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Chapter 34...You Dare bully his Kitten?

Today is the day of the party that Justin asked me accompany him to,right now im in the kitchen preparing breakfast for Justin. I did clear it with Maria first because she's in charge of running things in this household even though Justin told me to do whatever I want whenever i want without asking but I don't want to step on her toes since our relationship is getting better.

I'm busy making toasted bread,scrambled eggs,bacon,fruit salad with yoghurt sprinkled with Chia seeds and Cranberry juice which I have managed to get Justin hooked on it.

I'm almost done,I'm only waiting on the bacon because Justin and I like our bacon very crispy but not burned. I'm standing on the stove checking the bacon when I feel uneasy and feel a presence behind me,I turnaround seeing Pepper glaring daggers at me, we have a staring contest for a few minutes both of us daring each other to break first and if she thinks she can intimidate me well I feel sorry for her iam dating Justin Sky I have learned a few tricks from the sexy beast.

"You still here? I thought you'd been gone by now, I guess the rumors are true" She says losing the stare down between us,she passes me going to the sink but when she passed she bumped my shoulder hard making me move back a few steps as I was not expecting her move.

"Oh excuse me" She says with a smug look but I decide not to entertain her right now because I have a man to feed and I'm in a good space emotionally this morning plus I have no idea why she dislikes me but alot of people seem to have a problem with me these days without reason if my ex bestfriend Mika and Cousin Selena can do me dirty why can't a stranger do the same.

I get back to checking the bacon in time before it burnt,I hurriedly take it out the pan and start to dish food for me and my man,I turnaround to get the cranberry juice from the fridge but when I turn back to the plates Pepper has my plate in her hand with that smug look again.

"That's my food,please put it down if you want a plate you can dish your own I made a lot so that anyone who wants can have." I tell her calmy but boiling inside.

"Nah i'll take this ones, why waste my precious time making a plate when there is one ready for me" She responds with a raised eyebrow

"Pepper im really not the mood to argue with you and I don't have time for your childish games,Put the my plate down and make your own." I say moving towards her to take it but she holds the plate higher as she is taller than me.

"Pepper!!" I say in warning, instead she makes puppy faces laughing at me, her friend Shannon comes in looking at us confused but Pepper laughed harder.

"What are you two doing and When did you get back Pepper?" Shannon asks still looking confused

"Oh hey Bestie,I'm just teaching miss mousy here that she doesn't belong here and I came back last night." Childish Pepper responds

"Pepper you know better than to do that to the Don's woman,you will get into big trouble for this" Shannon tells her now looking serious

"Oh please she is just a temporary thing nothing serious,Justin is just infuriated by her but it's just a phase once it's gone he knows im the one he needs and Is miss mousy going to run to her temporary boyfriends crying? mmm" Pepper says mocking me

Pepper's actions bring back childhood memories of bullying i worked so hard on forgetting and as they come back hitting me hard like bricks all the therapy sessions I had fly out the window,all I see is the bullying happening again and the tears come down like rain. I stop trying to get my plate back, I slowly back away from her and quickly leave the kitchen tears running down my face, I run like i always did all those years ago when i was being bullied.

My eyes are blurry with tears,I run into a hard chest just when im about to hit the floor the person catches me and steadied me.

"I'm so sorry mam',I wasn't watching where I was going. Did I hurt you" The man asks

"No im the sorry one,you did not hurt me. If you'll excuse me please" I say politely moving away from the man running upstairs.

I get to our room but when I'm about to pull the door handle down I think about Justin seeing me like this,he will think I'm weak and I will prove Pepper right by what she said about running to him so i go to Justin office as it's the only empty place im sure of right now. When I get inside his office i lock the door and I sit down on the floor silently crying my eyes out.

It's been over 15minutes now since I've been in here and the tears are still coming because it's like im watching a horror movie starring me as the main character. There is a hard knock on the door but I close my eyes shut ignoring whoever is knocking but my intuition knows already who and it's the person i need more than anything right now but also doesn't want to see me like this because I'm scared of what he might think of me or what he could do to the people responsible for me being like this.

I look a mess that I know and already knowing im an ugly crier i look worse that's a given.

"Baby move away from the door,im coming in whether you open the door for me or not. I just don't want to hurt you because you laying down close it." Justin says calmy but his voice is on edge.

Ofcourse it's Justin he will know im in here and where,nothing goes past that man.I think to myself rolling my eyes inside atleast that takes my mind off the movie im currently in.

"Justin I need 5 more minutes please and I'll get out your office,don't come in." I respond to him.

"Let me in and I'll give you the minutes you want while im inside,I promise not to say anything until you want me to but I need to be there with you for my own sanity as well. " He says pleading, I won't lie and say his words doesn't touch my heart and I know his worried about me and if I don't want him killing people for no reason just because I refused to open the door for him I better open this door.

I move away from the door getting up slowly, damn my body hurts from being on the floor so long. I open the door and our eyes locked immediately. Justin stands there hiding his emotions from me he has his poker face on but the way his breathing is coming out harshly I know he is beyond angry.

"Come in Mr Sky" I say my voice hoarse and hurting from the crying. I try to lighten the mood because I hate seeing Justin with any kind of emotion beside being happy.

He comes in closing the door with his foot not losing eye contact with me.

He goes to his seat behind his desk motioning me to come to him when his seated,I make my way to him and stand in front of him but he takes my hands brings me closer to him and pulls me down to sit down on his lap,When im seated on his lap he looks at me with those grey orbs that make my knees weak everytime I look at them but this time they are telling me alot of his feeling, Justin brings his hands to my face and I unconsciously flinched closing my eyes waiting for a slap to come but after a few minutes I feel nothing so I open my eyes and I see Justin's whole face looking like an untamed beast ready to destroy whatever infront of him but he is just waiting to be let lose so he can feast.

"Giana i already know what happened earlier but now I want you to tell me what happened to you in the past in your life because what happened today is what triggered your past." Justin says with a strained voice having a hard time talking.


"It's okay i will find out with or without your permission I just wanted you to tell me but I understand you don't want to relive whatever happened i respect that but whoever is the cause will not live to see another day when I find out."He says

"I'm sorry I don't have the strength to retell what happened im already suffering with the memories in my head but one day I will because i love you and trust you Justin and when you find out please don't judge me as weak and a meek person.." I say to him my crying starting all over again.

Justin kisses my forehead a couple of times and hugs me tightly on his chest and I cry in his chest soaking his shirt with my tears,I'm just glad that this time I have someone to hold me giving me comfort and I feel safe with him.

My tears run dry after a few minutes of crying now it's just hiccups and sniffing here and there from me that come out,Justin hasn't moved or let go of the hug.

We are quite for a couple of minutes and my eyes start drooping falling asleep from the comfort of Justin's body heat.

"I guess I might as well start making plans for you to study from home because we are facing another day of you not attending school. I'll get someone to get you a private tutor too." Justin says

"No, i want to go to school today" I tell him yawning

"I'm not letting you attend school with the state your mind is in" he responds shaking his head.

I have no source of energy for this conversation right now so I just cuddle more into him getting chuckles in return from him.

After a few minutes later i wake when Justin adjusts the way his holding me when he stands with me still cuddling into him.

"Go to sleep,we will eat breakfast or lunch together depending on when you will wake up."Justin says

I don't respond because I'm already crossing over to dreamland.

I'm startled by Justin shouting.

"Get the fuck off of sight right this fucken second before I remove your head from your body with my hands!!!" Justin shouts.

"Justin please I'm sorry" the person plead

"Maria!!! Maria!!! " he shouts now im wide awake

"Justin im begging you please give me one more chance please" its Pepper crying

"Who the fuck you calling Justin? Am I your mate? Boyfriend? Family? Where do you get the privilege to call me by that name,who authorized it?" he shouts getting up from the small desk situated at the corner of the room with his laptop and lots of papers on it. I guess it was done today because it was not here before.

Justin gets to her fast and goes for her neck holding her up her legs dangle in the air. In seconds her faces shows pain,her face turned red instantly and she tried to remove his hand from her neck but failed,she tries to talk im shocked by what he does next he punches her on her stomach knocking the air out of her. I scream bloody murder not believing what I just witnessed.

I quickly make my way to him,im a few feet away from him im also scared to come close to him right now. I keep calling him but it's not working if he doesn't let her go soon she will die and I Can't witness someone's death im not ready for that in my life.

Soon Stephano and Snake burst inside and remove him from her but they take a few hits from him but atleast they managed to make him let her go to focus on them. Maria comes with a big syringe and carefully sneaking up on Justin while he is fighting with Stephano and Snake they are not fighting him back but only ducking his hits.
My protective instincts kick in and I move fast hitting the syringe away from Maria's hand just as she was about to stick it in. The syringe flies away.

"What the hell you doing" I shout, I wince from the pain feeling from my throat.

My shouting gets Justin's attention,he turns around asses the situation for a few split seconds and moves fast looking at Maria deadly, the two men fighting Justin off quickly move into action and caught him off guard tackling him down Stephano takes out another syringe sticking it in him fast by the time Justin removes it after knocking Stephano out with a punch its too late. His eyes starts dilating fast but he gets up staggering,he takes steps towards me as soon as he gets to me he falls taking me down him.

Justin fights off sleep but his whole body has gone soft like noodles,he tries to touch me but his hand falls. He pauts frustrated making him look adorable. After minutes finally he closes his eyes.

Snake sighs out loudly bringing me back to the situation at hand.

"What did you do to him? How can you betray him like this?" I say not being able to move Justin on top of me as he is heavy but he is squashing me right now.

"Giana relax, nobody betrayed the Don instead we stopped him from killing someone and feeling guilty about it later. We gave him a sedative,Justin gets really dangerous when he gets too angry and today was that day he tends to lose himself when pushed over the limit.When he gets like this even us are his enemies and the only option is to sedate him,he will tell you why he gets like this when he feels comfortable but this has been his life after the trauma he went through on his 18th birthday. Snake informs.

Snake removes Justin from me and gets him inside the bed and moves to check on Pepper who I have forgotten about,he picks her up leaving with her over his shoulder with Maria following behind. I noticed that Pepper pee'd on herself.

I move to check on Stephano and it's still light out,I don't even try to move him because I know I won't be able to so i move to check on Justin and he looks like his sleeping peacefully.

Snake comes back to pick Stephano up and tells me to put 3 bottles of water and pills for pain next to Justin because his gonna wake up with a killer headache,he leaves after. I do as Snake said and get behind Justin cuddling him falling asleep as well after a few minutes.

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