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Chapter 36...This girl never catches a break

Angela and her glam squad are doing finishing touches on my look,I haven't seen myself yet because Angela won't let me she says she wants me to get the shock of my life I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. Justin is on the other room getting himself dressed,he had told 2 males that were part of the glam team that there was no need for them when Angela argued with him about it he told her if she feels some kind of way then all of them can fuck off his property because there is no way in hell a man will be touching me so Angela had to choose and she chose the man who writes her checks, I didn't even want to get involved in the argument because I would also feel the same about women dressing him.

"And we done! Are you ready for the big reveal Lady Giana" Angela says with a fake British accent making me giggle.

Angela tells me to close my eyes and turnaround slowly,she will tell me when to open my eyes. I do as she says after a few minutes she gives me the go ahead and true to her words im shocked at the beautiful,elegant,sexy woman standing infront of the mirror.

I'm wearing a red backless Christian Laboutin dress with diamond Louboutin shoes paired with the earrings and necklace Justin gifted me with,my face is done perfectly with not too much makeup,my hair is styled nicely in a elegant bun.

"Wow Thank you so much Angela I look like real princess here." I say happy with everything.

"You welcome sweetheart and it was a honor and pleasure to work my magic on you. I'm now your ferry godmother." She says twirling me around.

Maria comes in to tell us that Justin is ready and waiting for me downstairs. Angela and her team packs up and we all leave after i pick up my clutch.

Angela and the team are escorted out by the security detail Justin hasn't seen me yet his busy talking on the phone his back facing me im standing in the middle of the stairs waiting for him to turnaround so I can see his reaction. I have been waiting for him for over 5minutes now but his still on the phone,why did he send Maria to tell us his ready and waiting for me? I decide to take matters to my hands because I'm going to be standing here the whole night if I don't and already these hills are starting to get uncomfortable,I hate heels for real.

"Ehem!!" I say trying to get his attention and it works because he turned around. Justin's face shows surprised,Love and lust all these emotions at once,he looks at me from top to bottom and from bottom to top slowly he swallowing his saliva. After a few minutes he ends the call without warning the other person on the other end.

"Damn Kitten you look very fuckin gorgeous" he says walking slowly towards me,when he gets to me he draws me to him tightly with his one hand on my butt the other holding my neck gently before kissing me passionately. We are disturbed by Tony clearing his throat behind us we pull apart hesitantly. Tony has already disappeared so Justin leads me out to the awaiting Austin Martin outside,Tony already waiting inside. I exchanged greetings with Tony and were off.

We arrive at the party,there is about 50 plus cars here and Justin frowns looking irritated.

"This fucker said its only his family and close friends that he will invite that's why i agreed to come here." He says taking my hand making his way out,we both get out the same way.

As soon as he got out the rapid flashes of paparazzi hit him but he looks unaffected,I follow behind him the flashing grows more. Tony comes to our side and clears the way for us.

"Mr Sky! Mr Sky!" The paparazzi shouts,im holding his hand tightly and I keep praying not to trip because im not looking at where im going im following Justin blindly overwhelmed by the flashes.

Justin ignored their shouting and questions until we got inside the party. Inside there are well dressed man and women here the party is in full swing by the look of things we are fashionably late. When we arrived the atmosphere changed drastically. Justin's presence was very much felt.

"Ah my boy Justin! I thought you were not coming anymore." A well dressed handsome old man says coming towards us beaming.

"I'm a man of my word Uncle Silino you know that" Justin says giving the man a quick hug whispering in his ear making the man burst into laughter making people look in surprise.

"You must be the beautiful Giana" he said after he sobered up from his laugh. After we exchanged introductions we were ushered to our table that has 5 more people. Justin pulled out my chair for me( always the gentleman) making the other people at our table look surprised and scared at the same time.

The party picked back up and people were chatting happily,drinking,eating and dancing too and Silino told us we missed the speeches and Justin looked happy to hear those words.

The people kept coming to him to talk or introduce themselves to him from the time out butts touched the chairs. I have had something to eat and have already had 2glasses of red wine,im on my third glass and I'm feeling fuzzy and the need to pee is too much. I brush Justin's lap getting his attention immediately

"Justin I need the powder room" I tell him and he looks at me a few seconds studying me

"Ok,I'll take you." He says taking my hand.

"No,No I'll be fine. I won't be long I promise" I say assuring him

He hesitantly agrees but tells me to press the tear drop diamond on the necklace if something is wrong. I leave after promising him and I see Tony's eyes following me from where his idle standing.

I get to the restroom and take care of business when I come out i wash my hands and in comes Teresa Justin's ex.

"Ah if it isn't little naive princess" Teresa says mocking me.

"Don't worry I come in peace i don't want to be like Pepper anytime soon but I must commend your resilience little Gigi" She says

I turn around and give her a death look for using my father's nickname and if looks could kill she will be long gone.

"Don't call me that" I spat

"Oh sorry my bad,your mother told me that what your dead father use to call you" she says shocking me.

"How do you know my mother and when did you speak with her?". I ask her

"Well if you were a good loving daughter that calls or visits home you would know but I'm told you have forgotten about your family because you busy chasing things bigger than you and your cousin Selena is very close to your mother these days." She responds

"But little girl I would run if I were you, you don't belong here.This is not for you,im giving you free advice." She continued

"Thank you for the unneeded advice but I'm going nowhere! And if you really don't want to be like Pepper then you would stay away from me and my family" I say mean mugging her.

"Well well well would you look at that Miss mousy is threatening me,do you know I could snap your neck right now without anyone knowing!"She says coming closer.

I back away ready to press the tear drop on my necklace but I'm distracted by Markov coming out from one of the toilet stalls

"Okay Teresa that's enough leave her alone" he says I feel a little relieved but still on high alert because he is also an enemy and I don't trust him also.

Teresa leaves immediately after but when I tried following her Markov grabbed my shoulder roughly back

"Where do you think you going,I just saved you and you can't even say a little Thank you" Markov says turning me around to face him.

"Thank you,Justin is gonna be here any second now I've been gone too long" I say letting him know that Justin will kill him if he hurts me

"Nah I doubt that,he kinda have his hands full right now" he responds chuckling and quickly crashing his lips to me forcibly,I try to move but he tightens his hold on my neck hurting me with his other hands putting it u under my dress to my underwear forcibly. Iam now pinned on the wall struggling trying to break free but Markov is way stronger than me.

It hits me hard that I'm being Raped here when Markov tears my underwear,his now choking me preventing me from screaming, I manage to kick him but I missed the place I targeted but he does lose his grip on me giving me a chance to press the necklace. He pulls at my hair and bangs my head on the wall making me see tiny stars,he tries opening my legs apart but I squeeze them close I'd rather die that get Raped today. After minutes of struggling I'm getting tired,my head is dizzy I feel Markov trying to penetrate me but I keep fighting. I can feel blood coming out my nose and the back of my head from him banging my head on the wall, my scalp is burning from his tight grip on my hair. I feel myself losing the fight.

Just when im about to give in to darkness,someone bursts in and Markov let's go of me and starts fighting the person who interrupted him.

I keep coming in and out of darkness I don't know how long the fights lasts but I'm lying down on the floor right now.Praying Justin comes to wake me up from this nightmare.

"Kitten I'm here,I'm here don't sleep okay,hang in there for me love." I faintly hear Justin say

"I'm tired,I want to sleep please just for two minutes" I say tiredly

"If you stay awake for 5minutes baby i promise to eat icecream with you,you know I hate icecream but for you I will eat it." He says

"Where is the fuckin doctor!!!?" Justin shouts

"I've been told his already here Don here should come in any second now." I hear Snake replies

"Tell Stephano to not torture Markov without me" Justin says

I start to panic when I hear that name. My breathing gets shorter .

"Giana! Giana! Princess calm down you fine baby please calm down" Justin soothes

"Ddiiid he rape-" I try to say but Justin cuts me off

"Please don't" the doc, he doesn't finish his sentence when someone comes in.

"About fuckin time!! Get to fuckin work! I will deal with you when you done." Justin spat.

Someone starts putting a torch in my eyes and starts to move me around I hear him asking for wet towel I zone out of what's happening until I feel being lifted up causing me to have pain in my head. I groan from the pain.

"I'm so so sorry Kitten I have at protecting you,I broke my promise." Justin says moving with me. I want to tell him it's okay but I seem to have gone mute.

I feel myself being put inside the car and someone gently laying my head on their lap but I already know who it is. The car soon leaves.

I'm woken up by warm liquid touching my face,heavy breathing and sniffing.

I open my eyes seeing Justin standing over me,he quickly wipes his face when he sees im awake.

"Hey princess!" Justin says kneeling beside me on the bed.

"Hey, when did i fall asleep?" I ask

Justin sighs heavily,I can see his emotions are all over the place, looking like he has aged.stress,guilt, rage written on his now aged looking face.

"You fell asleep as soon as I layed you on my lap and you've been asleep for over 4hours now."

"I need to call the doctor to do more checks on you." He says moving away from me.

"No,I'm fine I just need you right now,come cuddle me" I say making grabby hands to him acting like a child making him smile a bit.

"I don't know how you do it really, you've gone through a trauma few hours ago and still trying to make me smile" he says

" That's because I love you and always want to see a smile on your face." I say meaning every word.

"I'm not ready to talk about what happened tonight but I'm ready for you to join me here" I say

"I can't right now Kitten,I have people to torture and kill and I have lost 2men today which has never happened since I took my position. I will call up the doctor for you and will join you when i managed to lessen the load of my duties." He says kissing me on my dry lips leaving.

I accept defeat from trying to get him to stay with me but I'm scared to close my eyes because I don't feel safe right now. So I decide to just stare at the ceiling until sleep comes on its own.

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