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Chapter 35...Side effects.

I'm woken up by someone knocking on the door interrupting my wonderful dream I was having about swimming with dolphins.

I get up dragging myself to the door to open it before this knocking also wakes up Justin and I don't know how his mood will be when he wakes up because of the injection they gave him,Snake didn't tell me about any side effects he told me about the killer headache he will have only.

I open the door and a beautiful lady with brunette hair and blue eyes is standing there with a smile holding a beautiful Birkin bag and she smells really really nice too.

"Hi my name is Angela and you must be the gorgeous Giana that Justin told me about." Angela introduces herself still smiling genuinely

"Hi Angela,yes iam Giana but I don't know about the gorgeous part" I say taking the hand she is offering me for a handshake smiling as well.

"Listen my dear never look down on yourself especially if you dating a fine specimen like Justin you need all the confidence you can master up because there are vultures waiting to pounce on you and you are beyond gorgeous." Angela says.

"Oh Thank you Angela, You are drop dead gorgeous and smell very nice as well." I compliment her truthfully

We are both blushing from the compliments we've exchanged to each other,I guess she also on the shy side or hates attention on her.We are disturbed by a painful groan behind me and I quickly turn back seeing Justin waking up in bed stretching but quickly stops holding his head in pain.

I scurried over to him and grabbed a bottle of water and pills gently handing it to him,his eyes were closed shut but as soon as i touched him giving him the water and pills he opened his eyes squinting and took the water started drink immediately with the pills in one go.

"More" Justin says his voice deep from sleep and I give him another bottle he finishes it in one go again asking for another one which I oblige giving it to him,When he finishes the 3rd bottle he slowly sinks back into the pillow sighing.

"My love are you okay? Are you feeling any pains? Is there something you need?" I say massaging his head with my fingers. His eyes are now close but his face is not showing any signs of pain.

"No,I'm good baby my limbs feel a bit numb right now but it will go away after a few minutes. Who you talking with at the door?" He says eyes now open making me relax as soon as I see my favorite grey eyes. I had forgotten about Angela or that someone else is with us.

I turnaround seeing her still by the door slightly leaning on it,I feel guilty for leaving her at the door like without excusing myself or giving her an explanation.

"Um Angela please don't stand there come on in ,im so sorry for just leaving you like that" I say to her looking very sorry.

"Oh no Giana it's okay,your man is your first priority and that will make you a great mother one day putting your loved ones first." She says coming inside taking a seat on the comfy leather couch we have in here.

I blush again at the compliment,Angela has a way with words.

"Angela get your paws off my princess and we won't have any problems sweetheart." Justin says chuckling looking at Angela with a raised eyebrow.

"Nice to see you too smurf and you lucky she is yours and I'm not planning on making myself your enemy anytime soon because I know your list is kinda full right now." Angela says jokingly.

I'm surprised by the way they communicating its like they are just siblings annoying each other or like they are old friends,im not picking up any negative energy or sexual energy between them.

"Mmm don't forget the im still your boss part too" Justin says smirking at her

"Ah how can I forget the man that's making it rain for me like manna from heaven in my life" She says making Justin burst with laughter,his laughter is so contagious I join in,Angela just giggles shaking her head. If Justin only knew how his laughter makes me happy he will never stop laughing.

When we sobered up from laughing,Angela looked at her Rolex watch.

"Okay play time is over kids it's time i get to what makes "my boss" makes it rain for me" She says getting up and opens her Birkin bag taking out taping measurements and her iPad out.

I look at Justin confused but his already closed his eyes again I now really start to worry that something is wrong with him but his ego won't let him tell me about it. I plant a kiss on his forehead that makes him open his eyes smiling at me.

"Are you okey? And don't lie to me please" I ask him

"Kitten I'm good I swear,I have gone through this alot of times so I know im OK my body is just fighting off the sedative. Angela will take your measurements for the dress for tonight's party and you will choose our outfits with her too by the time your done I will be fully functional" He says brushing his hand on my face soothingly.

"Why do they give you this thing if it takes a toll on your body like this? Isn't there something else they can give you" I ask Concerned about his health

"No,this is the best stronger one which works in minutes preventing me to do more damage but don't worry my doctors approved it so it won't harm my health or Mamba is still very functional" he says looking down at his pants winking at me making me laugh at his silliness.

"Ok lovebirds break it up,Giana come closer to me please and leave the Ogre of a man" Angela says rolling her eyes at Justin.

"One day I'm gonna let Snake tear that ass apart and leave you in crutches shutting off that smart mouth of yours because we both know that man lusts after you" Justin says shaking his head at her.

"Uuuu I'm scared..I will rip his balls off and feed them to him and you know I don't do men because they have cooties while women have juices" She says licking her lips looking at me provoking Justin

"Ok ,knock it off smart mouth and get to work" Justin says giving her a playful glare.

Angela indeed gets to work measuring me and after we look at dresses for an hour arguing about my sense of style and her bashing my taste of fashion playfully. We have a good time laughing,arguing and complaining about each other for a good 3hours while Justin dosed off having a party in lalaland.

After we have finally agreed on the outfits she leaves promising to come back after an 2hours with the outfits and glam squad to make us look humans.

It's now 4pm and the party starts at 9pm so there is still plenty of time to get ready. I have an option of joining Justin in bed again or going downstairs to make us something to eat but the second option is tough because I don't want to run into Pepper or anything to ruin the little happiness I feel right now but I also don't want to tell Justin my feelings his been through alot as well. I'm disturbed from my thoughts by a knock in the door,I quickly get to the door opening it for the person knocking and it's Maria.

She gives me a faint greeting along with a faint of a smile as she passes me getting inside with a tray full of food. I thank the heavens because im hungry I haven't eaten anything at all today and I know Justin has not as well.

"Um Giana I want to apologize to you about Pepper's-" She says but get cutted off by Justin speaking

"Don't ever mention that name ever again in my presence,I understand she is family to you and I respect that's where your loyalty lies in this situation but for my sake and Giana's that name must never be mentioned here again." Justin says..when did he wake up? I question myself because i could swear that he was sleeping soundly minutes ago.

Maria bows in respect and leaves after that. Truthfully I don't know how I feel about Pepper right now and she did mention that once Justin was done with me he was going to realise that he wants her meaning she has feeling for him which has turned her into a delusional person so her actions were done by someone who thinks she is inlove and the man loves her too making me feel sorry for her but maybe after sometime Justin will forgive her as he once thought of her as family.

"Kitten we are both starving right now can you please help me get out of this stupid bed and you need to stop being in your head too much." He says not sitted up in bed.

"Don't worry love,let me bring the food to you than we can have it there." I respond making my way to the tray with food.

"No,I need to test my legs and stretch myself to see if I'm still numb." He says, I agree with him on that one. I also need to see for myself if his fit to attend the party tonight and the useless doctor has not responded to my messages I sent him asking to come and check on Justin. I got the number from Snake and I haven't even checked on Stephano since the drama.

I help Justin of the bed,his few steps were hard his legs kept buckling and his body was leaned into me making almost lose my balance a couple of time because the man is heavy but after that his body including legs started getting strong and he took a few steps around the room getting himself strong.

We are now seated on the small table we use for eating on when we decide to eat here,there is comfortable silence between us Justin is holding my hand and eating with the other forcing me to follow his moves too.

In no time we are done eating and feeling very full and satisfied,the pasta with Greek salad we had was deliciously done and the Cranberry juice felt like summer rain on my lips.

Justin decides he needs to take a cold shower to wake-up his body more,he offered to take the shower with me but as tempting as showering with him is me and cold showers don't mix I hate them infact.

Justin has been in the shower for over 30minutes now so I decide to go check on him.

"Baby are you good in there?" I shout

"Yeah the water feels so good right now,it's exactly what I needed." He shouts back

"Ok but im giving you 5more minutes and I'm coming in to drag you out before you catch a cold or even worse damage your stitches because of having too much fun know there." I respond shouting

"Aye Aye Captain" he shouts back laughing making me laugh too.

I look at the time and its 5pm now meaning I have an hour until Angela gets here with her glam squad, one part of me tells me to take a shower after Justin another part tells me to take a nap because I'm feeling so full right now all I want to do is sleep. I think about it a few minutes Justin comes out the shower with a towel wrapped around his lower body looking all kinds of a sex on legs.

"Close that mouth of yours Kitten before i put it to work." He says giving me a lusty look.

"Take it easy Sky,you still hurt" I say rolling my eyes at him

"Mmm feisty Kitten me likes" he says huskly

"And I still need to break your mouth's virginity so why not start now" he says slowly making his way to me but I quickly dodge him running inside the bathroom locking it laughing, I hear him laughing outside as well.

Okay I guess the first option wins I decide to take shower.

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