settled he turned on his computer and started working but iam amazed because he is doing something on his phone,laptop and computer he is multitasking hard right now he even putted on his eyeglasses making look sexy mysterious and intimidating at the same time.

"Goodevening gentlemen,thank you for making yourselves available in little time i gave you, so without wasting anyone's time im sure you all know about the attack on me today,the meeting I had with the Billiati Mafia before the attack and my situation with Markov, so I just want to let you know im in perfect condition to still lead and just know that if you hear about any volcanoes happening in the underworld im involved,I have a list to get through it's long overdue." Justin says with a blank face on the screen of his computer.

" Well that is all from my side, is there anything you would like to ask or say about what I just said" he continues

I don't hear anyone from the other side.

"Well have a goodnight and I see you all tomorrow at the party." He says shutting off his computer.

I look at him like really look at him,this is the strongest man I have ever met,he has so many layer's to him I can never pinpoint as to what or who he really is right now but I do know that he is strong,fearless,strong willed,confident,loyal and flexible when it comes to his title as Don or business man and he is a loving,caring,protective and attentive man when it comes to me and his loved one's.

When I look at him I see the father of my kids,a loving husband and my forever man. Yes he has his flaws like every other person but I trust him with all of me. I see myself by his side standing tall with him. He is my soul mate,I can hardly believe my good fortune but iam also scared that I will not get my happy ever after with him because of the life he was born into,will he be there when our kids grow up,will he be there for me when I need him the most in our lives, I fear that one day he won't come back to me or I will get a message that he is no more.

"Hey baby whats wrong? Why are you crying" I'm brought back to reality by Justin getting up fast coming towards me,I didn't even feel myself crying I was so lost in my thoughts.

"Giana what's wrong, are you in pain? Talk to me Kitten who do I kill for these tears" he says rubbing my back soothingly

"You" I respond,Justin looks at me confused

"You the reason im crying" I say

"What did I do?" He asks still confused

"You don't listen,look at your tshirt you bleeding again" I say when I see his tshirt with blood,Justin looks at himself and groans. I think he only now feels the pain.

"I must have ripped my stitches when I moved quickly coming to you but I'm not worried I have a very beautiful,sweet girlfriend who will patch me up" he says smiling down

"When I saw you crying my heart nearly jumped out,you had me worried Kitten. Your tears are my weakness" he says kissing me on my forehead lovingly.

"I can't wait till I get these fuckers of stitches off me so I can make sweet,unhurried passionate love to you,I want to worship every part of that sexy,soft body of yours which is all mine till death do us apart" he says leaning down capturing my lips gently giving one of those stomach butterfly kisses I don't hesitate to return his kisses making us both moan in satisfaction.

We are disturbed by a knock on his office door,Justin says a low "Come in" but the person on the other side did hear because a second later Tony came in.

"Goodevening Giana, Don I have received word from Stephano that the three attacks were successful with one men down from our side, it's Lou he is in intensive care in our hospital and we've finally found Markov whereabouts Stephano has 3men following him until you give them the go ahead to take him in." Tony says in business mode and I'm shocked because this is the first time I seen him talk this much or this way.

"Good,I will call Stephano to Congratulate him on holding things just like I taught him, he is the best at his job I trust him with my life that is why one day he will be my successor." Justin says smiling proudly

"T,You did a great job today as well im very proud to call you family and my number one trusted driver,check you bank balance after this and no I don't want to hear you it's too much." Justin says bringing him in a half hug

Another shocker people!. Another side of Justin comes out about how he feels about his men.i think Tony is overwhelmed by this compliment because he turned red in the face making me giggle a little.

"Tomorrow I will personally lead 3 attacks early morning and the other 2 midnight after the party but the one at the party will be led by Snake it's time I let him fly his wings I have sheltered him for long now but Stephano and I will be on stand by if things go north. Let the right people know and this is top secret,feed the rats the wrong cheese and we will deal with them when all the attacks done." He continues after than Tony politely dismissed himself from the office.

"Now where we my beautiful goddesses" Justin says attempting to pick me up and immediately regretting it when he feels pain

" Let's get you out of here Mr Sky because you forgetting that you are hurt, I will look at the damage you have done to yourself after you will have dinner with me and we call it a night okey" I say pulling him out the office

Justin doesn't object he just nod,I guess he really did hurt himself bad if he goes mute,he just followed me like a lost puppy. I wish he was like this all the time when i tell him to do something.

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